Micronesia (Federated States of)
Micronesia (Federated States of)

National Health Planning Cycles

Overview and Context

National Health Policy Strategy Plan

In 2014, the FSM Health Communique was created to supplement chapter eight (health) of the 2004-2023 National Development Strategy plan for the years of 2014-2023. Health Strategy is being developed for 2017-2019.

National Health Policy Strategy Plan Priorities

Annual Health Sector Review


Income group:


Fiscal Start Date

October 1

Legal and Political systems

  • Political cycle:Executive branch:next election to be held May 2015.
  • Legislative branch:next election to be held in March 2015
  • Legal system: mixed legal system of common and customary law

Country Documents

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Public Repository Docs

Programmatic Planning and Project Timelines

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Partners in Country [+]

Endorsement of global compact for progress towards universal health coverage

Not UHC2030 member

UHC2030 joint vision progress


Pooled funding and or SWAP


UNDAF rollout cycles


UHC Partnership for policy dialogue


PEPFAR focus countries


World Bank*

Pacific regional strategy 2000.

European Commission*

Country Strategy paper 2008-2013: presents the strategic framework for EU assistance under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). Support will concentrate on the energy sector in particular the provision of renewable sources of energy in order to help the government to develop an adequate equitable and secure supply of energy throughout the country.

Costing and Financing

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