National Health Planning Cycles

Overview and Context

National Health Policy Strategy Plan

Politique National de Sante de D'Action Sociale 2006-2015, Plan National de Developpement Sanitaire 2012-2020

National Health Policy Strategy Plan Priorities

Annual Health Sector Review


Income group:


Fiscal Start Date

January 1

Legal and Political systems

  • Executive branch:next election to be held by 2019
  • Legislative branch: Senate - last held on 8 and 15 November 2009 (next to be held in 2014); National Assembly - first round last held on 23 November and second round on 21 December 2013 (next to be held in 2018)

Public Repository Docs

Programmatic Planning and Project Timelines

National Health Policy Strategy and Plan
WHO Country Cooperation Strategy
National Development Plan
Multi-Year Plan (cYMP) for Immunization
Malaria Plan
Tuberculosis Plan
Ageing and Health Plan
Noncommunicable Diseases Plan
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Plan
Reproductive Health Plan
Maternal Health Plan
Newborn and Child Health Plan
Human Resources for Health Plan
Gavi Health System Strengthening (HSS)Support
Global Fund Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH)

Partners in Country [+]

Endorsement of global compact for progress towards universal health coverage

Not UHC2030 member

UHC2030 joint vision progress

Mauritania joined IHP+ in 2010. The current National Health Policy runs through 2015 and the National Health Plan is for 2012-2020. In May 2012 a Country Compact was signed by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development and 25 representatives of development partners and civil society organizations. An IHP+ country grant was supporting the development of a country compact. An IHP+ country grant was also used to support training on planning mechanisms at district level, the development of district plans and the Joint Review process. Mauritania is participating in the 3rd round of monitoring progress against compact commitments by IHP+Results.

Pooled funding and or SWAP


UNDAF rollout cycles


UHC Partnership for policy dialogue


PEPFAR focus countries


World Bank*

Country assistance strategy 2008-2011This new Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) was drafted through a participatory process to ensure that its objectives are closely aligned with country needs and built on lessons learned a results-oriented framework and assessment of the Bank's relative added value. Moreover it focuses on: (a) economic governance and public sector capacity; (b) diversified growth through investment climate improvement and possibly key enabling infrastructures through enclave operations; and (c) continued efforts to fight poverty and inequalities in both urban and rural areas.

European Commission*

The European Commission implements aid programmes in Mauritania through its delegation and with help from EuropeAid. It finances programmes from the European Development Fund (EDF) and the EU’s general budget.

Costing and Financing

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