18+ Fascinating Essential Branding Statistics

We all know the importance of branding for building and establishing your new business in the market.

Regardless of your niche, good branding helps you stand out from your competitors and form positive relationships with your customers to turn them into loyal customers. 

Branding is not just about the logo design or the products you sell. It is the customer experience you provide and how you communicate with your customers.

Most new businesses have a hard time explaining what they are selling and what their distinctive qualities make them apart from others, and nobody wants to buy the product they don’t know. 

Branding gives you a chance to tell your story to the customers and humanize your brand.

So, if you are planning to create a new brand or want to rebrand, here are some branding statistics every marketer and entrepreneur should know. Let’s have a look at these Essential Branding Statistics.  

18 Essential Branding Statistics
18 Essential Branding Statistics

General Branding Statistics 

  • 81% of the people in the world say that they need to be able to trust the brand before buying from it. 
  • 73% of consumers prefer brands that offer special deals and personalize the shopping experience by sending customized emails. 
  • 59% of the shoppers purchase from the brands they trust, while 21% even purchase a new product launched by their favorite brand. 
  • 62% of the people said that they always share online deals and discounts with their families. 
  • 47% of the consumers who follow brands on social media are more likely to visit their website. 
  • 38% of the mothers prefer to buy products from the brands “liked” by other women on Facebook. 
  • 46% of the consumers buy gifts from brands they can trust. 
  • It takes only 7 seconds for a customer to build an opinion about a brand. 
  • 48% of people believe that the first-time purchase is the best time for a brand to gain their trust and loyalty. 
  • 66% of consumers consider honesty and transparency as one of the most attractive aspects of a brand.
  • 94% of the customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that’s transparent with its clients. 
  • 88% of consumers believe that authenticity is a key factor when choosing a brand they like and support. 
  • 73% of customers said that excellent customer service is a major factor in their purchasing decisions. 
  • 72% of the brands use acronyms or made-up words for the brand names. 
  • Brand recognition can be increased by 80% by using a signature color. 
  • The consistent brand presentation across all channels can increase revenue by 33%. 
  • 77% of the consumers are more likely to purchase from brands they share the same values with. 

Essential Branding Statistics 

1. Consumers take merely 7 seconds to form an impression about a brand

According to a report from Psychological Science, it only takes people 7 seconds to form an impression of a brand.

A consumer can recognize your brand logo and differentiate it from others after 5-7 impressions minimum.

How you present your brand to people visually is important to make sure they have a comfortable experience while they visit your store or website. 

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2. 66% of the Consumers think transparency is a critical competitive differentiator 

Your brand needs to be transparent if you want to build a loyal customer base. 66% of the consumers believe that honesty and transparency are the most attractive quality of a brand have when it comes to its products, pricing, values, and how it conducts its business, giving them a view into what a company has to offer. 

3. Consumers take only 90 seconds to judge A brand quality 

Before deciding on buying a product, people merely take 90 seconds to judge the quality and creativity of the brand by your logo.

So, you must put your brand out there for people to recognize it among a plethora of other brands. 

4. 80% of Consumers think color plays a huge part in a brand’s recognition

The color you choose to use in your logo sets the mood of brand expression.

More than just aesthetic appeal, colors are used to cultivate deep emotions and connect with your customers on a deeper psychological level.

By using a unique design or signature color scheme, you can increase the consumer recognition of your brand up to 80%.

5. 35% of the brands use the blue color in their logos

According to the Logo Factory, the top three most used colors in the logos are blue, red, and greyscale.

Around 35% of the brands use blue in their logos, 30% red, 23% greyscale, 20% yellow, 7% green, and 1% purple.

Choice of a color scheme in your logo also makes people either remember or forget your brand. 

6. 60% of Consumers don’t shop from companies with unappealing logos

Logos are the visual part of any brand and have the power to make or break the business. Around 60% of the consumers avoid companies with weird or unappealing logos regardless of the good reviews.  

7. 31% of people consider trustworthiness as an important aspect of a brand

31% of the consumers in America believe that trustworthiness and a brand reputation is a major deciding factor when choosing a brand.

Every 4th in 10 Americans have boycotted a brand that has shown irresponsible behavior in the past or has a bad reputation.

8. 89% of people said that they would stay loyal to the brand with the same values

Consumers today believe that brands today must do much more than just provide good products or services to be selected.

89% of the consumers said that they are more loyal to the brands that align with their values and willing to part ways with the brand over a conflict in values.  

9. 73% of the consumers go for brands with helpful customer service 

Branding is about nurturing positivity around your company, and the main positive impact of your company is having a friendly customer support team.

73% of the consumers said that the brand must have good customer service to be considered and stand out from the crowd.

10. 62% of consumers share deals with friends and family 

Offering great deals on online products and apps can be helpful for businesses in growing their brand exposure.

More than 60% of the consumers said that they always share discount deals and offers with their friends and family.

11. 59% of customers buy a product based on the brand worth

59% of shoppers preferably buy new products from the brands they trust, and 21% said that they only buy a new product because it belongs to a brand they like, which shows the significance of building your brand worth.

12. More than 60% of consumers said that they would boycott a brand that offended them politically 

Nearly 2/3 of the consumers buy or boycott a brand solely because of its stance on a political or social issue because they believe that brands have more power to bring a societal change than government, and they can solve more social evils than government by influencing people. 

13. Men are more likely to feel an emotional connection with brands

Research has shown that good branding elicits emotional responses from your audience and helps you build a strong connection with them.

Of the consumers surveyed, 68% of the men said that they felt an emotional connection with a brand, compared to 64% of the women. 

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14. Brand favorability can be increased up to 46% by Sonic branding 

Most merchants just focus on creating a visual identity for their brand, but have you ever considered sonic branding?

When you add a specific sound to your brand, you could practically double your profit. Audio branding statistics by Man Made Music show that customers will 46% choose your brand over the competitors.

15. 72% of the best brand names consist of acronyms

Words play an important role in a company’s success. 72% of the brands use acronyms or made-up words for the brand names that don’t have much meaning.

The prime purpose of using acronyms is to save time and space and attract the younger generation that sees them as a fashion statement.

16. 62% of the consumers are more likely to trust brands whose executives are active on social media

This statistic is quite interesting yet surprising to know that 82% of the people are more likely to trust a company whose high-ranking executives are more active on social networking sites and interact with people.

It shows that having active social media handles can hugely impact brand building and sales. 

17. 82% of the investors consider name recognitions before investing in a brand 

Investors are crucial to building a strong business network and taking your business to the next level. 82% of the investors consider a brand’s name recognition as an important factor in helping them decide where they should invest.

Investors always want to see a return on their investment which is why they always put their money in a recognized and growing business so they can make money. 

18. 79% of people think that user-generated content is crucial for brands

The popularity of user-generated content has been increasing rapidly. 79% of the consumers said that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

User-generated content includes images, videos, reviews, comments, or anything posted online by users on online platforms. 

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