What Is 8K Screen Resolution?

With developing technology, we see extravagant developments in the screens we are using and in the cameras we have.

One of the important parts of getting a quality image on your screens or your lenses is for it to have high pixels. The higher the pixel, the higher K it has.

The newest development in the screen resolution is the 8K screen resolution which provides about 8,000 pixels on its horizontal edge.

Its predecessor, 4K, has around 4,000 on its horizontal edge and provides a lower-quality image. We will examine 8K screen resolution and take a look at what it is in this article.


What Is 8K Screen Resolution?

What Is 8K Screen Resolution

8K screen resolution means higher pixels within a screen. It means four times higher amount of pixels than the 4K screen resolution, its predecessor.

It has 7860×4320 pixels, allowing for a more quality resolution when using an 8K screen.

However, it is worth noting that if the video you are watching is not recorded with 8K screen resolution, it does not matter whether the device you are using has the resolution or not. Both video and the screen must be compatible with it to work.

If it is not compatible, you will not be able to see a 4K video in 8K resolution just because you have an 8K screen.

The most popular sizes of tv available with an 8k screen resolution are 75 inches, 82 inches, 85 inches, 100 inch tv’s.

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How Does 8K Work?

Before we understand what 8 K is, let us first understand what is “Pixel resolution.” So a pixel resolution is the number of pixels within a frame of video footage or an image.

Each pixel represents a single value, and so when the number of pixels is more in each frame of footage, the more clear and detailed a video is. So imagine the kind of clarity that can be achieved in an 8K content.

However, 8K cannot make a video better alone. The type of lens used, choice of frame rate, videography skills, color depth, etc., all play an important role in making a video better.

Screen Resolution Explained

Can You Watch Everything in 8K?

As we mentioned above, you can’t watch every video out there in 8K because if you have an 8K resolution screen, this means that you will be able to watch 8K screen videos on it, but it doesn’t mean that it will make 4K or fewer pixel videos into 8K.

Not every video has enough pixels in it for 8K resolution. That is why you can’t expect to watch every video in 8K.

What Do I Need To View 8K Content?

What Do I Need To View 8K Content

Streaming in 8K requires a lot of bandwidth, so you need to have a stable high-speed internet connection, preferably 4G or 5G.

And apart from this, you will also need HDMI 2.1 cable. An HDMI cable makes it possible to provide the kind of bandwidth required to view 8K content.

For a fact, HDMI 2.1 is intended to make 4K and 8K viewing possible. Its previous version, HDMI 2.0, allows only 4K60 video.

So the lower the bandwidth connection, the lower would be the quality of the content.

Hence, make sure your TV has HDMI 2.1 port and purchase an HDMI 2.1 cable, as it will allow you to view uncompressed 8K video for up to 60 fps (frames per second.)

How To Record 8K Video?

How To Record 8K Video

To record 8K video, you need a device that supports and is capable of recording 8K video.

Earlier professionals had access to such cameras, but today 8K recording is available in many smartphones also.

You will be able to find this feature in many 360 cameras or mirrorless cameras.

So you can simply record an 8K video on a phone that supports 8K video recording by pressing the record button, but this is not enough.

Files recorded in such a high clarity are big in size, so you need to ensure that your phone has enough storage.

What Is The Scope For 8K Gaming?

8K gaming is possible as there are PCs and TVs that support 8K gaming. The latest versions of Playstation and Xbox even support this.

However, there is a shortage of 8K games as developers focus more on the graphics, fps rate, dynamic range, etc., while creating a game.

So is it possible to do 8K gaming? The answer is Yes. But are there enough 8K games available in the market today, and so is it worth spending on them for gaming? No.

Is It Worth It?

Since 8K is a newly developing technology and there aren’t many devices that can support 8K in general, it is relatively expensive compared to other resolutions like 4K or less.

Because of this, you might wonder whether spending that much money on it is worth it. This totally depends on your needs and what kind of videos you watch daily.

Most videos do not support 8K resolution since there are not many cameras out there that support 8K video recording.

However, it could be a good investment for the future since many people expect 8K videos to increase over time.

Why anything beyond 4K is useless?

The Verdict

To conclude, 8K screen resolution is one of the highest quality pixels we have at the moment.

It means higher pixels than other screen resolutions that came before it, like 4K resolution, its predecessor.

The reason why it is called is that the horizontal edge has around 8,000 pixels.

However, 8K resolution is a relatively new tech in our age, and most devices do not support 8K resolution both on screens and in cameras.

To use it, you need to have videos recorded with 8K resolution, which is not really common at the moment.

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Is it possible for the human eye to even see 8K content?

Technically the human eye can view 8K content, but not to its complete capability.

And in order to view 8K content to the best of the eye’s ability, one needs to have a larger screen, and the viewing distance should also be less.

So if you have the largest size of tv, that will be good enough to view 4K content at best.

However, if you have a cinema-type large screen, then yes, you will be able to enjoy 8K content to its best.

What are the benefits of recording in 8K?

  • Recording in 8K offers more shooting and freedom in editing as cropping becomes possible, and one does not have to worry about ruining the quality.
  • 8K also offers futureproofing as videographers can record content and ensure their recorded work stands high in the near future when 8K becomes more common and accessible.

Is now a good time to buy an 8K TV?

The decision whether you should buy an 8K tv or not lies in two things.

Firstly, you should know that there is not a lot of content that is made in 8K and so you will have very limited options to view 8K content.

The second thing is that 8K TVs are premium or high-end TVs, and you should only buy them if budget is not even a question for you and if you are okay with viewing whatever limited content that is available in the market as of now.

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