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Who We Are

National Planning Cycles

National Planning Cycles is a digitally-focused finance website founded in 2020 to simplify financial decisions and information for readers.

National Planning Cycles is a slice of the TOTO Dream Marketing publishing family.

Who Is In The Team?

We are a team of 5 people – A few Content Writers, A Content Editor, and an SEO Manager.

Amit Gupta – Founder

About Me

Amit Gupta is the Founder of National Planning Cycles. He has over 8 Years of experience in digital marketing, Content Writing, and SEO. Amit is a finance and investment expert who uses his knowledge to help small businesses & individuals grow online.

Amit graduated from DAVV University and held a Bachelor In Commerce Honors degree. He is also a financial planner (FP).

When Amit isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family(including his dog) and friends. He loves traveling, hiking, and playing sports.

Shefali Jain – Senior Content Writer

Shefali Jain - NPC author

Shefali Jain is a Content Writer & Editor at National Planning Cycles. After completing her hospitality graduation, Shefali followed her passion and started writing.

Shefali has been writing for two years and contributes to our website as a skilled editor and content writer with strong research skills.

Writing product and service reviews, biographies, and book reviews are some of her key areas, among many others in which she specializes.

Shikha Rajani – Content Writer & Editor

Shikha Rajani, Author At National Planning Cycles

Shikha Rajani is a Content Writer & Editor at National Planning Cycles. She is known for her Research & Proofreading Skills.

After graduating in Sociology, She started her career as a writer. During her college time, one of her most loved hobbies was writing.

Before joining NPC, she used to write for magazines. She loves reading and traveling in her spare time.

Mohit Singh – SEO Manager

Mohit Singh SEO

Mohit Singh is an SEO Manager who joined National Planning Cycles in 2021. He brings with him more than 5 years of experience in the field of online marketing and search engine optimization.

Mohit is a strategic thinker, and data-driven decisions guide his work. He has a proven track record in increasing website traffic and improving search engine rankings for his clients.

National Planning Cycles Numbers

In 2021, National Planning Cycles was founded by a group of financial experts to help readers make more informed decisions about their money.

The site features original studies and research with data analysis alongside best-in-class educational content that has continuously been updated every month since its inception!

Today 12 contributing members work tirelessly alongside 10.000 monthly visitors who are eager for answers on how they can take control in this ever-changing world.

About TOTO Dream Marketing

TOTO Dream Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides content writing, search engine optimization, and link-building services.

We also own several websites and write for them frequently in the financial, entertainment, and lifestyle categories. We take a formal tone in our writing and strive to provide valuable information to our readers.

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The company’s primary office is in Indore, India, and it can be found at GH-40 Scheme 54. The address may not seem like something you need to see but trust me when I say this place has incredible architecture!