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What makes Adele so rich, and what is Adele’s net worth? From her smashing hits to her personal and professional life, we are going to take a look at everything in this article that a big Adele fan should know. 

Adele’s Net Worth {Updated 2022} - NPC Experts
Adele’s Net Worth {Updated 2022} – NPC Experts

Other Information

Full NameAdele Laurie Blue Adkins
FatherMark Evans
Mother Penny Adkins
Siblings Cameron Evans
Spouse\ExSimon Konecki
Children Angelo Konecki
Birthday May, 5 1988
Age33 years
Born CountryEngland
Born InTottenham, London, England
Famous asSinger-Songwriter

History and past life

History and past life
History and past life

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born May 5, 1988, in Tottenham, London, England. She was raised by her mother single-handedly.

At the age of nine, she moved to Brighton on the south coast of England and graduated from BRIT school in 2006.

During a class project, Adele recorded a three-song demo which got very popular, thanks to her friend who posted her song on Myspace.

Her music caught the attention of Richard Russell from XL recordings, and she signed her first contract.

Adele is an English songwriter and singer, and she is one of the most popular singers in the country.

Her humbleness and down-to-earth attitude make her different from the lot.

She is known for her magnificent voice and for her ability to enchant the listener through the highs and lows of her voice. 

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Married Life 

Married Life 
Married Life 

Adele dated Simon Konecki for five years, and tied the knot with him in 2016.

They have a son named Angelo, but sadly after spending eight years together and three years of marriage, they separated, causing Adele a devastating heartbreak. 



Adele released her first album in 2008, titled “19,” because that was when she wrote most of her songs, and it instantly ranked number one on the British album chart.

Adele’s debut song was “Hometown Glory,” which she wrote in merely ten minutes. 

Her second album, “21,” was released in 2010, where her song, “Rolling in the deep,” became a global hit and bagged the title of biggest-selling hit in the US and UK.  

A vocal chord ailment led her to throat surgery, after which she returned and released her third album, “25,” in 2015. Her song, “Hello,” became popular and sold 20 million copies worldwide. 

After six years, Adele made a comeback In 2021 and released her fourth album, “30”.  Her songs carry the trauma of her heartbreak after the collapse of her marriage.

Adele also confirmed that 30 was an attempt to explain her divorce to her son Angelo.

Her song, “Easy on Me,” became an instant hit and received millions of streams right after the release. 

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition

Adele, along with Beyonce, holds the record of the only female artist who has won the most Grammys in one night.

Adele owns Fifteen Grammy Awards, nine BRIT awards, eighteen billboard music awards, five American music awards, and one academy award to date. 

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Adele’s Net worth

Adele’s Net worth
Adele’s Net worth

Adele has a net worth of around $190 million earned during her tours, concerts, and real estate. This figure does not include the sales from her latest album, 30. 

Real Estate

Adele recently moved to Los Angeles from London and bought a $9.5 million British cottage in Beverly Hills.

She owns three houses in Beverly Hills that cost around $30 million in total.

She also owns her primary residence which, costs $11 million, situated in an estate in West Sussex, England.

Tours and concerts

Adele reportedly made $400 million through her massive record sales and tours. Adele’s Net worth is estimated to be $190 million as of 2022. 

Songs and Albums  

Adele made $10 million after the release of her first album. Her next album, “21,” was a huge success and made a whopping $15 million in sales. 

In 2012, Adele released her song “Skyfall” for the James Bond movie, and by the end of the year, it made approximately $18 million. 

After the release of her third album in 2015, her net worth kicked up and earned her $60 million. In the coming years, her earnings soared, and the singer earned $150 million in 2016 and 2017 combined. 



What just started as a hobby in Adele’s early teens today has become her identity.

Her majestic voice attracts her listeners, along with her ability to incorporate emotions and sentiments of heartbreak into her songs.


Which Adele album sold the most?

Adele’s most widely sold album in 21, it has sold over 31 million copies worldwide. 

What is Adele’s best-selling song?

Adele’s best selling song is “Rolling in the deep,” it has sold over 20.6 million copies globally and is the best digital selling single of all time.  

How much weight did Adele lose?

Adele managed to lose a hundred pounds, but still faces some insecurities around her weight and features. 

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