ADT Reviews 2023

It has been in the industry for the longest time, that is for over 145 years, and has been chosen by millions of customers in the U.S. But there are so many equally appealing options, so should you even consider buying ADT for the steep price that it offers?

Keep reading this honest ADT reviews to find out more.


GuideADT Reviews
FeaturesLandline and Cellular connection, and more
InstallationDIY, but professional needed for Blue Dot range
ContractThree-year contract
Price$28.99 – $59.99
Trial PeriodSix-month money-back guarantee
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • ADT offers professional installation and DIY installation for one of its products.
  • ADT offers five kinds of plan, which starts at $28.99/mo and goes up to $59.99.
  • It comes with a six-month money-back guarantee.
  • ADT offers many kinds of products, such as ADT command panels, security key fobs, motion sensors, and many more.
  • It also comes with many features such as home automation, integration with voice assistant, pet-friendly motion sensors, etc.
  • ADT has a low rating of 1.4/5 stars on Trustpilot, so you can check out our top-rated sites, such as SimpliSafe and Vivint.

What Is ADT?

What Is ADT?
What Is ADT?

ADT is a company that provides a home alarm system that makes your house a safe place to live.

With options ranging from cameras to motion sensors to signboards, ADT has it all.

When a company operates in an industry for as long as 145 years, its products and services either get redundant or they either get competitive to remain evergreen.

As far as ADT is concerned, in 2020, they joined hands with Google Nest automation devices.

This means that you get an option to control your ADT devices with voice assistants.

Although it took them time to gain new technology, at least they did it.

However, it lacks a few things, one of them being its price and the other being its bulky design.

But is this reason enough to discard ADT? Let’s discuss its features, products, and pricing in detail to reach a conclusion.

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  • Landline and Cellular connection.
  • Flood, leak, and fire detectors.
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors.
  • Integration with voice assistant.
  • Home automation.
  • Video surveillance.


ADT Products
ADT Products

ADT offers a wide range of products to its users. Although we are not a big fan of their bulky designs, there are definitely some plus points to be considered.

Let’s have a look at the products one by one.

Home Security Systems

ADT Command Panel

ADT Command Panel
ADT Command Panel

This is like a central place from where you can control all your other equipment—the lights, temperature, cameras, motion sensors, etc.

You can also integrate it with your voice assistant for hands-free control.

We believe that if you opt for ADT, then this gadget is a must as it lets you control everything with ease.

ADT Command or IQ Panel Overview

Door And Window Alarms

Door And Window Alarms
Door And Window Alarms

ADT’s door and window alarms work well. They send you a notification whenever an intruder tries to break in and come inside your house.

Security Key Fob

Security Key Fob
Security Key Fob

This key fob is compact in size and lets you arm and disarm your system. It also comes with a panic button that lets you send for help in emergencies.

Again, this is a standard key fob that is offered by all similar services.

Motion Sensors

ADT Motion Sensors
Motion Sensors

ADT’s motion sensors can distinguish between a pet’s movement and human movements.

It sends you notifications on your phone and on email so that you know who is at your home.

Yard Signs & Window Decals

You can choose to buy yard signs and window decals that will keep intruders away from your home.

Home Security Cameras

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell
Google Nest Doorbell

ADT joined hands with Google Nest, so you can opt for this efficient camera.

This camera lets you answer your visitors, and it can also recognize faces and differentiate between the movement of animals and humans.

So this way, you do not have to worry about false alarms, and also you get to answer people from anywhere.

Outdoor Camera

ADT Outdoor Camera
ADT Outdoor Camera

ADT’s outdoor camera comes with a 1080p HD video quality two-way speaker and also lets you see in low light and dark environments.

Their camera quality is just like any other company but what we love about ADT’s outdoor camera is that it lets you have more control.

Using it, you can do automation and set the lights to turn on automatically when anyone arrives at the door.

Indoor Security Cameras

ADT Indoor Security Camera
ADT Indoor Security Camera

The indoor camera is similar in terms of features and quality. The only difference is that it has smart sensors- ground zones and multi-directional tripwires.

This sends you fewer notifications for more important things.

Life Safety Alarms

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector

ADT’s smoke detector can detect both low and high rising temperatures or fires.

This ensures you get notified even when the fire is at an infancy stage or at the smoldering stage.

Now, this smoke detector lets you unlock your doors and also sends a notification to the fire department near you so that you can get help quickly.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector

CO gas can’t be detected by humans because it is colorless and odorless. But ADT’s Carbon monoxide detector can do so even at low levels.

And if you sense the presence of CO gas, it notifies you so that you can take relevant action on time.

Flood Detector

Flood Detector
Flood Detector

You can mount ADT’s flood detector, and it will notify you whenever it comes in contact with water.

Emergency 2-Button Panic

ADT Emergency 2-Button Panic
ADT Emergency 2-Button Panic

This is a compact button that you can wear on your wrist or as a pendant. If you face an emergency, you can press it and will notify ADT’s monitoring center.

They boast that they will give you a call as soon as possible.


ADT Services
ADT Services

Honestly, there isn’t anything unique or exceptional about the products offered by ADT as compared to other similar options, but we have to appreciate it for its unique services.

Have a look at the services offered by ADT below.

Multi-Family Solutions

One of the best things about ADT is that if you have multiple properties or people living in different houses but want one single hub to control all the activities, then you can do so.

You can use ADT’s centralized hub to control the cameras, sensors, lighting, and even temperature.

This is a great thing if you want to monitor multiple properties from one single place.

Security For Renters

You can choose Blue by ADT, which lets you customize your package and gives you stand-alone cameras.

They claim that it is very easy to use and install, and you can get it shifted too in case you wish to move out.

What is Blue by ADT?

Identity Theft Protection

One of the best services that ADT has to offer is its Identity Theft Protection.

They give you a cover of up to $1 million for losses related to identity theft. They protect you from the theft of the following information.

  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Social Security number
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit monitoring, scores & reports
  • Passports
  • Driver’s license
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Court records to detect criminal acts reported under your identity
  • Medical insurance IDs
  • Addresses and changes of address

Starting from $9.99 per month, I think it’s a pretty decent deal to consider.

Pros And Cons


  • Reputable Company.
  • Identity Theft Protection.
  • Six-month money-back guarantee.
  • Cellular backup.
  • Mover’s savings package.
  • Professional installation and security consultation.
  • Blues by ADT for DIY installtion.


  • Expensive.
  • Three-year contract.
  • Poor online reviews.

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Plans And Pricing

PlanMonthly PriceIncludes
Basic$28.99 Panel
Motion Sensor
Wireless Remote
Wireless Sensors
Landline Required
Motion Sensor
Wireless Remote
Wireless Sensors
Quality Service Plan
Landline Required
Motion Sensor
Wireless Remote
Wireless Sensors
Quality Service Plan
Landline Required
Motion Sensor
Wireless Remote
Wireless Sensors
Indoor Camera
Quality Service Plan
Motion Sensor
Wireless Remote
Wireless Sensors
Quality Service Plan

Additional Equipment

  • Glass break sensor: $199.00
  • Carbon monoxide detector: $229.00
  • Shock sensor: $149.00
  • Remote light module: $62.99
  • Smoke detector: $199.00
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector: $229.00
  • Remote thermostat: $62.99
  • Smart lock: $62.99

ADT Installation

ADT offers both professional and DIY installation. The installation usually takes an hour or so, and the installation cost depends on the package you choose and other factors.

Installation Process

  • A professional home security advisor will visit your place, analyze your place, and customize a system that fits your home.
  • Then he will start installing equipment in your house, explaining its functioning all the while to you.
  • After the installation is done, the advisor will explain how the system works and answer any queries you may have.

Our Experience With ADT

adt prodcut review
Our experience with ADT
Our experience with ADT

We bought ADT’s Blue package and got the essential things with this package.

ADT’s products can’t be self-installed except for this one (Blue by ADT). So we installed the system, and it didn’t require much effort.

Although their monthly package starts at $28.99, it does not include a lot, which means you have to go for a higher costing package.

If you are not willing to spend much, then we do not suggest ADT and if budget is not an issue for you, then thumbs up from our side.

NPC ADT Ratings

Customer Service3/5
Quality of gadgets3/5
Ease of use3.5/5

Customer Rating

ADT Trustpilot reviews
ADT Customer Rating
ADT Customer Rating

ADT has a very poor rating online. It has been given 1.4 stars out of 1940 customer reviews.

The complaints are mostly regarding their poor response and issues concerning the price and plans.

Customer Service

ADT is known for its great customer service. Although this experience may vary depending on your location.

You can get in touch with them by calling them on this number 1-800-521-1734.

What Differentiates ADT From Others?

When we had a look at the products, such as the indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, etc., we didn’t find anything exceptional or unique. You can get similar products for a lesser amount too.

However, ADT’s Identity theft protection and the six-month money-back guarantee are what differentiates it, and if you want to benefit from this, then you should go with ADT.

ADT Contract

If you choose ADT, you have to get into a contract for 24 months or 36 months, depending on your location.

Although they bind you in a contract that might feel like a burden, they also have a great respite.

ADT offers a six-month money-back guarantee, so if you face any installation and service-related problems, they will repay it back to you within those six months.

And this is something that no other similar service offers, and we commend ADT for this generous gesture.


InstallationDIY, but professional needed for Blue Dot rangeDIY
Contract3-yearNot needed
FeaturesLandline and Cellular connection, etc.Easy integration with other devices, etc.
Price$28.99 – $59.99$329 – $620 per year
BBB ratingA+Not accredited
Trustpilot Rating1.43.6

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Final Verdict

Although ADT sells standard products for a higher price ranging from $28.99 – $59.99, it does have some unique features like a six-month money-back guarantee, Identity theft protection, and even a DIY system for renters.

However, if you cannot afford their expensive plans and still want only the best gadgets, then you should have a look at SimpliSafe.

This one will cost you anywhere between $15-$35 per month and will offer you the best quality gadgets, including a base station, burglary sensors, etc.

Simplisafe also does not bind you in any contract, unlike ADT, which binds you in a three-year contract.

There is only one common thing between both, and that is they both offer a thirty-day trial. So like I said, if you want the best service and products for a lesser price, then check out our SimpliSafe review. 


Does ADT offer a warranty?

Yes, if you choose ADT’s service plan, then you will get a product warranty.

You also get six-month money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the service or installation.

Is ADT a decent choice for renters?

Yes, ADT is a great choice for renters, in fact, the best one.

You can opt for gadgets that you need and install them anywhere on your own.

What if I cancel my ADT contract?

If you cancel your ADT contract after six months, then you can do so by paying 75% of your remaining balance.

Can ADT intergarte with my thermostat?

ADT comes with its own smart thermostat, which you can control from anywhere using your phone.

It can also integrate with Google Nest’s learning thermostat.

Is ADT an ideal choice for renters?

If you are a renter, you can check out blue by ADT, which is specifically meant for renters.

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