17+ Surprising Air Fryer Facts & Statistics Of 2023

Cooking food is not the same as it was ever since air fryers came into the market. Many people wonder about them, looking for air fryer facts & statistics 2023 to see how good they are.

They are making everything easier for many in the kitchen and giving you actually a better and healthier option for food.

They have many benefits, and having one in your kitchen will make a huge difference. We made a list of air fryer facts and statistics for 2023 for you to see and decide for yourself.

These Air Fryer Facts & Statistics mostly talk about the benefit of air fryers and help you decide whether to buy an air fryer or not.


Air Fryer Facts

1. Using them is easy-peasy.

Air fryers are fairly easy to use, and you don’t need to do much to learn about how it works.

It doesn’t have many different components and not many places to place food. Some varieties of air fryers even have buttons for certain cooking methods and foods.

2. Air fryers are versatile.

An interesting Air Fryer Facts & Statistics is that even though the name has a fryer in it, air fryers are not made only to fry things.

They work extremely well when it comes to baking a cake, grilling red meat, or roasting a chicken.

Although some air fryers might need different settings, some air fryers have modes that you can easily switch to for things other than frying.

3. They use way less oil than traditional frying methods

When you are deep frying food, you use a ton of oil which is harmful to your body. Air fryers do not need as much oil as traditional methods.

They use 70% to 80% less oil when frying something, which makes the result healthier and less fatty. 1

4. Air Fryers can fit in a compact space.

Even though you can do mostly anything with air fryers, from baking to frying, they still do not take up much space on your precious kitchen counter.

Most air fryers are the size of a coffee machine, and you can fit them anywhere on your kitchen counter.

Some air fryers might be a bit bigger than the general, but they can still fit on a kitchen counter.

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5. Air fryers work wonders for frozen foods

An air fryer actually shines when it comes to frozen foods. Air fryers are extremely ideal for households who mostly cook frozen foods like chicken, vegetables, or other sorts.

Their cooking method allows frozen foods to cook better without waiting for the food to unfreeze.

6. They are safer than deep frying

When you are deep frying food, there is a lot of possibility for the oil to splatter on your face, hands, or arms and burn them.

Air fryers are closed, and they do the frying in a closed space with a self-contained method.

Even after you finish frying, there won’t be a batch of hot oil in your kitchen, making it safe for kids and pets.

7. Your house wont smell like food.

It is always a problem for the entire house to smell like the food you are cooking. The air fryer helps to resolve this issue and does not leave any bad odor.

Since it works in a closed area, it can absorb the odor and not let it go outside, which is convenient for households.

8. Some pieces of air fryers are mostly dishwasher-safe

Even though air fryers are highly technical devices and they might seem hard to clean, most parts of air fryers are dishwasher-safe.

By taking out those pieces, putting them in the dishwasher, and cleaning the rest yourself, you can easily clean your air fryer in no time.

9. They are small but mighty.

Air fryers are small in size, making you think they won’t go well with more than one or two people. This is not the case; they can cook up for a family of four.

However, not every air fryer model can cook for up to four people; you need to be conscious of that and look at it before buying. 

10. Helps in Safeguarding from dangerous chemicals in the food

When you fry food, a harmful compound such as acrylamide could form on the food. They generally form when you cook foods with high carbohydrates in high heat.

According to some studies, air fryers can help to reduce the development chances of this compound by 90%, and you can also reduce the chances even more by cooking the food at a lower temperature.

11. You should rotate the food in the air fryer instead of waiting until the end

It is extremely easy to put food in the air fryer and wait for it to ding and take it out.

Even though this still cooks the food well, if you want to cook it even better and make it evenly cooked, you should rotate the food occasionally in the air fryer.

12. They are perfect for heating up leftovers

Microwave has been a part of our lives to heat up leftovers for a very long time.

However, when you use a microwave to heat up a leftover, they might get soggy and moist, but air fryers do not do that.

Since they are identical to ovens in their work, they don’t cause the food to become soggy or moist, and they are way faster than you were to use the oven to heat up. 2

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Air Fryer Statistics

1. Air frying decreases the chances for acrylamide development by 90%

When you cook or fry food at extremely high heat, you create the chance for harmful components to develop. Air fryers help to reduce the amount of some compounds like acrylamide.

When you use an air fryer for cooking or frying food, you decrease the number of acrylamides on the food by 90%.

2. Air fryer global market size had a 7.19% of annual increase

Air fryer global market size has been increasing at a sharp rate of around 6 to 8% for some years, and in 2021, the global market size increase was 7.19%, going at the rate that the experts have been predicting for a while.

3. North America leads the way in market size growth with 37%

Among the 7% of the global market size increase, the region that contributed to that increase the most was North America.

Among all the regions in the report’s study, North America’s market size growth annually was 37%, which is the highest.

4. The global air fryer market size stood at $682.5 million in 2019

The global air fryer market size, including digital and traditional air fryers, was $682.5 million in 2019.

This was the latest market analysis report, and there are no current reports for 2023, but it is expected to exceed $1 billion, and some reports forecast a market size of $1.8 billion by 2026.

5. Digital air fryers have a bigger market size than traditional air fryers

Ever since the development of digital air fryers, they are taking more and more space on people’s kitchen counters than traditional air fryers because they are easier to use and have more settings.

This increase also led the way for digital air fryers to have a bigger market size than traditional air fryers.

6. Air fryers were mostly sold offline

Even though we are living in the e-commerce world, and we buy most things online, surprisingly, around 70% of people who bought air fryers bought them offline at stores.

Although, experts are expecting this number to change and online to take the lead in the upcoming years, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. The most popular air fryer brand was Ninja Air Fryers in 2020

There are some different brands in the air fryer market that are taking the lead, but popularity is always more important when it comes to brand recognition.

According to the search engine results, the most popular brand was Ninja Air Fryers in 2020. Ninja Air Fryers was searched 2,386% more than its closest counterpart, Tower Air Fryers, in 2020.

8. Using an air fryer is less costly than running an oven

Using an air fryer costs around 15 cents to cook chips, but if you choose to use an oven, this cost goes as high as 40 cents.

The reason is that air fryers use less electricity and spend less effort on cooking the food than ovens.

9. Air fryers are now the most searched small kitchen appliances

Since December 2019, air fryers’ search demand has peaked, passing the most traditional small kitchen appliances like blenders or slow cookers. Their popularity is rising, and other appliances are staying under them.

Those who don’t own an air fryer do not know what the fuss is about, but it may come to your house soon. 3


We have reached the end of this article, and according to the statistics & data shared above, we can conclude that air fryers are indeed an excellent option for people who are looking for healthy alternatives to fried & oily food. And also, in the long run, air fryers will help you save a lot of money.

Commonly Asked Questions

What percentage of Americans have an air fryer?

As of 2020, about 36 percent of Americans own an air fryer, according to a market research firm NPD Group report.

This number is expected to grow in the coming years as air fryers become more popular and more affordable. 4

Air fryers are one of the most desirable kitchen appliances on the market.

In just a few short years, they have gone from being a niche product to being found in households across the country.

Do air fryers use a ton of electricity?

Air fryers are very energy efficient and use less electricity than other kitchen appliances, such as ovens.

This makes them an environmentally pleasant option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Is the air fryer healthier than the oven?

Air fryers are healthier than traditional ovens because they cook food with less oil. This means you can enjoy your favorite fried meals without all the unhealthy fats.

Can I put foil in an air fryer?

You can place foil in an air fryer, but you should be careful. Excess foil can block the airflow and prevent your food from cooking properly. 5

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