What Is Air Quality Index?

We all know that the air in our cities is polluted, but are we aware of how much it is the level of pollution, how bad it is for our health, and how we can fix this problem?

The air quality index is a parameter that helps us measure the level of pollution in the air. In this article, we’ll explore how it is calculated and how we can improve the quality of air surrounding us.

What Is Air Quality Index?

Air Quality Index: What Is It

An air quality index is a scale that can show how polluted air is. Such a scale usually comes with the risks associated with each level of air pollution.

So an Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated using established standards based on medical research for the acceptable levels of major air pollutants.

There are many Air quality indexes that are used by different governments or agencies. It doesn’t matter which one you use.

Also, what matters is that you are given the possibility to be aware of the level of pollution in your town, around your house or your office, and find a solution for it.

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Is Air Pollution Harmful To Our Health?

Together with the smoke of cigarettes, air pollution is considered to number one cause of lungs and respiratory tract diseases. 

So we do not always can take action to lower the levels of pollution in our city; this is the responsibility of local entities.

But what can we do to improve the quality of the air inside our houses and offices?

Air Purifiers

An air purifier would serve a double purpose.

First of all, an air purifier is always equipped with an air quality sensor.

Thanks to its own air quality index, the air purifier would let you know if and how much the air in your surroundings is polluted.

Of course, the air purifier is also capable of cleaning the air and removing pollution.

Air purifiers work thanks to filters: they suck in air, they let it pass through filters that can retain pollutant particles, and also blow clean air back into the room.

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Why Would You Need An Air Purifier?

An air purifier won’t clean the air in your town, but it would create a healthy indoor environment. You should have an air purifier in the place you spend the majority of your time.

Other than your house, air purifiers are usually used inside offices to create a healthier environment for all workers.


The first step to creating healthier environments for you and your family or coworkers is being aware of the risks.

Now that you know that air pollution is a serious problem and how you can spot it, it’s easier to find a solution.

While you may adopt eco-friendly behaviors on a daily basis, an air purifier is the best solution to create the healthiest indoor environment.

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