AirPods Volume Low? In 2022

AirPods are a very important and useful tool for today’s modern generation. Everyone feels the need for them and when they are not available some people get quite frustrated.

In this era where AirPods are becoming one of the basic wants of everyone, there is an issue users have to face in this device that is related to volume, their volume gets low automatically. 

AirPods Volume Low
AirPods Volume Low

Fixing Issue of Low Volume:

Fixing Issue of Low Volume
Fixing Issue of Low Volume

Here in this article, you can learn some genuine & guaranteed working methods to fix the volume issue of AirPods and process to increase your AirPods volume.

Follow these methods properly to perform these tasks.

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Volume Control from iPhone:

Volume Control from iPhone
Volume Control from iPhone

The first and basic way to increase the volume is that if your AirPods are connected to your iPhone and both devices are nearby, just simply increase the volume from your iPhone using the volume control panel.

You can directly increase or decrease the volume of your AirPods from the volume slider panel or volume buttons of your iPhone if both devices are paired and connected.

You can also perform this task by taking Siri’s help. Apple has added this feature in Siri duties.

You can activate Siri by double-tapping on the bud if you are a first-generation AirPods user, and then ask Siri to increase volume. 

For Second generations of AirPods(AirPods Pro) users, they have to first set up Siri’s “Hey Siri” function on their iPhone, and then by saying “Hey Siri” they can activate Siri and ask for adjusting AirPods volume.

For AirPods Pro users, there is a method through which they can set one of their earbuds as a Siri activator, and then they can ask for it to increase the volume of their AirPods.

If you say to Siri “Increase Volume” only, it will only increase the volume by 12 points. If you want to increase volume to some specific percentage such as you want your AirPods volume to be 60% just say “Hey Siri, increase volume to 60%” and it will increase your volume to 60%.

Just take care to increase volume in balance, sometimes volume gets too loud while increasing it with Siri.

Cleaning your AirPods:

Cleaning your AirPods
Cleaning your AirPods

What to do if your AirPods aren’t loud enough? Well if your volume is full and your AirPods are still low on sound and sound that much loud like they used to sound earlier, then you should try cleaning your AirPods.

In our ears some wax forms on its own due to some external dust or by natural body processes.

The earwax sticks to the AirPods automatically when we put them on. And a very small amount of wax can block our earbud’s sound waves path, and because of that volume of our AirPods decreases. 

To remove this earwax from your AirPods use some slightly wet or moist thing.

Be careful while cleaning the speakers and make sure that mesh speakers never get wet, and never touch your AirPods speaker mesh with any sharp or pointy thing like a toothpick or needle, it could damage the speaker.

You can use any toothbrush or cotton bud to clean your AirPods, as they are soft and do not damage speakers, and you can easily pick out dust or earwax from your AirPods.

By cleaning your AirPods you will experience an increase in the volume of your AirPods. This is a fast and steady way to restore your AirPods volume.

Calibrating your AirPods with your iPhone:

Calibrating your AirPods with your iPhone
Calibrating your AirPods with your iPhone

This method is complicated but useful to increase the volume of your AirPods. By calibrating your AirPods and your iPhone you can adjust the volume of your AirPods.

So sometimes, for our devices, the full volumes term does not appear the same, like our AirPods stop availing the full range of available audio effects.

In that case, calibrating your devices appears helpful, follow these steps to calibrate your devices.

Step # 1: Connect your AirPods and iPhone, put your earbuds on your ears and play any music on your iPhone. 

Step # 2: After turning on the music, by using the volume button on your iPhone decrease the volume to zero. There should not be any sound coming from your AirPods.

Step # 3: Swipe down on your iPhone screen to open the control panel. In the control panel, tap on the “Bluetooth” option to turn off Bluetooth. Keep your earbuds in your ears.

Step # 4:  Turn on the volume on your iPhone again, and listen through your phone’s speaker. Now again using the volume buttons of your iPhone decrease your phone volume down to zero.

Step # 5: Connect your AirPods again with your iPhone by turning the Bluetooth on.

STEP # 6: Turn on music again, and adjust the volume according to need. You will see a clear increase in the volume of your AirPods now. 

So these are some useful and authentic methods to increase the low volume of your AirPods. Follow them closely and properly to solve your issue of low volume.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any way to adjust volume without using hands or touching any setting?

If you are doing some work and want to increase the volume of your AirPods, you can ask Siri for help. If you are a 2nd generation AirPods Pro user and have a setup of Siri AirPods voice commands on your iPhone, just say, “Hey Siri, increase volume,” and the volume of your AirPods will increase easily without using your hands.

What if we are facing AirPods sound volume with a specific music app? How to solve it?

It might be because there is some issue in that specific app setting. To solve this issue, go to the settings of that specific music app and check that all the music, ensure EQ and sound check bars are toggled off.

Even after trying all authentic methods, what do I still can't fix the low sound issue?

If you still can’t solve the volume issue after performing all the basic methods, contact Apple Support or make an appointment at Apple Store so that they will guide you about the original issue or defect in your AirPods.

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