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Alex Trebek is a Game host. He was popularly known for the host game show “Jeopardy” for 37 seasons. Besides this, he also hosted many game shows.

Well, everybody knows about Alex Trebek as he is a popular host in America, but in this article, we will confer Alex Trebek Net worth and other facts like personal life, career, awards, etc.

other details of Alex Trebek

 Net  Worth$18million
 NameAlex Trebek
 Real NameGeorge Alexander Trebek.
 Date Of birthJuly 22, 1940
 Profession Host
 Nationality Canada
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek

Childhood of Alex Trebek

Childhood of Alex Trebek
Childhood of Alex Trebek

On July 22, 1940, Alex Trebek was born in Sudbury, Ontario. Alex’s born name was George Alexander Trebek.

His father was an immigrant from Ukraine, and his mother was Franco-Ontarian, so he was raised as a bilingual, speaking both French and English.

He went to Sudbury High School and graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1961 with a degree in Philosophy.

The career of Alex Trebek

The Career of Alex Trebek
The Career of Alex Trebek

In 1963 he started his career when he got his first job as a host at a Canadian music program 

titled “Music Hop.” Furthermore, he hosted many shows in Canada, including the high school quiz show “Reach for the top” in 1966.

Then he hosted CBS for classical music group in 1967 and so on.

In 1974, he decided to move to the United States to pursue his hosting career. As a host, he got the job in the “NBC” game show “the wizard of odds.”

After that, he hosted “High Rollers.” He hosted many seasons of High rollers from 1975 to 1976 and 1978 to 1979.

In the 1980s, his career was blooming on top, and he got many shows as a host. Subsequently, he began hosting “Jeopardy” in 1984, a game show.

And the next, Alex created history in America when he became the first person to host three games simultaneously in 1991. He also appeared on “Celebrity Poker Showdown” in 2005.

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Personal Life

Personal Life of Alex Trebek
Personal Life of Alex Trebek

Alex was married to Elaine Callie in 1974. But the marriage didn’t work, and they separated from each other in 1981.

They had no children. After the divorce from Callie, he got married to Jean Currivan, a real estate project manager, in 1990.

They both had two children. Alex also became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1998.

Well, Alex’s career and personal life were going well, but suddenly, he found out that he had cancer, and in 2019, he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

He underwent aggressive treatment. He survived one year of cancer treatment, but then he lost his battle of life with cancer in 2020.

Awards won By Alex Trebek

Awards won by Alex Trebek
Awards won by Alex Trebek

 Alex Trebek won the following awards:

  • TCA Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Academy Iconic award
  • Daytime Emmy Award For Outstanding Game Show Host.

He also made a record in the “Guinness world record” for most game show episodes hosted simultaneously.

The net worth of Alex Trebek

The Net Worth of Alex Trebek
The Net Worth of Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek has a net worth of around $18 million in 2022. Alex makes his name in the hosting shows, and his net worth was about $75 million at the time of his death.

Real estate

Alex’s primary residence was a 10,000 square-foot mansion in Studio City, California, that he bought for $2.15 million in 1991.

He also bought a 724-acre ranch for $4.1 million in the rural city of Creston, California.

In 1990, he bought a 35-acres of land at the top of the Hollywood Hills for $ 1.5 million.

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Conclusion of Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek was known as a host, and he hosted many popular shows in his career, his most popular show, “Jeopardy.”

For this, he also won “Daytime Emmy Awards” He also hosted many other shows like “Pitfall” and “The Wizard of odd.” But unfortunately, Alex is not with us anymore.

He died on November 8, 2020, after suffering from pancreatic cancer at the age of 80. But still, at the time of his death, his net worth was around $75 million.

We hope that you liked reading this article.

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What nationality Does Alex Belong to?

He was born in Canada. So, he had Canadian Citizenship, but he lived in America to pursue his career, so he also became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Who was Alex Trebek's first wife?

His first wife was Elaine Callie.

When did Alex Trebek die?

He died on November 8, 2020.

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