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Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we all must. However, there are ways – if not to avoid taxes – to find compromises and get to the point where you obtain the fairest and most affordable treatment possible.

If you are searching for tax relief, preparation or resolution, you may need professional help.

There are firms that are specialized in providing people with the best tax relief services, and some of them also offer online assistance.

Anthem Tax Relief is one of them: they are a law firm specializing in tax resolution. A team of licensed professionals works there to negotiate the best tax options on behalf of the taxpayers. Through their website, you can contact them online.

They offer tons of services that deal with tax resolution and negotiation: even though you’ll need to pay their fee, you’ll save tons of money thanks to their services.


GuideAnthem Tax Relief Reviews
FeesStarts at $250
FeaturesPenalty abatement, Tax help, etc
Community RatingModerate
WebsiteClick Here

Key Takeaways

  • Anthem Tax Relief offers services like IRS Fresh Start Forgiveness, Installment Agreement Services, Penalty Abatement, Offer In Compromise, and many more.
  • Anthem has its own team of lawyers to help you.
  • Their basic fees start at $250.
  • Anthem has 30 years of experience and expertise.
  • It has a rating of 3.1/5 stars on Trustpilot. However, if you are seeking a high-rated tax relief company, then you can check out Progressive tax relief.

How much does Anthem Tax Relief cost?

Like all law firms, Anthem Tax Relief’s services will also require you to pay a fee. The cost for their services depends on what you need specifically, but their basic offer starts at $250. 

It may seem expensive, but the amount of money you’ll save if you professionally handle your taxes will be much higher than this: in the end, you’ll end up saving though you’ll be paying $250 or more for professional help. 

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Anthem Tax Relief Features & Services

Anthem Tax Relief Features & Services
Anthem Tax Relief Features & Services

The Anthem Tax Relief offers basically any services that taxpayers may need when it comes to their taxes status. 

Currently Not Collectible Status

Non Collectible Status is issued by people who are unable to repay tax liabilities to the government.

When you obtain this status, the collection by the IRS will be put on hold. The IRS will leave you alone for a while so that you can put yourself back together.

If you think you are eligible for this status, you can contact Anthem Tax Relief so that they can let you obtain it.

IRS Fresh Start Forgiveness

When you have debts, there are chances that you can repay them without penalties or interest.

Anthem Tax Relief can let you obtain the best treatment possible so that you can save thousands of dollars in interest or penalties.

Installment Agreement Services

Anthem Tax Relief can help you draw a realistic payment plan to the State. This plan will be accepted by the IRS so that you won’t incur any issues or risks.

Penalty Abatement

You can ask Anthem Tax Relief to take care of your penalty relief: it means that they can obtain forgiveness for additional fees you’ve accumulated on your tax returns.

Offer in compromise

An offer in compromise is a program offered by the State to help taxpayers that have some financial issues reduce their debts.

Truck Driver Back Taxes

Truck drivers who owe taxes can get tax relief in the form of an offer of compromise, penalty abatement, or other approaches.

Tax Help

You can also contact Anthem Tax Relief to ask for any kind of help with your taxes or tax status. Explain your issues and what you’d like to obtain, and they’ll provide the best assistance possible.

How much can Anthem Tax Relief save me?

The amount of money you can save with Anthem Tax Relief’s services depends on the kind of service you ask for and the kind of agreement they’ll be able to obtain on your behalf.

However, it can amount to thousands of dollars. You need to subtract Anthem Tax Relief’s fee from this amount, but it will still result in a thousand dollars saving.

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers tons of services.
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • A team of lawyers at your service.
  • Easy to get in touch with.
  • Online Process.


  • Prices aren’t specified on their website.

How Anthem Tax Relief services work?

How Anthem Tax Relief services work
How Anthem Tax Relief services work

The process of getting Anthem Tax Relief’s professional help is basically the following:

  1. Contact the firm’s team by any means you like (phone, email, or website form). Explain who you are and what kind of help you’d like to ask for (or what kind of relief you’d like to obtain).
  2. They’ll send back a possible solution and a quote for their services. If you accept it, the process will begin, and you’ll start working together.
  3. In the first stage, they’ll ask you to send them all the documentation they’ll need. From now on, they’ll take care of anything.
  4. You’ll be contacted when the support you asked for is obtained and send back every paper and document you’ll need to assert the relief, agreement, and forgiveness you’ve obtained through the Anthem Tax Relief team.

In most cases, Anthem Tax Relief’s support won’t end up here, but they’ll follow you up to make sure you pay what you need to pay: nothing more or less.

Anthem Tax Relief’s reputation and accreditations

Anthem Tax Relief is one of the firms with the best reputation online and offline. Their firm has been active in this field since long before migrating their services online.

Other than professional help, they can offer 30-year experience: their help is accurate and fast!

What makes Anthem Tax Relief better than others?

The aspect that Anthem Tax Relief can boast about when compared to the competition is its experience. The firm has been active for over 30 years. 

A long experience isn’t just something that levels up the reputation of any business; it’s also something that can fasten a lot of processes because the team has already performed them thousands of times.

Experience is also what allows the team to advise their clients at best because they were able to witness tons of outcomes to their decisions.

NPC Anthem Tax Relief Ratings

Customer Service4.3/5
Tax Relief help3.8/5
Ease of use4.5/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Customer Ratings And Reviews
Customer Rating And Review
Anthem Tax Relief Customer Rating And Review

A total of 81 customers have given Anthem Tax Relief an average rating of 3.1/5 stars which isn’t very great.

A few people complained about how they did not receive their expectations, while others appreciated them for getting what they wanted. You can check out the reviews yourself. 

Our experience

We had a direct experience with Anthem Tax Relief, and we’re happy to share it. In particular, we contacted the firm because of a huge bill we received that we weren’t sure we were due to pay. We had never received such a high bill, and that’s what made us think that there could be a mistake.

Also, we weren’t able to call anyone and say, “excuse us, there is probably a mistake,” so we asked for professional help. We provided our information and the bill in question.

They took care of everything, and not only were they able to make sure that – yes – that huge amount of money was a mistake, but they also informed us about what the mistake had been caused and provided the right papers with the right amount of taxes we had to pay.


CompanyAnthem Tax ReliefAlg Tax Resolution
FeaturesPenalty abatement, Tax help, etc.Tax Resolution, Tax audit, etc.
FeesNot revealedNot revealed
BBB ratingsA+A+
Trustpilot ratings3.1/54.7/5

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Even though there aren’t many firms with the same level of experience, these are the best alternatives:

Community Tax

They offer:

  • Tax resolution
  • tax planning
  • tax prep
  • Accounting services

You can also contact them via live chat, making communication quick. Just like Anthem Tax Relief, you need to contact them directly if you want to know their prices.

Fortress Tax Relief

This is a firm specializing in tax relief services. It means that their services are particularly indicated for anyone having a huge debt.

When you contact them, one of the first things they ask is how much your debt is. They provide different kinds of solutions to try and reduce your debt.

Optima Tax Relief

This is also a firm that provides tax relief services. The difference with the previous ones is that they are very focused on the Internet and on providing their services via the web.

With them, you have access to a dashboard where you can check your status at any moment.

Final Verdict

Anthem Tax Relief has substantial industry experience and can help you a lot with your various tax relief needs. Having said that, we feel there are much better tax relief services out there, such as Alg Tax Resolution, which is a much better option as compared to Anthem Tax Relief.

We hope you found this article useful.


Do Anthem Tax Relief offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you’re not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund.

Do Anthem Tax Relief require a minimum tax amount?

Yes, they can only work for you if the tax amount you owe is higher than 8,000 dollars.

If it’s inferior to this amount, their services wouldn’t be useful, because the fee you should pay to them could be higher than the amount of money they can make you save.

Do they require a flat fee?

Yes. You are not going to pay them a percentage of the amount of money they let you save.

Before starting working for you, they’ll provide a quote with the exact amount of money you are going to pay them, no matter the amount they make you save.

Do I need to buy a service in particular?

No, you don’t need to. You can simply describe your problems and needs, and they’ll provide the best service possible.

Is Anthem Tax Relief legit?

Yes, Anthem Tax Relief is accredited by Better Bureau Business and is legit.

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