What Is AOCTM Carbon Filter?

Activated carbon filters are often used because of their capacity to trap smoke and smells within their pores.

Many air purifiers use this type of filter because, other than being extremely effective, they are also cheap.

Despite being effective, however, in the majority of air purifiers, carbon filters are used alongside other types of filters, for example, HEPA filters.

The combination of carbon filters + HEPA filters makes the air purifier even more effective: the carbon filters, in some way, enhance the effectiveness of HEPA filters (which are already very effective on their own).

AOCTM Carbon Filter
AOCTM Carbon Filter

Key Takeaways

  • Carbon filters are very effective in removing smells and gases.
  • HEPA filters are best for removing small particles.
  • Carbon filters can be used for 2-4 weeks.
  • Carbon filters are mostly washable, which can help you in saving a lot of money.
  • AOCTM carbon filters work best when combined with some other filter.

Activated Carbon Filter: Explained!

Also known as charcoal filters, activated carbon filters are made of black charcoal. This is how they work: a block of carbon (that can be in a granular or powdered formula) is located amidst the flow of air.

This is a very simple principle, but it’s extremely effective: once the particles are removed from the air, the air itself is blown again into the environment but it’s cleaner than when it entered the device. 1

What kind of particles does the activated carbon remove?


Carbon filters are very effective in removing smells and gases; however, they are not very effective when it comes to very small particles (for example, bacteria).

This is why, as we’ve mentioned, they are mostly used in combination with another type of filter, HEPA filters, in most cases. 2

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What is the Life of Carbon?


Just like any other filter, Carboni filters need maintenance too.

Generally, you can use the same carbon filter for 2-4 weeks. After that, you need to either clean it or replace it with a new one.

The fact that carbon filters are, in most cases, washable is a great advantage because you can save a lot of money on filters (you can use the same many times).

However, no filter can last forever, and carbon filters can’t, either. How can you understand when it’s time to buy a new carbon filter to replace the old one?

Air purifiers usually have a way of communicating that the filters aren’t working properly anymore: it could be a LED light, it could be a message on the digital display, or they can simply stop working and provide some sort of error message.

When this message, however it comes, arrives just after you’ve carefully cleaned the filter, you need to buy a new one. 3

Activated carbon filters: pros and cons


·   An AOCTM carbon filter removes big particles from the air including smoke, odor, smoke, paint, and chemical vapors.

·   FIlters are almost always washable: you can use the same at least two to three times before buying another one. This is cost-saving

·   Carbon filters are the cheapest among effective filters.


·   AOCTM carbon filters aren’t usually enough to 100% purify the air. They need to be joined with other types of filters, for example, HEPA filters.

·   You can’t use these filters forever. On the contrary, you need to wash them regularly, and you have to replace them after the third time you’ve washed them. 4

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Is carbon filter better or HEPA better?

HEPA filters remove big and physical particles like dust, allergens, etc. While carbon filters remove odor, smoke, etc.

Are carbon filters in air purifier safe?

Yes, activated carbon filters are safe to use.

Are carbon filter effective in reducing humidity?

Carbob filters are very helpful in reducing humidity.

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