15 Methods To Get More Attorney Legal Leads Of 2023

Wondering how to get more Attorney Legal Leads? We got you!

As a legal professional, you must know the importance of standing out online to get more clients.

With an online market saturated with legal competition, it is imperative to know how to attract potential clients to your website.

Thankfully with the help of the right lead generations strategies, you can create a steady flow of high-quality legal attorney leads.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at why lead generation is essential for the success of a law firm and how to effectively generate attorney leads for your firm’s continued success. 


Why is Lead Generation Important for Attorney Firms? 

Lead generation for attorneys may seem like a foreign concept to many. However, it is critical for building and establishing clientele for law firms.

In attorney marketing, lead generation works like a referral service to get more clients with engaging and persuasive content.

For a law firm to be successful, it must focus on developing a reliable lead generation pipeline to attract prospects to its website.

With an effective lead nurture campaign in place, lawyers can not only acquire fresh leads but also maintain an ongoing client base. 

15 Types of Leads Generation for Getting More Legal Attorney Leads

Generating leads for businesses has always been a problem. Finding the right visitors and turning them into leads take time, effort, and continuous work.

However, there are so many different ways that work for some businesses and don’t for others. Finding the right one could be costly for you.

This gets harder for local businesses such as attorney offices because the target audience is much smaller.

Here are 15 ways to generate legal attorney leads. Use these ways to start getting leads to your legal attorney business.

1. Work With a Digital Marketing Professional

Throughout the day, people are now using their digital screens for hours, and what they see could affect their thinking or use it to find something they are looking for.

If you use digital marketing strategies well enough, you could be part of that potential pool on the digital screens and let people come to you with the right advertisement.

Hiring a digital marketing professional to do all the work for you could get you a massive return on investment. The professional will do all the work related to your digital marketing efforts.

2. Create and Host In-Person Law Webinars

Meeting with potential customers face-to-face is hard because finding them is not easy since people are mostly online nowadays and working from home.

Host webinars to ensure that you meet with people who have legal problems trying to find a solution.

Make sure you answer the most common questions, talk to people, network, and help them. However, do not be pushy that you are a legal attorney.

Give a small sentence about who you are and your services, and give them your card.

If you are helpful to them, they will come to you for work which is better than being pushy about yourself.

3. Make Informative Videos for Video Marketing

YouTube and other media platforms have been increasing substantially. Many more people are using these platforms every day.

Creating short, informative, and quality videos where you answer common problems or answer your follower’s questions could generate a lot of views for you, which could turn into leads.

By being active, you also let the algorithm of these platforms recommend you to people who have similar problems and search for it online.

Your videos should be right to the topic and informative enough to keep the visitor engaged.

4. Use Call-To-Actions on Your Content

If you write or record content without talking about who you are and how you can help the reader or viewer with their problem, you might not turn those visitors into leads even though they were ready to turn into leads.

Add a small but effective call-to-action within your content without going into too many details and being too pushy.

Give your contact information or tell them how you can help them with this problem. If the visitor is convinced about your services, they can contact you for the problem.

5. Have Landing Pages on Your Website

A landing page is a single page that stands out on the webpage on its own and aims to turn your visitors into leads.

This small yet effective digital marketing tool enables your business to stand out from the crowd since you can optimize it in the best way possible.

Since landing pages are only one page, you only get to talk about yourself and the problem in the shortest way possible.

Make sure you talk about the problem first and promote your business. Add your contact information or direct people to book a meeting with you or sign up for your services.


6. Offer Free Consultation Incentives

Most of the visitors you get to your website will not turn into a lead most of the time. You need to try and build a relationship and prove that you can help them with your services.

The best way to do that is to offer incentives. Specially offering free consultation could go a long way.

Many legal attorneys offer a free consultation the first time to create the relationship you need and that they can help you with your matter.

Alternatively, you can offer a free article or an eBook about a specific problem. Get information from the lead and offer them what they need accordingly.

7. Focus on High Conversion Rates on Your Website

If you are getting many visitors and you have good visibility on the social media platforms but not getting enough leads, your conversion rates are low, and you need to focus on increasing them.

Conversion rate is all about turning your visitors into leads, and to do that, you need to focus on redesigning your website.

Make sure your website has the information the visitor needs, provides information, and is right to the point.

By putting your offerings on the first page as a landing page, you could help with the conversion rate, too.

8. Use Local SEO in Your Content For Attorney Legal Leads

When you are writing your content, you need to be able to know your audience and what they are searching for.

Look for high-ranking keywords in your area related to the legal attorney business. Write blog posts with these keywords and talk about the topic, informing people.

The content must be a quality one with quality backlinks for Google to crawl the pages. With quality content that is actually helping people, you will start getting leads to your website.

9. Answer Common Problems with Content Marketing

Research the most common problems people face and try to come up with answers to these problems.

Once you have the questions and answers, start answering them online either by writing a blog post on your website or sharing posts on social media.

Try to be helpful to people and embed call-to-actions in these content marketing efforts to make sure you turn them into leads.

10. Frequently Use Social Media

Social media is a gold mine for any business because billions of people use it daily. Create your social media accounts and put your information in there, along with your visuals and brand.

Once you set everything up, start sharing informative posts and commenting on other people’s comments or posts. Interact with people and build a following. 2

11. Create Brand Recognition with Offline Advertisements

Since you are a local business, offline advertisements could go a long way in creating brand recognition.

Design flyers, rent out billboards, use banks on the streets, and do any other thing that people of the neighborhood and city can see.

These designs must be short, simple, and right to the point with your contact information.

You could also mention one of the incentives you are giving out. This could help attract people to try you out without losing anything.

12. Ask for Referrals

One of the best proves that you can have with the quality of your work is the old customers. If your old customers are satisfied with your service, they are most likely to offer you to a friend.

To make the referral more favorable, offer them a discount or a specialized offer for the next time they use your services.

Offering something for the lead coming in by a referral could also help with securing them.

You could create a referral program and let your old customers create leads for you without you having to do anything continuously.

13. Participate in Local Events as Speaker

In each city, there are many different events happening about various topics. Find local events in your city related to law and attorneys.

Contact the event organized and ask to be a speaker about one of the most common problems. Showcase your expertise and try to help people after your speech.

Use the event as a networking opportunity for your business. Have your card ready to give to interested visitors.

14. Visit Local Podcasts as a Guest

Back in the old times, people would listen to radio channels on their radios and hear about things they were curious about.

This now evolved into podcasts where you listen from different platforms on devices everywhere.

Find a local podcast that interviews people or a podcast about the law in your city and ask to participate there as a guest.

This could generate the opportunity to talk about your expertise and your business.

Listeners of the podcast could be interested in coming to you to learn more about that specific topic and work with you.

15. Have a Professional Design Your Website

Your website is your identity, and your website is also what you put you on the search engine most of the time.

If you don’t have a website with a good, responsive design that is also compatible with Google’s needs, you will lose a lot of organic traffic.

Even if you put yourself on the search engine, but your design is too complicated, hard to understand, and does not offer anything, you will likely not turn that visitor into a lead.

Hire a professional and work together with them to design a simple, responsive website.


Benefits of Google Ads for Attorney Leads Generation

Works Faster than SEO

Getting traffic with Google Ads is much easier and faster than SEO, which has a long-term value and takes a while before showing actual results.

Google Ads provides instant visibility and gives your business a kickstart by making it rank on the first page of search engine results pages. 

Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads has various networks you can use to build brand awareness and a long-term client base.

Google’s Display Network is ideal for getting your brand in front of people and driving many leads at the minimum cost.

Flexibility and Control 

Not all your customers are the same in terms of age, interests, device they use, and location.

Google Ads understands this and gives you complete control of your campaign and the flexibility to tailor your campaigns according to clients to get the maximum return on investment.

Measures Everything for You

The beauty of using Google Ads is that it lets you constantly measure your campaign’s performance and drill down for a closer look at what you are spending versus the revenue you are generating.

You can analyze the broad set of metrics to see how people interact with your website and make necessary changes to improve your campaign. 


Google Ads campaigns are easily scalable without experiencing a drop in performance.

You can start with a small budget and scale up your campaign across Google Ad.

This includes Network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere you want to get more conversions. 4

Why Choose Us? 

We provide attorney leads from your region searching for an attorney or a legal professional.

Our leads are exclusive and delivered to you in real-time to improve your chances of turning them into a client.

We will help your law firm build a massive online presence and get the leads it needs to grow.

  • Custom Landing Page For Attorney Legal Leads

We’ll build you a custom landing page to get more conversions and build your customer base. 

  • SEO Management

We will optimize your website to boost your online visibility and attract quality attorney leads. 

  •  Content Writing

We’ll provide informative and valuable content to help your law firm build a substantial reputation and attract new leads. 

  • Focused on ROI

We ensure to keep your pipeline full of the right type of leads to help you get the highest ROI. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you manage and optimize your campaign. 

  • Transparent Reporting

We provide detailed monthly reports to keep you in the loop with your campaign progress.

  • Only Pay for Results

You only have to pay if you get qualified attorney leads, as we promised. 

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What are leads in law?

A lead in law is any potential client who is looking for a lawyer to help them in a legal case.

What are the five most effective ways of generating Attorney Legal Leads?

The most effective ways of generating Attorney Legal Leads are:

  • Social media campigns
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • PPL
  • Content Marketing

What are some of the best websites to find a lawyer?

Yelp, Lawyers.com, Google lawyer reviews, and Martindale are some great platforms to find a lawyer.

Is generating leads legal?

Yes, it is legal.

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