6 Benefits Of A Recliner Chair

By recliner chairs, we mean those armchairs that can change their position from standing to lying.

They can usually assume several intermediate positions, and they can also lift forward to help the person who is sitting on it get up.


Recliner chairs are beautiful pieces of furniture, and they are also comfortable. But in this article, we want to dig deeper and discuss all the benefits of a recliner chair.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Recliner Chair?

1. Design

Recliner Design

Recliner chairs are usually bulky leather (or leather-like) armchairs with an elegant style. They can fit in any environment and enhance the look of any living room, TV room, but also studio, or office. 

2. Reclinable


Probably, the main benefit of a recliner is just the fact that it is reclinable. The possibility of having alternative sitting positions is awesome: you can change your position from sitting to slightly lying back to full rest. You can use a recliner chair to work, watch TV, read a book, and even sleep. 1

3. Ideal for people with impaired mobility

impaired mobility

Recliners aren’t just comfortable for resting and relaxing; they are also a great help for people with impaired mobility.

For them, the ideal recliners are those that can lift up to help them get up from the chair itself.

Some recliners, furthermore, are also provided with small wheels so that the person who has difficulties walking can reach another room, reach the table for dinner, or get closer to the bathroom when they need it without getting up from the chair.

4. Improved circulation

Improved circulation

People who are forced to be sitting for hours per day (because they have impaired mobility, but also – it could be – because they need to work every day in front of a computer) can find great benefits in spending some hours on a recliner chair.

Compared to common office chairs or wheelchairs, recliner chairs put less pressure on all the parts of your body in contact with the chair. The weight is distributed in a better way, so you don’t develop pain, soreness, or stiffness. 2

5. Versatility


Recliner chairs can be the place where you work, relax and sleep. You can place one in a living room, an office, a game room, or a TV room, and it can also become a valid alternative for your sofa. 

A couple of recliner chairs can replace a small sofa but provide a lot more comfort and versatility. 

6. Portable


Compared with a sofa, a recliner chair is more portable. The place you decide to put it when you bring your new recliner to your house is not definitive.

You can move the recliner chair around, you can bring it into another room, and you can lend it to someone who is recovering from an injury…

Recliner chairs are awesome pieces of furniture for your house or office. Not only do they look great, but they can also provide the comfort you seek in a sofa, an office chair, and a chair… all in one single item.

Practical Reasons Why Recliner Chairs Are Good For Your Health

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What Things Should You Consider Before Buying a Recliner Chair?

Let us have a look at the most important things to consider while buying a recliner chair:

  1. Price: The price of a recliner chair is directly affected by the features it offers. So avoid buying a recliner chair that does not offer the features you want, and rather, get the one that helps you the most.
  2. Size: It would be useless to buy a chair that does not fit you, or that does not fit in your house. There are three categories of recliner chairs: Small, medium & large, so buy the size that is a perfect fit for you & your home.
  3. Fabric: Leather recliner chairs are usually spillproof & also water resistent, so they are slightly easier to clean as opposed to fabric recliners, which require a lot of care.
  4. After Sales Service: Different recliner chairs come with different features such as lumbar support, headrest, massager, etc. So what will you do in case it stops functioning? To avoid issues later, make sure that the brand or store offers after-sales service. 3

Wrap Up

Recliner chairs are not only comfortable & lavish-looking but also help in a lot of ways than you cna imagine. We hope this guide on the 6 benefits of recliner chairs was helpful to you.


What is better a couch or a recliner chair?

Sleeping on the couch for long hours can cause neck-ache and other back problems because the resting arm of the couch is not meant to keep your posture at a certain angle, while recliners are designed to keep your body in a natural shape. 4

What kind of recliner is recommended by Chiropractors?

The American Chiropractic Association recommends using only one type of recliner and that is Stressless recliner.

How much does a recliner cost?

A good recliner can cost you anywhere between $250 to $5,000.

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