5 Best 100 inch TVs

If you are looking to decorate your living room with an ultimate TV then this guide on 5 Best 100 inch TVs is going to help you find one.

Looking for television and going for the premium range unlocks a lot of size choices but the product choices get lesser and lesser.

While there are fewer products available in the premium range, the selection process can get easy for you. However, finding the right product to buy is still very important.

The different products from this premium category can still confuse you because every product is better than the other in one way or another.

Here are our 3 most recommended 100 Inch TVs based on their Sound Quality, Experiences and more.

Hisense 100 inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV

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Hisense 100-inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector

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Epson Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection TV

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Why Should You Buy A 100 inch TV?


As mentioned above, each TV from the Best 100 Inch TV category comes with a lot of valuable features.

So, setting the best one apart gets difficult with every available option.

However, in this league companies put their best features together to provide an experience like never before and this makes the TV.

It is not only necessary for the tv to have the biggest screen but bringing the features that make a better experience is also an important factor.

5 Best 100 inch TVs

Here are our 5 best options based on:

  1. Hisense 100 inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV – Best Overall
  2. Hisense 100 inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector – Best 2.1 Audio
  3. Epson 100 inch Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection TV – Best Short Throw
  4. VIVOHOME Projector TV 100 inch for Home Theater – Best 16:9
  5. Hisense TriChroma 4K Laser Projection TV 120L9G – Best Reliable

1. Hisense 100 inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV – Best Overall

Hisense 100 inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV
Hisense 100 inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV

The first one that we have on our list here is a 100-inch tv that brings a lot of premium things apart from its screen size only.

First of all, it is an Android TV with HDR which means you will be having the latest screen experience.

The Bluetooth support that this TV brings enables you to connect external sound systems for an even richer experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports online Netflix streaming for all your favorite content
  • Android Smart Laser Tv brings features more than a simple tv
  • HDR makes the experience even better with better-defined colors according to the scene


  • It only provides a viewing experience of 60 Hz which might be outdated for some users

What makes it the best choice?

If you are up for setting something fancy in your lounge, then it is your best choice.

It not only is a unique product, but it ensures to brings all the necessary standard features for you making it an irresistible product.

Our experience with the product

First of all, I simply loved this product. I was damn excited about this item. I am a movie freak, and I really like to watch movies at the cinema.

So I wanted to bring the cinema to my own house. I ordered this 100″ TV, and it took two people to put this screen on.

It was a bit difficult to set this up. Well, it was definitely worth the hassle. Once we were done putting this up.

We watched a movie, and we were really satisfied with the picture quality. I am definitely going to recommend this product to everyone.

2. Hisense 100 inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector – Best 2.1 Audio

Hisense 100 inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector
Hisense 100 inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector

If you want to get a premium screen experience but the sound quality matters to you as well then you must check this TV.

It is one of the best-sounding TVs in this category with a 2.1 sound system.

It means that this TV can fire sound from both sides along with the bass that comes with its dedicated hardware.

Apart from all this the smart features of this Tv also make it a premium device.

Pros and Cons


  • The availability of an ethernet port opens doors for lag-free streaming
  • Only consumes 450 watts making it a rather budget-friendly product for power bills
  • The 60-watt wireless subwoofer that comes along makes your cinematic experience even better


  • It does not support high-speed USB ports. Only USB 2.0 ports are available

3. Epson 100 inch Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection TV – Best Short Throw

Epson 100 inch Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection
Epson 100 inch Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection TV

Epson is a huge name in the world of projectors and this projector TV comes with all the features that you would want from such a renowned company.

The Amazon’s Choice tag makes it pretty reliable in terms of hardware and software capabilities.

At the same time, the screen that comes along ensures that you get the best of all.

In terms of streaming capabilities, you can use different sources with HDMI ports.

The Bluetooth speaker’s connectivity will add a lot to what the built-in speakers bring for you.

Pros and Cons


  • 4000 lumens ensure that you get to watch the best quality content even in rooms that are not completely dark
  • Build-in speakers of high quality ensure that you get a cinema-like experience from your home
  • Android TV supports several streaming services, so you do not miss out on any of your favorite content


  • The 60 Hz refresh rate may not be satisfactory for all that you need.

4. VIVOHOME Projector TV 100 inch for Home Theater – Best 16:9

VIVOHOME Projector TV 100 inch for Home Theater
VIVOHOME Projector TV 100 inch for Home Theater

The fourth option that we have on our list comes with an aspect ratio that is usually not found on TV screens.

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, you can watch your content exactly like a cinema because of a widescreen.

Apart from the amazing screen that it comes in, the other features are great including the viewing angle of 160 degrees.

If you are getting worried about the retractable screen, then you will be relieved to know that it comes with a high-purity lubrication oil that makes the rotation structure dustproof. So, all in all, it is a pretty durable screen.

Pros and Cons


  • A retractable screen makes you save on space whenever needed
  • Matte screen surface makes viewing even sharper because there are fewer reflections
  • It is a perfect choice for several applications including offices, classrooms, and homes


  • The screen is manually retractable which may not bring the best convenience for you

5. Hisense TriChroma 4K Laser Projection TV 120L9G – Best Reliable

Hisense TriChroma 4K Laser Projection TV 120L9G
Hisense TriChroma 4K Laser Projection TV 120L9G

The last option that we have brought here for you is the one that brings the best reliability with the best features.

Speaking of reliability, it comes with a 2-year extended protection plan which makes you use it while enjoying all the peace of mind.

The laser projector also comes with 15000 hours of life making it pretty reliable by all means.

Pros and Cons


  • ALR Screen brings the best viewing experience in the projection TV category
  • Comes with a ton of ports including 3 HDMI and an Ethernet port as well
  • Supports Smart input via smart assistants


  • You get Dolby Atmos Experience, but the 40 Watt sound may not be enough for everyone


PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForResolutionVoice AssistantHDMI PortsRefresh Rate
Hisense 100 Inch 100L5F 4K HDR TV3.3/5$3,639.99Overall4K UHDN/AN/A60Hz
Hisense 100 Inch 100L10E Smart Laser Projector3/5$10,999.992.1 Audio4K UHDAlexa4N/A
Epson 100 Inch Short Throw EpiqVision LS500 Projection TV4.4/5$3,899.99Short Throw4K PRO-UHDGoogle Assistant260Hz
VIVOHOME Projector TV 100 Inch For Home Theater4.6/5$89.9916:94KN/AN/AN/A
Hisense TriChroma 4K Laser Projection TV 120L954.5/5$5,297.99Reliable4K UHDGoogle Assistant, Alexa 360Hz

Buying guide – Factors you need to consider while buying the Best 100 inch TV

When you are investing in something this big you need to be sure that you are investing in the right product.

While you may find it difficult to make the best decision, we can help you in making the best decision about buying the right television for yourself.

So, here is our Best 100-inch TV buying guide.

Panel technology

The first thing you have to check is the panel technology.

Although companies are putting their best tech in the premium products, there are still chances that keeping check and balance can save you from making a bad decision.

So, always go for the latest screen technologies like OLED or QLED. Even the LED tv can be better but getting LCD technology is not the right choice for anyone.

Picture processing capabilities

Say that you select a tv that says to have 8K or 4K ultra high definition screens.

For screens this great it is important to have backend hardware that can support the display quality of the panel.

It depends on the processor integrated into the tv and looking at the spec sheet you can know which processor is integrated into the tv that you are going for.

Getting a tv that claims to have high-end display panels but missing out on the high-end processor will not be a very wise decision.

Display Type

An interesting thing about the Best 100-inch TV options is that all of the products are not flat-screen televisions.

Curved Screen TVs are also available in this range. However, it depends on what kind of experience you want.

So, make sure to try out if possible and then make the decision instead of believing in fancy advertisements.

In this way, you will be buying something that brings peace of mind with it.

TV type

The last thing to check is the type of TV. Whether it is a smart tv or not. Whether you want android tv or not.

All of these things define the experience that you are going to have with that TV. So, while making your buying decision, you must be focused on these things.

When you are buying the Best 100-inch TV, you do not need to worry about standard features like HDMI ports or so because these are usually present in products this good.

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How Does A Laser TV Work?

A typical laser TV uses a short-throw projector that’s paired with an ultra-short-throw screen. The projector is equipped with a laser light source and sits just inches from the screen, which has a special coating that diffuses the laser light. This creates a bright, vivid picture with wide viewing angles.

Laser TVs also have built-in speakers and smart TV features, so you can stream your favorite shows and movies, surf the web, and more. And since they use a laser light source, they’re more energy-efficient than traditional LCD TVs.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 100-Inch TV?

There are various ways to measure the dimensions of a 100-inch tv. The most common way is by width and height, but you can also measure diagonally.

Width: 80 inches | Height: 45 inches | Diagonal: 100 inches

How Far Should You Sit From 100-Inch TV?

There is no conclusive answer, as it depends on personal preferences and the size of your room. However, a good practice is to sit about eight to ten feet away from the television.

This will allow you to see all the details on the screen, without being too close that the image appears distorted. If you have a smaller room


If you make every decision in the right way, then you can buy the best product from the available Best 100-inch TV choices.

So, make sure to make good use of the buying guide and the shared options.

It is guaranteed that you will enjoy the product with great experience, reliability, and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Curved Screen TV Feel?

It feels a lot like you are present inside the scene because the screen is curved around you. It is an experience like no other.

However, some people do not like it in comparison with flat-screen TVs.

Do Digital Technologies Make TVs Better?

Yes, technologies and features like Dolby and HDR make the overall quality of audio and video a lot better.

What Is The Role Of Software In TV?

It helps you in streaming all of your favorite applications and streaming platforms.

If you get a TV that does not have any sort of smart operating system in it then it will become hard to use applications without external input devices.

Is It Necessary To Have A Smart Assistant On Your TV?

If you already have a smart home or you are planning to have a smart home, then having smart assistant compatibility is a necessary feature to look for.

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