8 Best 80 inch TV – See Who The Winner Is?

There are many sizes available in TVs but if you are looking for the sweet spot between the huge screen and small screens, then this list of 8 Best 80 inch TV is just what you need.

These TVs are bigger and more premium than the entry-grade premium TVs, which start at 55 to 60 inches.

At the same time, their size and price are more manageable than the huge TVs that go up to 100 and 120 inches.

So, if you are looking to buy a TV that meets your premium needs and comes in a perfect size range for the lounge as well as your bedroom, then it is the perfect choice for you.

Although you know all about the size, there are a lot of other things that you need to consider, and missing any one of those can have you in trouble.

So, instead of getting yourself making a bad decision, why not follow tips from our experts and make the best decision.

How To choose The Best 80-inch TV?


Taking a look at any of the devices available in this range will make you feel like that is the best product for you while it is not the best.

The reason is that every company is trying to make its Best 80-inch TV. However, that might not just be the right choice for you.

So, instead of getting trapped by the marketing gimmicks, you must follow your set of requirements and get the tv that brings all of the features in the best manner while maintaining a reasonable price tag. That will be the best 80-inch TV for you.

Best 80 inch TV

Here are our 8 best options based on:

1. Sony BRAVIA OLED Master 4K TV – Best Pure Blacks


Everybody knows that Sony makes some of the best display panels and TVs in the world and this Tv from Sony makes it to the top of our list because of its quality as well as its premium features.

While this TV is available in different sizes, the feature set is kept premium to provide you with the best experience.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a 120 Hz super-smooth refresh rate screen with HDMI 2.1 support
  • Comes with Alexa compatibility so that you can make it a part of your smart home
  • Bluetooth is supported for connecting external audio devices including speakers and headphones


  • There are no cons to this TV

What makes it the best choice for you?

While there are several options available for you and most of them are the latest models, what makes it your best choice?

First of all, it is a 2019 model which means the price will be dropped and your budget will not hurt.

Secondly, this comes with the Amazon’s Choice Tag which brings a lot of reliability along with it.

Apart from these, it brings all of the latest features for every customer that will simply be your favorite choice.

There is hardly any feature that you may ask for and is not available on this TV.

Our experience with the product

If you are looking for OLED, then you need to get it from SONY. Yes, their OLED technology is the best.

I know it is a bit expensive as compared to other OLEDs available in the market. There is a reason why SONY OLED has an expensive price tag.

They use Grade A OLED panels from LG Display. The chancing of tinting and banding gets minimized when this high-tech gets used in making an OLED.

This is the reason that SONY OLEDs are expensive as compared to others.

But this product is simply awesome, and I definitely recommend it. You should buy it too.

Sony BRAVIA OLED Master 4K TV Review

The Sony BRAVIA OLED TV has been designed to provide the ultimate viewing experience. Watch review video now!

2. LG C1 OLED Smart 4K TV – Best Premium Experience

LG C1 OLED Smart 4K TV
LG C1 OLED Smart 4K TV

LG does not hold back when it comes to designing and manufacturing some world-class TVs, and this one from LG is our second best.

While being the second-best, it is known for bringing the best premium experience for every customer, including the gamers who are looking to hook up their latest consoles to their Best 80-inch TV.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with all smart picture enhancement features like WiSA and Dolby Cinema
  • Supports almost every content streaming platform
  • Has Ethernet port for fastest internet connectivity.


  • There is no hands-free voice control feature built into this TV

3. LG A1 OLED Smart 4K TV – Best Dolby Cinema

LG A1 OLED Smart 4K TV
LG A1 OLED Smart 4K TV

The third option on our list is also from LG and if you are a fan of watching movies at your home then it will completely change your experience for life.

This TV comes with the best features, all according to your requirements bringing in the best experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Dolby Cinema makes every movie look like you are watching it in the Cinema
  • Comes with Gaming Mode to provide low latency screen performance
  • Ai enhanced Processor makes sure that all of the 4K content is shown in the best and crisp picture quality.


  • This TV does not come with a 120 Hz refresh rate

4. Sony BRAVIA Smart 4K TV – Best OLED Technology

Sony BRAVIA Smart 4K TV
Sony BRAVIA Smart 4K TV

OLED technology is known for its viewing angles and color accuracy as it changes the Tv experience.

These TVs come at a higher price, but the experience is worth the price.

Sony makes this TV our 4th option on the list by bringing some of the most needed features in this TV.

Pros and Cons


  • Dolby Atmos and Digital Sound features enhance the sound quality
  • Works with smart digital assistants to enhance your usage
  • Compatible with airplay by Apple as well as Chromecast


  • Alexa does not come as a built-in feature in this TV

5. Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K LED TV – Best Dolby Vision HDR

Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K LED TV
Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K LED TV

Full-Array LED technology makes sure that the whole screen is lit in a uniform way to bring out the best results from anything that plays on this TV.

Apart from focusing on the hardware features, this tv also focuses on all the smart features.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with Dolby Vision HDR for the best color vibrance.
  • Supports most of the famous streaming platforms
  • 120 Hz super-smooth refresh rate makes everything look so smooth and premium.


  • Only available in 3 different sizes

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6. Samsung Curved Screen 4K LED Smart TV – Best Curved Screen

Samsung Curved Screen 4K LED Smart TV
Samsung Curved Screen 4K LED Smart TV

Curved Screens bring a unique product to your home with a feeling that you are inside the content that you are watching because the side edges are curved towards you.

Samsung here brings a lot of features with their Curved technology making it one of the Best 80 inch TV for you

Pros and Cons


  • 4K ultra high definition display panel
  • Works with Wi-Fi for using streaming platforms
  • Comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate screen


  • Curved experience is not the right choice for some people

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7. VIZIO Smart HD TV – Best Budget


If you are looking to keep things under a specific budget while maintaining a huge screen size, then it is the best choice for you.

This Tv comes with almost all the basic features that you can ask for at a budget-friendly price

Pros and Cons


  • Supports 120 Hz refresh rate under a budget price
  • Supports streaming applications with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart Remote makes the usage very easy


  • It is not Native 4K but provides 4K like the result because of image processing.

8. NEC Commercial Grade LED TV – Best Power-Efficient

NEC Commercial Grade LED TV
NEC Commercial Grade LED TV

This TV from NEC is known for bringing the best value for your money.

This is a TV that can be your best choice for office or commercial usage because of its features and form factor.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with amazing speakers integrated
  • Provides full HD 1080p result
  • Meets the Energy Star requirements for power-efficient usage.


  • It has a 60 Hz refresh rate screen

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PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForResolutionDisplay TechnologyVoice AssistantHDMI PortsRefresh Rate
Sony BRAVIA OLED Master 4K TV4.6/5$3000.00Pure Blacks4KOLEDAlexa4120 Hz
LG C1 OLED Smart 4K TV4.8/5$2,399.99Premium Experience4KOLEDAlexa & Google Assistant4120 Hz
LG A1 OLED Smart 4K TV4.7/5$2,099.99Dolby Cinema4KOLEDAlexa & Google Assistant360 Hz
Sony BRAVIA Smart 4K TV4.7/5$3,490.51OLED Technology4KOLEDAlexa4120Hz
Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K LED TV4.5/5$2997.95Dolby Vision HDR4K Ultra HDFull Array LEDAlexa2120hz

What To consider when buying An 80 inch TV?

As we all know, buying the Best 80-inch TV is not going to be a small investment for everyone.

It can be very hard to decide for some people whether they can spend on buying their dream Best 80 inch TV or not.

So, when you are investing this huge you must be sure that you are getting the best product that comes with the best features.

Checking the list for all of these factors will let you know if all of your feature requirements are met in the best manner or not.

Display Panel Technology

Taking a look at the screen specification is the most important thing. The display panel technology covers a lot of things, including:

  • Resolution
  • Screen type
  • Refresh rate

So, while you are buying your Best 80-inch TV you must consider all of these things.

When you are selecting the screen, you need to go for at least 4K resolution. 8K will be better but it will make the price go high.

When it comes to the screen type, getting QLED or OLED will be your best decision. Any technology older than these will make the results not that crisp.

The refresh rate also makes your experience a lot better. In this case, getting a tv with a 120 Hz refresh rate will be the best choice.

Backend hardware capabilities

A TV that packs a display panel so well must be able to power that display panel with all that the panel needs.

If the processor is not right for the panel, then the panel will be unable to provide you with the best experience and crisp image quality.

So, you must look for a TV that comes with a powerful enough processor for the screen.

Connectivity and device compatibility

The next thing you need to look for is device connectivity and compatibility.

There are a lot of things that can be considered in this case and the most important ones are listed below:

  • Presence of at least 3 to 4 HDMI ports with one or 2 of them supporting HDMI 2.1 standards
  • Availability of optical audio output
  • Availability of LAN or Ethernet port in case of smart TV
  • Bluetooth supported for audio output
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for media playback

Checking the availability of all of these on your TV will be the best option.

Smart features

When it comes to having smart features, it is all about the operating system and assistant support for your tv.

So, the Best 80-inch TV that you are selecting must come with the latest android operating system or the smart tv operating system.

Having smart assistant support for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will bring even more value for you.

This check also includes looking for things like HDR support and Dolby features.

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Having an 80-inch tv in your lounge will provide you with the best experience. You can enjoy all sorts of shows and movies on the big screen without any hesitation.

You can even connect it with the sound system of your choice to have your home theater.

Not only that, it will also change your gaming experience. So, get the Best 80-inch TV of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Channels Are There On Premium Tv?

You can have as many channels as you want. It all depends on whether you are using a cable, dish, or any other network service.

Streaming platforms make the experience even better for you.

Can You Get Premium Streaming Services For Free On Best 80 Inch TV?

By using a universal or generic decoder it is possible to get free premium service for local channels.

There is no need for an encryption system or a slot for the smart card.

Is It Possible To Select A Channel When Streaming Content On Best 80 Inch TV?

All the local channels available are free of cost always. So, you have the freedom to watch any of the channels that you need.

How To Use The HDMI 2.1 Feature On The Best 80 Inch TV?

First, you need to look for the dedicated port then you need to connect the HDMI 2.1 hardware via the HDMI 2.1 wire.

The TV will then automatically detect the hardware and you will get the best experience.

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