8 Best 90 inch TV – Which is the best?

We usually see TV screens ranging from 32-inch to 55 or 65-inches in different places. The bigger ones in this range are considered to be in the premium category.

However, some manufacturers are producing screens even bigger than that.


#1 Winner of Best 90 Inch TV
“LG 4K Smart TV UHD”

Those are the screens that count in the premium category for huge tv screens, and they are not the perfect choice for every place.

So, if you are planning to get one of them you better plan where you are going to put them as they will need some space in your house.


What is the Best 90 inch TV?

What is the Best 90 inch TV?
What is the Best 90 inch TV?

This is the category of Televisions that are near to being 90 inches in size. There are not a lot of options available.

However, the ones available put others up to some serious competition making things harder for us to select the best one for you.

However, here we have had a closer look at all of the available options and selected the one that brings the best value, and here is the Best 90 inch TV that comes from LG. more on that later.

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The Best 90 inch TV options that you can go for.

The following are some of the Best 90 inch TV options that you can look for.

1. LG Z9 Signature TV – Best OLED Technology 90 inch TV

LG Z9 Signature TV
LG Z9 Signature TV

LG surely counts among the best television screen producers in the whole world and our winner for the Best 90 inch TV also comes from LG.

It is the TV that can bring the best experience for you. Whether it is enjoying your favorite thriller movies or having a fun night with your family and friends watching some sport this tv can be your perfect choice.

Apart from its gigantic screen, it ensures to bring all of the top-notch features to ensure an experience like no other available in the market.

Pros and Cons


  • Completely bezel-less design in a screen this huge
  • 8K resolution display with proper processors provides the best experience
  • Comes with all smart TV capabilities so that you can enjoy your time while watching content on this TV.


  • It is not the safe size to table mount this tv as it can fall over and get damaged.

What makes it better than others?

Although it is a 2019 model tv, it is still the best choice and the winner on our list. The reason is that it makes sure to bring all the premium features.

The screen resolution, the processing unit, the connectivity choices, Dolby technology, refresh rate, and whatnot.

This TV has all of these features in the best and the most premium manner.

On top of everything, the OLED Panel technology itself brings an experience like no other available in the market.

2. LG 4K Smart TV UHD – Best Ultra High Definition 90 inch TV

LG 4K Smart TV UHD
LG 4K Smart TV UHD

While 8K is not the best choice for everyone, some people are good to go with Ultra High Definition TV and that is where 4K becomes the best choice.

So, to top things up LG comes with this TV as one of their best products. Moreover, it stands second on our list of Best 90 inch TV choices for you.

It is again a smart Tv that brings the best hardware features as well as the best software features.

We can say that even if you get this one you will be enjoying a pretty luxurious experience as it is only a few inches smaller.

Pros and Cons


  • All of the connectivity options are available. So, you can connect wired internet and wireless speakers for the best experience.
  • 120 Hz super-fast refresh rate ensures the smoothest viewing experience.
  • Supports all the latest applications and streaming platforms so that you do not have to miss any of your favorite activities.


  • Some applications are not supported for installation on this TV

3. Samsung Q70A Smart TV – Best QLED Technology 90 inch TV

Samsung Q70A Smart TV
Samsung Q70A Smart TV

QLED technology is a retentively new technology in the television market, and it brings the budget down while not bringing a huge difference to the experience you have.

Samsung is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics producers and has several products with this technology and it is one of them.

This television brings the best experience of using Samsung’s QLED technology.

Pros and Cons


  • Alexa comes built-in so this will be an addition to your smart home.
  • Supports HDR for better and vibrant colors.
  • 120 Hz display technology brings an experience like no other


  • No option for connecting Bluetooth speakers or audio output via Bluetooth.

4. Samsung Crystal Class Smart TV – Best Crystal Technology 90 inch TV

Samsung Crystal Class Smart TV
Samsung Crystal Class Smart TV

Samsung’s Crystal technology is known for bringing an experience like no other. No matter how deep the details are, it will show you the picture in the best quality.

When this technology is paired with the best software and hardware features you get one of the Best 90 inch TV choices.

The Amazon’s Choice tag that comes along with this TV also ensures that you are getting a reliable product so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Pros and Cons


  • Smart remote makes using this TV pretty straightforward.
  • Alexa support means that this tv will be an addition to your smart home
  • Crystal 4K processor ensures that you get the best picture quality.


  • No options for having an audio output with Bluetooth technology.

5. Samsung Q80A 4K TV – Best Value for Money 90 inch TV

Samsung Q80A 4K TV
Samsung Q80A 4K TV

There is no better feeling than getting the best value for your money. Getting what you pay for brings peace of mind like no other thing and this TV does the same.

There are several TVs available in the market and this one brings some of the best features while staying in an 85-inch screen size keeping things pretty amazing.

Along with its QLED technology, it brings a 12X HDR feature that ensures the best processing on images is done for a better and purer 4K viewing experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Almost all of the online streaming platforms and applications are supported here to ensure entertainment for everyone.
  • Supports all the wired and wireless connectivity methods for internet and sound connectivity.
  • 120 Hz super-fast refresh rate ensures the smoothest viewing experience.


  • There are no cons to this TV.

6. TCL 85R745 4K UHD TV – Best Dolby Vision Technology 90 inch TV

TCL 85R745 4K UHD TV
TCL 85R745 4K UHD TV

Dolby Vision is known for making the tv experience better than ever because it provides a cinematic experience from the same content and the same screen technology.

The whole magic lies in the processing power and this TV comes packed with a lot of that magical processing power.

It packs a wide range of technologies to ensure that you get the best viewing experience according to the content that you are viewing.

There is Dolby vision, then there is HDR, then there is a 4K UHD screen. To top things up it comes with Roku Smart Tv internals to ensure all of your content is displayed.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports wireless and wired internet connectivity.
  • 120 Hz super-fast refresh rate ensures the smoothest viewing experience.
  • Roku TV ensures that you can stream all of your favorite content on this TV.


  • This TV does not come with an HDMI 2.1 port which is a huge con.

7. Sony Smart Dolby Vision TV – Best Full Array Technology 90 inch TV

Sony Smart Dolby Vision TV
Sony Smart Dolby Vision TV

Sony is known for bringing the best quality for its customers and it is one of the next examples of the best quality consumer products from Sony.

This TV packs Full Array backlight technology in it which makes sure that all of the screens get well-lit and equally lit for an even and uniform experience.

Apart from the screen, it packs all the smart features to ensure that there is good value packed in this tv for every customer who is looking for the Best 90 inch TV.

Pros and Cons


  • Smart TV with Google and Alexa support makes using and controlling it very easy
  • Comes with the deadly combination of HDR and Dolby Vision bringing out the best from everything played on it.
  • The display panel comes with a 120 Hz fast refresh rate for smoother action.


  • The remote control itself is not that smooth.

8. Samsung Q60A 4K TV – Best Budget-Friendly 90 inch TV

Samsung Q60A 4K TV
Samsung Q60A 4K TV

Sometimes staying within your defined budget is all that you want, and this is the Tv that brings most of the features in your desired size while keeping things budget-friendly.

Whether it is stunning display technology or software features all of them are present.

The cherry on the cake here is the 4K display resolution that makes things even better when using this TV

Pros and Cons


  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • The Quantum Processor 4K ensures the best output quality.


  • Does not support a 120 Hz refresh rate

Best 90 inch TV Buying Guide – Factors you need to consider

As you have come across our list of the best products in Best 90 inch TV category you can get confused.

So, to ensure that your confusion does not stay for long we will be sharing our buying guide with you.

In this way, you can make the best decision while looking for the Best 90 inch TV. So, here are the things that you must consider

Screen Resolution and technology

First of all, you need to check the resolution. 4K or above is better.

You also need to ensure that it is not the older technology, getting OLED or QLED is preferred as your investment will be future-proof.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate is the next thing you need to check. 60 Hz is the older technology and getting 120 Hz could be the better investment these days.

Connectivity options

Looking for Ethernet ports and the latest HDMI standards will bring more value. Bluetooth is also something you need to have on your TV.

Operating methodology

Always look for the smart tv options as they bring a lot more features than the standard TVs. Other than that, getting Android operating systems can depend on your preferences.

Size Requirements:

It is important that one must understand that how much size he needs for the TV.

If you want to have a luxury experience with a big screen, you should look for anything around about 90 inches.

Whether you choose a big size, you need to check the location of the TV installation too.

No matter if your room or lounge is small, you should avoid getting big sized TV.

It will work well if you have a wide rest area or a big room where you can experience a good view with a big Tv screen.

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Getting the right product for yourself can be a tricky thing. However, checking our top picks for you in the Best 90 inch TV category and the buyer’s guide can be very helpful for you.

So, whenever you are making the buying decision make sure to keep your requirements on the top so that you can make the best buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good Is The 3D Experience With The Best 90 Inch TV?

Although the TV can convert your 2D content into 3D, it will not be as good as the original 3D screens because the hardware there is different

How To Install Applications In The Best 90 Inch TV?

If your Tv supports installing applications, then you can search for the desired application and install it. Otherwise, you can look in the dedicated application marketplace. If some application is not supported for your TV, then it cannot be installed.

What Number Of HDMI Ports Is Good In The Best 90 Inch TV?

Having 3-4 ports is a good choice. 2 can be short if you need to use different devices with your TV. It is because it will keep you switching between devices which will not be convenient at all.

How Long Does The Best 90 Inch TV Last?

The expected life of the latest display panel technologies is about 100,000 watching hours. It is roughly equal to 11 years. However, depending on your watching time the quality will start degrading after some time.

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