5 Best 95 inch TV – Who is the Winner?

The 95 inch tv category comes in the latest screen technologies and offers the best experience along with excellent software features. So have a look at our guide on 5 Best 95 inch TV if you are planning to buy one for your house.

This guide includes TVs based on different features, audio, budget, etc. So let’s get started!

Why Should You Buy An 95-inch TV?


If you are planning to have a cinema-like room in your home, then you need something as big as the Best 95-inch TV.

With all the software and hardware features of such products, you will be getting an experience like never before.

The Best 95-inch TV is the one that comes under this size range while the main focus is not only on the size of the product.

Any product in this category can be called the best product only when it comes with all other features to maintain a better user experience as well.

The 5 Best 95 inch TV’s

Here are our 5 best options based on:

  1. Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV – Best 8K HDR
  2. Epson LS500 4K Pro-UHD TV – Best Smart Laser TV
  3. Sony Master 8K LED TV – Best Android Smart
  4. Samsung Neo QN90A QLED TV – Best Neo QLED Technology
  5. LG 3D Smart TV – Best 3D Technology

1. Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV – Best 8K HDR

Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV
Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV

Whatever product it is Samsung always makes sure to bring the best quality and the latest features in one package.

It is the reason why Samsung smartphones and Televisions have the best screens and overall features.

The best example of this phenomenon and our winner for the Best 95-inch TV category is this TV.

This is the TV that brings the best screen experience to your home or office, and it is done with the right combination of hardware technology and software technology.

With a screen size as big as 98-inches and the resolution being as crisp as 8K, this TV surely brings an experience like no other tv available on the market.

Pros and Cons


  • Q HDR 4000 display panel makes the whole screen super bright so huge crowds can enjoy whatever you watch.
  • The QLED technology ensures that the blacks and darks are as subtle as possible for an overall amazing experience.
  • Supports HDMI input at 120 HZ so it can be the perfect future-proof investment for gamers


  • Not the best choice if you are looking to table mount your TV as it is a delicate piece of technology.

What makes it a better choice than all the other options available.

It can get harder the more you think about it as this range is the premium range and not a lot of manufacturers have their steps in this range.

However, the few ones that are producing products in this category ensure to bring the best of the best so that their product is the favorite in this category.

Taking a look at the options that we have here, you will see that the best display technology, best connectivity and ports, best screen size, and whatnot.

This Tv comes with everything kept in mind while designing it.

It is the reason why it is the winner on our list and why it is a better choice in comparison with all the other options available here.

Our experience with the product

I am giving 4 out of 5 stars to this product. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with this item.

It is just that it is one of the best QLEDs in the market. I am satisfied with its results. There is one thing that might bother you because this flaw has been bothering many buyers.

The QLED has amazing brightness and picture quality, but the LCD TV is a bit problematic.

That blooming and quality when it comes to LCD TV are a bit low as compared to QLED. This is the only problem with this product, but everything else is simply amazing. 

Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV Unboxing 

2. Epson LS500 4K Pro-UHD TV – Best Smart Laser TV

Epson LS500 4K Pro-UHD TV
Epson LS500 4K Pro-UHD TV

Epson is also known for some premium quality products in the market, and it brings the best of the best when it comes to the 95-inch tv category.

The 95-inch TV category from Epson comes with whopping 100-inch screen size and all other amazing technology inside this thin product.

Although the display here does not bring the crystal clear 8K resolution, it comes with a 4K panel that also provides crisp image quality.

To ensure that the picture quality on this tv is as good as possible it comes with a 4000 Lumens technology that makes the screen uniformly lit.

Well, this Tv brings some other smart features as well.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with Smart Android TV operating system
  • This tv brings the reliability and premium experience with its amazingly bright display
  • The Screen size and technology bring a cinematic experience to your home


  • It does not support 8K resolution.

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3. Sony Master 8K LED TV – Best Android Smart

Sony Master 8K LED TV
Sony Master 8K LED TV

The next option on our list is another one from Sony, and this time, it is a 98-inch tv with an 8K screen resolution.

Well, that’s not all about this TV as it brings some amazing features like LED technology, Android Operating System, and on top of everything it comes with HDR technology that ensures a better image quality with vibrant colors according to the image type.

Pros and Cons


  • The backlight master drive technology from Sony makes it a highly clear tv
  • Acoustic Sound system featuring their multi-audio tech in this tv makes the sound experience the same as a cinema
  • Compatible with smart assistants like Alexa


  • Not the best choice for the gamers out there

4. Samsung Neo QN90A QLED TV – Best Neo QLED Technology

Samsung Neo QN90A QLED TV
Samsung Neo QN90A QLED TV

This is another one from Samsung with their Neo QLED technology.

This is the series that further enhances the QLED technology from Samsung making the experience even better.

With the mini-led technology, the darker and brighter are identified as amazing parts of the display regardless of what you are watching on the screen.

To support the best screen from Samsung, this TV comes with the Neo Quantum Processor 4K, which is specifically designed for this tv.

With the help of this hardware, this tv produces the best picture quality with 4K resolution on a 98-inch huge screen.

Pros and Cons


  • Object tracking sound technology makes listening to this tv like never before
  • Comes with built-in 4K tuners so all of your content is displayed in the best possible picture quality.
  • Comes with a Quantum HDR 32X display panel for a brighter and a clearer experience


  • No cons for this TV

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5. LG 3D Smart TV – Best 3D Technology

LG 3D Smart TV
LG 3D Smart TV

The last option on our list comes from LG. It is another 98-inch Tv that comes with a 4K resolution to provide a crystal clear viewing experience.

Unlike most televisions, it comes with 3D technology as well as an extremely high refresh rate. The 240 Hz refresh makes it supreme from all other options that one may look at.

The IPS panel with wide viewing angles adds to making things better and better. Apart from all that, this Tv comes packed with several features.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with an ultra-clarity effective index of 1560
  • Comes with the LG magic remote
  • There are all the connectivity options available on this Tv that you may be looking for.


  • This TV is built with technology from 2015 so it is not the best investment if you are looking for something future-proof.

If you want to buy a good TV, you should have general points that should work as a checklist for you before deciding the exact TV. Some of them are given below.


PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForResolutionVoice AssistantHDMI PortsRefresh Rate
Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV4.5/5$12,977.998K HDR8KAlexa4120Hz
Epson LS500 4K Pro-UHD TV4.4/5$3,899.99Smart Laser TV4K PRO-UHDGoogle Assistant260 Hz
Sony Master 8K LED TVN/A$9,189.99Android Smart8KAlexaN/A120Hz
Samsung Neo QN90A QLED TV4.5/5$12,997.99Neo QLED Technology4KBixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant4120Hz
LG 3D Smart TV 4/5$11,226.993D Technology4KN/A3240 Hz

What To Consider While Buying A Best 95-inch TV?

When you are looking to buy something this big you must know that it will be expensive.

And when you are making a huge investment, you must be making the best decisions that you can make.

This buying guide is all about making the best decisions. The first thing that you must consider is your requirements.

When considering your requirements, you must check the following factors.

The following are the necessary factors you need to check when buying the 95-inch TV.

Screen resolution, technology, and refresh rate

The screen is the first thing you need to check. Its resolution must be good to ensure this huge size stays clear. 4K or higher will be the perfect choice for you.

Similarly, you must go with the latest screen technologies like OLED or so. The last thing about the screen is the refresh rate.

It will be good If you get 120 Hz because the experience is a lot better this way.

Processor capabilities

The next one is the processor. It must be capable of providing the best quality images for the display panel to show.

If the processor is not capable of doing this, then your experience will not be great.

The processor also helps in long-term performance and your TV will not heat up easily. 

Operating system

In terms of the operating system, it is a better choice to go with Smart Tv.

Getting Android will also be better, but it depends on your requirements. Do not go with the standard tv choices as the future-proofing will not be better.

Connectivity options

The last thing you need to keep an eye on is the connectivity options.

Getting HDMI 2.1 ports, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth means that you can connect almost all of your external devices to your TV.

When you consider all of these according to your requirements you can check the products that fall under your budget.

General advice is to invest in something that comes with the reliability of future-proofing. Only in this way, you will be having the best experience.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 95-Inch TV?

The dimension of a 95-Inch tv has a height of 46 inches and width of 82.8 inches.

How much Does A 95-Inch TV Weigh?

A 95-Inch tv can weigh anywhere between 66-68 kgs.

How Far Should You Sit From 95-Inch TV?

You should sit 138-230 away from a 1080 p tv and 92-138 from a 4K tv.


Your experience and peace of mind matter the most when selecting something this big. So, by using our buying guide you can make the best decisions.

In any case, you can always check out the list we shared above for selecting one of the best products available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is HDMI 2.1 Necessary In Best 95 Inch TV?

Yes, it supports the better resolution and refreshes rate inputs from external sources like gaming consoles. So, it is necessary if you are looking for a future-proof investment.

Why Is Bluetooth Necessary For The 95 Inch TV?

It is a necessary feature as it lets you connect to sound solutions without messing up with wires.

Which Is The Preferred Refresh Rate For The 95 Inch TV?

Having a 120 Hz refresh rate on your TV is the best choice. It also depends on the size of the TV. 120 Hz works great for 96 inch TV.

Should You Consider The Power Consumption Before Buying A Tv?

No, most of the products these days are optimized for the best power efficiency.

You should not be worried about the electricity cost while getting a bigger TV. They won’t cost much extra.

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