5 Best AirPods Charger Of 2022

Looking for 5 Best AirPods Charger?

Apple recently released the new AirPods 3 in its unleashed 2022 even. The AirPods 3 are different from their other models because of their spatial audio support system and 3 D sound system.

It also holds MagSafe compatibility, which is unavailable in AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 versions.


Best the question raised here is, which wireless charger is best for AirPods? In this article, you can learn about the best wireless charger for your AirPods.

The important point that needs to be noted here is that wireless chargers are incompatible with generation 1 AirPods.

Also, if you have a wired charging case for your AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro, these are not compatible with your AirPods.

1. MagSafe Apple Charger:

MagSafe Apple Charger
MagSafe Apple Charger

These AirPods chargers are most convenient and easy to use, as they are officially designed for iPhone 12 and its related versions.

That’s why they work so well with smooth compatibility with your AirPods.

It has a spot-on design with a built-in magnetic system that easily snap adjusts your AirPods in the right place to charge them.

Its charging speed is 15W, due to which it is known as one of the fastest wireless chargers in the market.

They are AirPods chargers and are also compatible with iPhone devices and accessories like Apple Watch.

Its perk has a secure attach system; it is lightweight convenient, and its magnetic system makes it easy to use.

The only con of this charger is that you have to buy the power adopter separately. This charger is available to buy on amazon.

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2. Affordable YooTech Wireless charger:

Affordable YooTech Wireless charger
Affordable YooTech Wireless charger

Unlike other wireless chargers, YooTech is the most affordable. They are designed in dual orientation as you can charge you’re AirPods and iPhones in both landscapes and portrait modes.

These are the most user-friendly chargers out there because of their temperature control, short circuit prevention, and surge protection features.

It also includes the feature of being sleep-friendly, which means when your AirPods are on charge at night time, it will automatically turn off its light to prevent it from disturbing your sleep.  

It has a charging capacity of 7.5W. It also supports three different types of charging modes for iPhones too. Its big charging spot makes it comfortable to charge the device easily.

It comes with a lifetime replacement and money-back guarantee, and 12 hours of responding service.

The only cons that appear here with these chargers are that they heat up a little easier, and also have a short charging power cord.

3. MagSafe Belkin 2 in 1 charger:

MagSafe Belkin 2 in 1 charger
MagSafe Belkin 2 in 1 charger

This is one of the most versatile chargers in this list of chargers. These chargers are compatible with your AirPods and iPhone, 13 and their relative devices and Apple watches. The biggest benefit it holds is that you can charge two devices at a time on this charger.

This is known as the best alternative for Apple MagSafe chargers, but unlike Apple MagSafe, you also get a power adapter with it, which makes it more beneficial.

You can charge your phone in any orientation so that you can easily use watch videos or facetime on it while charging.

It gives a secure aligned connection and is also light in weight. It’s modern, and chromyl looks to make it an effortless charger. Besides all these features it also provides two years of warranty.

The only con it holds is that it has a weak magnetic alignment system. It is also available to buy on the Amazon site.

4. Nomad Base station multi-device charger:

Nomad Base station multi-device
Nomad Base station multi-device charger

With the Nomad base station hub, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It has a very modern and sleek design and highly functioned to design four devices simultaneously.

It has the 10W charging capacity to charge your AirPods and comes with two extra ports of USB-A and USB-C, with which you can also connect and power on game controllers, media players, and many other devices.

This also holds an ambient light sensor which automatically dims lights at night. It is covered in padded leather, which makes it look sophisticated.

The whole surface of this charger is designed as a charging space, due to which it becomes more convenient and easy to use.

It also holds three ultimate high power providing coils. Its main cons are that it is more convenient with big phones and the most expensive one among all chargers. It is also easily available to buy on Amazon. 

5. Anker built-in fan wireless charger

Anker built-in fan wireless
Anker built-in fan wireless charger

These model chargers are designed with built-in fans to prevent your AirPods and iPhones from heating. It also holds 18 months warranty and also a user-friendly case design.

It has 4 feet long micro USB cable and easily supports charging through charging cases. It has an output capacity of 7.5W for iPhones and 5W for your AirPods. 

Its anti-slip surface and LED indicators make it look cooler. It shows green color light to indicate a charger is not supporting your device, and blue indicates that your device is charging.

The disadvantage this charger holds is that it is not compatible with MagSafe. Check this charger on Amazon to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which charger is mostly used to charge AirPods 1?

The charging case of AirPods has a port to charge it on its bottom, which can only connect with a lightning cable. It is the same charger we use for our iPhones and iPads.

Can we charge AirPods generation 1 with a wireless charger?

No, the 1st generation of AirPods is not compatible with wireless chargers. You have to get basic iPhone chargers to charge your generation 1 AirPods charging case.

Which is the charger used to charge AirPods Pro?

USB type C holding lightning cable can be used to charge AirPods Pro. The USB-C is most compatible with your AirPods, iPhones, and iPads; they get charged most fast when connected to USB-C with a lightning cable.

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