5 Best Apple Backgrounds In 2022

Looking for bets apple backgrounds? Then look no more!

The background is what we set the Wallpaper for our phone’s home and lock screens. This reflects our personality, preferences, and choices.

We set those things as our backgrounds, making us happy whenever we look at them.

Some people set their pictures or the pictures of their loved ones as a background screen so that whenever they feel down in the middle of a tiring day or at the end of it, they look at it for several seconds to refresh them and to make themselves happy and motivated to keep going.

It is advised to some people who are so busy in life should take some time to set the animated background of something which motivates them the most, so that at least in this busy life they can take a look and live some moments of peace, happiness, and calmness in their busy day. 

Best Apple Backgrounds
Best Apple Backgrounds

Your phone is one of your very personal stuff; every person has their way of designing or decorating it internally and externally.

Setting good apple backgrounds is one way to design your phone internally. You can keep your home screen and lock screen in a fresh look by setting positive and fresh-looking apple wallpapers.

Several apps are developed to provide the users with the best wallpapers according to their taste, choice, and personality.

These include many beautiful nature sceneries, quotes, animations, graphics, and live wallpapers. 

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Best Background Wallpapers of Apple of All Time:

From the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has released much iconic Wallpaper in their flagship device.

All of these Wallpaper, whether they are the background for home or lock screen used for extensive marketing or iOS wallpapers, are graceful and memorable in their ways.

Apple always amazes its users with something extraordinary, and their background wallpapers are no exceptional case.

Some of Apple’s most amazing and memorable wallpapers of all time are described below.

1. Water drops glassApple Background

Water drops glass - Apple Backgrounds
Water drops glass

So this is the Wallpaper used in iPhone 4 as the default background. This was the first image used as the default for Home Screen; as in previous versions of iOS, there was no option to change the background on the home screen; this option was only available for the lock screen.

This image showed the retina capabilities for the iPhone model 4, and it is the most nostalgic Wallpaper for iPhone users from the very beginning.

2. Cloudy Night Sky Apple Background

Cloudy Night Sky - Apple Backgrounds
Cloudy Night Sky

This was the default background for iOS version 7. IOS 7 was one of the major designs of Apple Software.

That’s why it is so notable. iPhone 7 was a big revolution for Apple company, so they used this living and dynamic Wallpaper of cloudy night sky as their default background for this model’s home and lock screen.

And it’s still very special in the memories of many usual iPhone users as it was a big change in the conventional behavior of the company. It represents the element of enlightenment and liveliness.

3. Blue Marble

Blue Marble
Blue Marble

So this one was the first image used in the very early first models of the iPhone as the default one.

Many people still believe that it was the clownfish image used as the first Wallpaper because it was used to market the iPhone’s first models.

Still, if you do research, you will get to know that in actuality, it was earth in the dark named as blue marble, which was used as the actual default lock screen background for iPhone early models.

4. ClownFish


This was the first image displayed on the first demo model of the iPhone when Steve Jobs unveiled it for the first time.

This is not specifically symbolizing anything; it’s just the image of a clownfish passing through the sea anemones.

This is among the most iconic and memorable wallpapers of the iPhone. But as the image was used mostly for marketing purposes, it was never actually available for the consumers of iOS devices.

5. Lake with Mountains

Lake with Mountains
Lake with Mountains

This beautiful scenario image of lakes next to mountains in the smooth evening sky was the first-ever image shown on an iPad.

It was an image displayed as background wallpaper on the demo model of the iPad when Steve Jobs announced the device in 2010.

This image is also considered unique and memorable, like the Clownfish image, but despite its versatility, it is still not as famous.

IT is also considered an integral part of the marketing history of iOS devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I change the home screen background on my iPhone?

Open the setting app of your iPhone, go in setting and tap on Wallpaper, then tap to choose new Wallpaper. Choose the image from the dynamics wallpapers, live wallpapers, or from images of yours on the device. Then select the image and choose display mode. Then set Wallpaper and choose whether you want to make it appear on your iPhone’s home screen or lock screen background.

How can I fit a picture in my iPhone Background?

Open the app setting and go to the “Wallpaper” option. Tap to choose new Wallpaper. Choose the image you want to set as the background on the choosing screen. Now pinch on the screen to zoom in or out to adjust the image to the size of the screen or the way you want to display it on the background screen of your iPhone.

How to customize the home screen of my iPhone free of cost?

First of all, launch the widget app on your iPhone and then customize the widget by choosing all tools available. Then tap and hold anywhere on your home screen, the apps will start jiggling. Then, tap on the (+) sign in the top right corner. The widget library will open, select and choose the widget you want to add and use your preferred size, then tap on add widget, and it will be added to your home screen.

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