10 Best Bunk Bed with Desk in 2022

A conventional bunk bed has two mattresses on each side. One is on top, and the other is at the bottom of the pile.

Bunk beds with futons and tables may be able to conserve room for single children. Bunk Bed with a Desk can give you a lot of options in your room.

#1 Winner of Best Bunk Bed with Desk

“L-Shaped Loft Bunk Bed”


What Is A Bunk Bed With Desk?

Best Bunk Bed with Desk
Best Bunk Bed with Desk

Unlike a bunk bed, a loft bed has no lower bunks. This frees up floor space for other items, such as a built-in desk that may be attached to the bed.

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Top 10 Bunk Bed with Desk list you need to look at:

Below are some of the top Bunk Bed with Desk options you need to look at.

1. L-Shaped Loft Bunk Bed – Best Twin Bunk Bed with Desk

L-Shaped Loft Bunk Bed 
L-Shaped Loft Bunk Bed 

The L-shaped bunk bed with a desk has a clean and basic style that emphasizes the bed’s charm and simplicity.

In addition to sleeping, you can also use this bunk bed for work. As a bonus, it provides you with a wider range of design possibilities for your ideal bedroom.


  • It comes in two parts: a set of assembly instructions and a set of hardware.
  • The object is 15.9 x 15.9 x 11.7 inches in size.
  • The item’s weight is 29.1 pounds.
  • Pine and plywood are the primary building materials for these beds.

Pros And Cons


  • Children will have plenty of room to study with a loft bed and desk.
  • This is because the daybed is not attached to a loft bed and can thus be placed anywhere you want it to go.
  • Pinewood is used in the construction of this bunk bed to provide long-term strength and durability.


  • It takes time for assembly.

Why is this product better than others?

This L-shaped bunk bed with a desk enhances the beauty of the bed thanks to its clean and straightforward design.

Make your ideal bedroom even more distinctive by using this bunk bed for both sleeping and working.

This intelligently designed bunk bed maximizes space in a bedroom by mixing sleeping, studying, working, and pleasure into one area.

2. DHP Loft Bunk Beds – Best Metal Frame Bunk Bed with Desk

DHP Loft Bunk Beds
DHP Loft Bunk Beds

It is a good idea to glance up since space is expensive. The DHP studio loft bed maximizes the space in your house by using the walls.

For books, computers, and photo frames, the DHP studio loft bed has four shelves. In addition, it includes a workstation with four shelves.


  • Storage shelves line both sides of the room in a large study area. Any youngster or teen’s room would benefit greatly from this piece of art.
  • You will require a 75-by-39-inch mattress.
  • It is possible to utilize a mattress up to six inches thick.
  • In this situation, the maximum allowed weight is 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

Pros And Cons


  • All that is required is a straightforward design. No further support is required.
  • Rails and metal slats are used to hold objects in place and secure.
  • Dorm rooms, kids’ rooms, and spare rooms may all benefit from these bunk beds.


  • Those that recycle have to put forth a bit more effort.

3. DHP Miles Loft Bed with Desk – Best Blue Meta Bunk Bed with Desk l

DHP Miles Loft Bed with Desk
DHP Miles Loft Bed with Desk

The DHP Miles Metal Loft Bed with Desk is a great way to conserve space in a small room.

The clean-cut design of this bed frame gives it a contemporary industrial look that looks well in any space.

Strong metal construction and a basic design make it a versatile addition to any home.

An in-built ladder makes climbing and descending this loft bed simple and safe.


  • In order to keep the kid secure, the top bunk contains 14 metal slats that are firmly in place “guardrails that extend the whole length of the building.
  • 55.5″ wide by 72″ high 
  • There is a weight restriction of 300 pounds in the bed. 
  • You are limited to 130 pounds of weight at the workstation.
  • Everything you need comes in a single package, making assembly a breeze. It measures 83 “L x 20 “W x 7 “H when it comes to shipping 

Pros And Cons


  • A strong and elegant industrial style is conveyed via a clean metal frame. There is a lot of metal in this chair.
  • This is a great concept for a kid’s or teen’s room since it maximizes the use of available square footage. 
  • A built-in desk serves as both a place to store and access additional goods. 
  • Because the frame is 58 mm broad, “under-bed storage” is available.


  • It is critical to always purchase from the official website to avoid falling victim to knockoffs.

4. Timothee Urban Industrial Metal Bunk Bed by Walker Edison – Best for comfort Bunk Bed with Desk

Timothee Urban Industrial Metal Bunk Bed by Walker Edison
Timothee Urban Industrial Metal Bunk Bed by Walker Edison

Your child’s room will benefit from this bunk bed with a desk since it includes a twin-sized bed below.

The desk makes it convenient for children to do their schoolwork since it provides them with a private, distraction-free space in their bedroom.

With a laptop or computer keyboard tray that folds out. You will find bookcases and other study aids on both sides of the desk.


  • It is 71″ high and 42″ broad in this loft. 
  • While a twin bed may support up to 200 pounds, only two fixed shelves can.
  • Fits most standard twin beds.
  • We recommend mattresses with a thickness of 5 to 9 inches.

Pros And Cons


  • The ladder and guardrails were installed.
  • Everything about a ship is custom-made to order.
  • The mattresses in this hotel are excellent.
  • Slightly smaller than a baseball.


  • Due to the lack of natural light, some individuals have to utilize LED strip lights.

5. Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Guard Rail and Ladder -Best Wood Bunk Bed with Desk

Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Guard Rail and Ladder
Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Guard Rail and Ladder

For the bedroom of your adolescent, choose the Harlan Loft Bed with Desk. Because of its modest footprint, it is a favorite with parents and teenagers.

In addition to a place to sleep, this loft bed has a spacious, useful work area underneath.


  • The finished product’s measurements are as follows: 78.75 “It measures in at W x 63.5 D x 72 H in overall proportions.
  • The desk measures 23.5 inches in length.
  • There is a 100-pound restriction on how much you may purchase at the counter.
  • The bed is capable of supporting a weight of 165 pounds.
  • The manufacturer offers one-year guarantee.

Pros And Cons


  • Oak is used to make the frame of this classic twin loft bed, which is quite durable.
  • Thanks to the built-in workstation and the robust ladder, it is safe to climb.
  • Structural supports and full-length guardrails have been built to withstand the rigors of daily use for many years.
  • Created for twin-sized mattresses that are typically rectangular in form.
  • A box spring is not necessary.


  • Things take longer in the customer service department.

6. Best Design Bunk Bed with Desk: Metal Twin Size Loft Bed Frame with Stairs

Metal Twin Size Loft Bed Frame with Stairs
Metal Twin Size Loft Bed Frame with Stairs

In our childhood fantasies, we all wished for a home with the furnishings we loved most and to decorate it as we pleased.

Our company, SHA CERLIN Metal, may assist you in raising the market worth of your home.


  • It consists of both metal and plastic.
  • It is dark in color.
  • The maximum weight you should carry is 400 pounds.

Pros And Cons


  • Full-length guardrails provide added security at the top of the upper bed.
  • Using the plastic buckle design, the slats may be kept in place, reducing the slat sliding noise.
  • You can fit a television, tables, and chairs beneath the bed.
  • Choose a 400-pound-capable square bed frame to increase the bed’s durability.


  • To assemble this table, you will need at least two individuals.

7. Max and Lily Bookshelf: Desk Loft Bed – Best for kids Bunk Bed with Desk

Max and Lily Bookshelf: Desk Loft Bed
Max and Lily Bookshelf: Desk Loft Bed

Add a tall loft to your child’s room to make it more appealing. Your kid will love these lofts since they are beautiful, space-saving, and exciting for them.

Larger High Lofts with Bookcases and Wraparound Desks and Shelves are also available, as well as smaller ones that are twin-sized.

To create the ideal study space, just add our desk to your High Loft or High Loft with a Bookcase.


  • Children and adults alike may rest well knowing that the beds are sturdy and secure. Metal support bars hold solid-wood slats in position with a clamping force.
  • 81.5 inches long by 59.5 broad by 68 inches high is the overall dimensions of the mattress. The mattress is 81.5 inches long, 42 inches broad, and 68.5 inches high in real life.
  • It is 51.5 inches tall, which is about average for a bed.
  • When you install the ladder, it may be positioned on either side of the wall. 

Pros And Cons


  • There are a total of 68.5 inches of height to this structure.
  • This bed’s structure is constructed entirely of solid New Zealand pine wood. Safe, long-lasting finish that does not include a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Head and footboards have slats, and the hardware matches the rest of the furniture’s color.
  • The desk features a separate study area and can be rotated for comfort.


  • An abundance of effort is required to deal with this issue.

8. Twin Loft Bed – Best Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Desk

Twin Loft Bed
Twin Loft Bed

For a bedroom upgrade, this loft bed is an excellent choice. It is not only a place to sleep, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

The lacquer finish and high-quality timber and MDF used in the construction of the frame allow it to support the additional weight.


  • Each square is 42.7 × 42.7 x 42.7 inches in size. 
  • A 72.9×28.8-inch bed with slats is available (The grey mattress is included with the purchase.)
  • A measurement of 68.8 centimeters
  • 220 lb. maximum weight load

Pros And Cons


  • For a long period, the furniture’s ivory lacquer finish will keep it bright and new-looking.
  • With this bunk bed, your kids will have a space to do their homework.
  • Slats are used to distribute the mattress’s weight so that the bed remains solid and secure every day. Because of the pinewood construction and the meticulous polishing, it will resist deterioration, scratching, and other forms of early damage.
  • Putting it all together is a snap, thanks to the pieces and fittings being sequentially numbered.


  • It is difficult to assemble.

9. White Kupet L-Shaped for Teens -Best Space Bunk Bed with Desk

White Kupet L-Shaped for Teens
White Kupet L-Shaped for Teens

Kids will have a lot of room to study with the kupet loft bed and desk. It does not matter whether one is going to use the room for anything else.

Integrated designs are popular with parents because it maximizes space use, allowing for more room for additional furniture to complete the look of your ideal bedroom décor.


  • 125.54 pounds is the total weight of the item.
  • On top of that, there are another 250 pounds.
  • Your mattress should not be thicker than six inches.

Pros And Cons


  • Kids will have a lot of room to study with the kupet loft bed and desk.
  • When you are not present, the function allows you and your visitors to have their own private area.
  • The top bunk bed’s high guard rails will deter children from escaping.
  • Your children’s room will look great for years to come if you pick the right color scheme.


  • The bunk is sent in two boxes, each of which will need a significant amount of time to assemble.

10. Merax Twin Merax Wooden Loft Bed in Gray – Best Budget Bunk Bed with Desk

Merax Twin Merax Wooden Loft Bed in Gray 
Merax Twin Merax Wooden Loft Bed in Gray 

In terms of design, this loft bed with a desk is a sleek, minimalistic bed frame that works well with a wide range of decors.

You can use pinewood slats to keep the bed in place. For a long time, it will be here to stay.


  • Length: 76.2″ width: 62.4″ height: 69.5 “high
  • It is best to check out the Size picture for further product details.
  • The object weighs 100 pounds in total weight.
  • Mattresses with a thickness of 6″ to 8″ are the finest option.

Pros And Cons


  • The design of this beautiful loft bed is basic and straightforward.
  • Wood and MDF used in this bed provide a sturdy but friendly area that is ideal for sleeping.
  • Using the space beneath the loft bed, a built-in desk provides a quiet area for work or play. Storage, seats, or other design components may still be included beneath the loft bed.
  • It comes with two ladders. It is easily useable in any direction due to the ladders. 


  • This is not a cheap item.

Consider The Following When Purchasing A Bunk Bed With A Desk:

For youngsters who have to share a room, they are a nice option. As an additional option, consider bunk beds.

Many different types of bunk beds are available. Bunk beds that are suitable for your family’s requirements are easy to come by.

The Amount of Room Available

You should also consider the room’s size while making your decision concerning bunk beds.

Take some measurements in order to determine the number of beds that will fit in the space. Additionally, the arrangement of the bunk beds will play a part. 

If the top and bottom beds are near to one other, a bunk bed with two twin beds atop each other will maximize the available space in a compact room. You will have more options if you have a larger space.

Is it a short or extended period of time?

You may utilize this information, for example, whether you want to use bunk beds for a short or extended period of time.

Children will still share a room in the near future, but would you purchase bunk beds for a second room to accommodate them?

For a fraction of the cost, metal bunk beds are often preferable to wood bunk beds. 

You can move bed frames that are lighter easily if a room’s layout changes or when bunk beds are no longer required.

Thus this is a smart choice. In the near term, metal-framed bunk beds are less costly and an excellent option.

Safety on the roof of a bunkhouse

It is a good idea to make sure the top bunk is firmly attached when you purchase bunk beds.

When it comes to a fall, those who sleep on the top bunk are more likely to do so than those who sleep in lower positions.

There must be guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. Guardrails keep children in their beds while they fall asleep.

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With bunk beds, you may maximize the amount of space in your bedroom.

When you purchase bunk beds, there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind.

You may know about one component, while another may provide you with fresh knowledge.


What does "loft" signify in a bedroom?

The “Open Loft Area” gets its name from its open layout. Loft bedrooms are normally located on the top level of a home or apartment, and they are usually accessed through a stairwell or fixed ladder. Underneath, the bedroom’s furnishings can be clearly seen.

What is the most typical size for twin beds?

Size-wise, a twin mattress is 75″ x38″. Twin beds are the most popular style of bed seen in children’s rooms and in the lodgings of visitors. For bunk beds, this length is ideal. Because a twin mattress is not broad enough for two people to sleep side by side, it is not suitable for sharing.

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