10 Best Camping Heaters Of 2022

If you are going camping at a place that has chilly weather then you should get one of these 10 Best Camping Heaters today!

At home, we use heating on-floor and under-floor heating systems to keep our homes warm; similarly, 

We need a camping heater to stay warm outside our home.

Snowfall makes you feel excited and allows you to enjoy beautiful weather but it is not possible most of the time and you need a heat source to keep your camp warm.

Camping heaters are portable that you can easily carry with you and use for keeping your camp warm in cold weather. 

So let us have a look at these heaters now.

Why Should You Buy a camping heater?


A camping heater is a portable heater built for people who are going on a trip to a chilly place.

The companies that manufacture the camping heaters consider all possibilities to bring relief to you by making its size, adjustability, and heat capacity up to the mark. 

They use different materials to build well-suited camping heaters portable with fuel and advanced safety levels.

You can buy these heaters for you or can buy them as a gift for your friends, family, or loved ones who enjoy doing outdoor camping. 

Best Camping Heaters

Here are our 10 best options based on:

1. Mr. Heater F232000 – Best quality

Mr. Heater F232000
Mr. Heater F232000

It is the best quality heater among all other camping heaters as it is best at producing heat and at quickly warming up the surrounding.

It can even accelerate heat in open areas. 


  • It warms up to 225 square feet area easily. 
  • It has an easy-grip handle
  • It does have heavy-duty wire guards to avoid any accident. 
  • You can switch its modes from low to high and high temperature. 
  • The fuel consumption of this heater is good as it can spend more than 5 hours running slow. 

Pros and Cons


  • This camping heater is safe for outdoor and indoor use.
  • It can generate the best heating outcome. 
  • It consumes very low fuel but makes the camp very much warm 
  • It can sense if the oxygen level is lacking in your camp.  


  • The knob of this heater sometimes gets stuck in, which is dangerous as you can get fire if not turned off when you do not need it anymore. 

Why is it better than other camping heaters?

These camping heaters are best for their heating mechanism with low use of fuel.

It is best at sensing the oxygen level inside the camp so that you can turn it off when you feel it is exceeding the limit.

The best thing I like about Mr. Heater F232000, when it detects a low oxygen level, its automatic oxygen sensor disconnects or turns it off. 

Our Experience With The Product

I would like to share my experience with this heater. I am a homeless person, and I have a dog with me.

The weather was getting chilly, and we badly needed heather. So I ended up buying this product. It worked great for me.

The weather dropped to 30f outside, and I have to get up at night to turn this heather off because it makes the environment extra warm for both of us.

So, if you are looking for a camping heater, then you can think about considering this product. It might work for you too because it worked for me and for my dog too.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Review Video

2. 500-Watt Ceramic Heater – Best compact

500-Watt Ceramic Heater
500-Watt Ceramic Heater

500- Watt Ceramic heater is the best portable compact camping heater that you can use in your room for warming up your feet by placing it under the table.

This little companion is also useful on the camping site but it needs electricity to work.


  • This camping heater comes in different colors like black, blue, gray, and whitish silver color. 
  • It is the best camping heater as you can place it anywhere even at a table. 
  • It contains ceramic coils that can heat up quickly and warm up your outdoor camp.
  • It has a tip over protection that means it will turn off when the camp is warmed enough. 

Pros and Cons


  • Quickly heat the space
  • Low weight and small in size
  • Available in aesthetic 4 colors


  • One thing I find bad in a 500-Watt Ceramic heater that is cool to touch for replacing or checking the heat as the grill is closer to the hot coil that keeps it hot too. 

3. Mr. Heater 215100 MH4B – Best safety

Mr. Heater 215100 MH4B

It is the best safe and secure camping heater that you can use in your cars and camps as well. It uses the mechanism of radiation to warm the outdoor camp.

This portable camping heater uses propane fuel to release heat radiations just like the fan. 


  • It can turn around like a pedestal fan and accelerate heat throughout the room or the camp of about 95 square feet. 
  • It is best at safe heat accelerating as it will automatically turn off when it senses any danger like overheating.
  • It has an oxygen sensor as well and maintains it by tripping off when observing low oxygen levels. 
  • It also has a plastic handle at the back to make sure it has a safe and easy grip on it. 

Pros and Cons


  • Does not produce a bad smell as other heaters do after using propane as fuel
  • Versatile in use like on hunting, camping, ice fishing, and many other outdoor activities 
  • It weighs very low as you can easily carry it in your back pocket when traveling 


  • It consumes more propane but produces less heat energy as compared to other good-quality camping heaters. 

4. HEYPORK Propane-Butane Heater – Best economical

HEYPORK Propane-Butane Heater
HEYPORK Propane-Butane Heater

This heater is a 2 in 1 heater as the name indicates it can use liquid petroleum and gas as well to produce heat energy.

It contains a cylinder at the base to store liquid patrol or gas that you can consume for hours and if wisely used, it will run for days. 


  • This heater has a fan-like look. 
  • The best economical camping heaters are HEYPORK propane butanes as they do have a tank that can carry butane gas of about 450 grams easily and provide economical heat even when you are away from your home.
  • Its heat controlling valve allows you to set the temperature as per the weather requirement from low to medium to high. 
  • It is removable and can be fixed over the liquid propane tank or a long liquid cylinder to convert the fuel for producing heat energy.

Pros and Cons


  • It does not add pollution to the environment 
  • It is quite much easy to use with the cost-efficient fuel source
  • Its steel net protects accidental burns


  • Can cause a fire if you do not notice and turn it off when heat explodes

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5. Campy Gear Wiry 13000 BTU – Best dual functioning

Campy Gear Wiry 13000 BTU
Campy Gear Wiry 13000 BTU

These camping heaters are diversely used for multiple purposes like you can use them as a heater and a stove as well.

The manufacturer has designed its structure nicely for camping purposes. It is easy to connect whether with a propane tank or heater unit. 


  • Its dual function distinguishes it from other camping heaters. You can use it as a heater or stove both any time by switching to a propane tank. 
  • Its cage is well designed to bear the cooking pots of 12 to 15 inches. 
  • It also has an automatic Oxygen sensor that shuts off when observing low oxygen levels. 
  • It comes with a color variety of navy blue, green, taupe, and orange. 

Pros and Cons


  • The knob for controlling the temperature is much more flexible and easier to operate
  • You can switch from just heat to cooking mode just by twisting the knob two to three times.
  • There is no need to use lighter or matches because of spark ignition.
  • Distributes heat evenly in a radius of 360 degrees. 


  • Plastic knob creates problems sometimes when switching on Campy Gear Wiry 13000 BTU camping heater. 

6. BLUU Propane 20000 BTU Heater – Best thermostat

BLUU Propane 20000 BTU Heater
BLUU Propane 20000 BTU Heater

BLUU propane 20,000 BTU is the best thermostat heater that can control the temperature itself by automatic temperature controlling mechanism. 


  • It is the best thermostat portable heater having a propane tank and hot air blower.
  • BLUU propane 20,000 BTU has an automatic security system just like other heaters to turn it off on low oxygen levels. 
  • You can control the temperature by using a plastic knob. 
  • Propane availability of BLUU propane 20,000 BTU is enough for2 to 5 hours depending upon the temperature you have fixed on it. If higher, it will take 2 hours, if lower it will take more than 5 hours. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is a double secure heater due to a heavy-duty grill to avoid any burn and automatic shut off to prevent a more dangerous environment around you.
  • It is a longer running heater that you can use indoors and outdoors as it does not cause harmful gas to be released.


  • Not a wide range of heat it can give in outdoor activities like during snow fish hunting. 

7. 1500-Watt Oscillating Ceramic Heater – Best adjustable

1500-Watt Oscillating Ceramic Heater
1500-Watt Oscillating Ceramic Heater

This 1500-Watt oscillating ceramic heater is the best adjustable camping heater with multiple features supporting outdoor demand. 


  • There is a choice of two colors black or silver.
  • Automatic turning on the light indicates the heater is on after you have plugged in.
  • The consumer can use it in turns of low, high, or simple fan mode. 

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with one year warranty 
  • A heat-resisting handle helps you to carry it anywhere even when it is hot. 


  • It is not good to be used in humid places like the bathroom.

8. Campy Gear Chubby Stove Camp Heater – Best fast heating

Campy Gear Chubby Stove Camp Heater
Campy Gear Chubby Stove Camp Heater

This heater is the best fast heating heater as its round big heating filament in the center that allows equal distribution of heat all around.


  • It produces fast heat that is best for families living in Northeastern areas or doing outdoor activities in cold weather. 
  • A 2 in 1 heater serves both purposes to keep you warm and allows you to cook delicious food.
  • Dual function handle is also attached with it to aid you in changing the mode

Pros and Cons


  • You can adjust a cylinder after opening the setting by removing the hood.
  • The dual function handle helps you to ignite the stove and change the vent mode as well. 
  • It has consistent performance for long periods


  • Can produce a huge amount of carbon monoxide gas that needs to be detected if you are using this heater in a non-ventilating area 

9. Metkiio Space Heater – Best Utility

Metkiio Space Heater
Metkiio Space Heater

This heater is the most efficient, little but smart camping heater also facilitates you during cold weather.

Its small size allows you to take it anywhere as a compatible device. 


  • This space heater is designed on the principle of keeping things under control in cozy cold weather by following three modes of heating: high temperature, the medium temperature of blowing cool air. 
  • It’s PTC ceramic technology provides the best safety concerns for the consumer as it turns off the heating system when the camp gets more than warm enough. 
  • It produces fast heat and spreads it up to 70 degrees Celsius within a few seconds. 
  • Its shape is just like a portable radio, small in size that makes it easy to carry it anywhere. 

Pros and Cons


  • Compatible; low weight and small in size
  • Produces maximum heat till 167 degrees temperature
  • Perfect vintage style


  • It gives a loud sound when operating 

10. HOTaitai Portable Heater – Best dual fuel

HOTaitai Portable Heater
HOTaitai Portable Heater

This protable heater is the best dual fuel heater. It can better consume the fuel either liquid petroleum or gas.

This adorable black-colored heater is best for outdoor camping purposes due to its infrared heating material. 


  • This camping heater is best for providing quick heat just after turning on the gas supply. 
  • You can better enjoy camping by staying warm and making your coffee on ths heater at the same moment.
  • It has the best turning ability that makes it user-friendly as you can turn it as you need at 90◦.

Pros and Cons


  • You can easily move it by having some fuel for it. 
  • You do not need electricity to use it to make your room warmer. 
  • One year warranty 
  • Safest heater as it is CE certified. 


  • Produces smell like something is burning.  

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PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForHeating MethodPower SourceWattageReachBTU
Mr. Heater F2320004.7/5$69.97QualityRadiantPropaneN/A225 sq. ft.4,000-9,000
500-Watt Ceramic Heater4.5/5$18.99Compact SizeCeramicCorded Electric500WN/AN/A
Mr. Heater 215100 MH4B4.5/5$68.11SafetyRadiantGas PoweredN/A95 sq. ft.3800
HEYPORK Propane-Butane Heater3.8/5$29.99EconomicalN/AGas PoweredN/AN/AN/A
Campy Gear Wiry 13000 BTU4.4/5$109.90Dual FunctioningN/APropaneN/AN/A13000

What To Keep In Mind While Buying camping heaters?

When buying camping heaters you should look at the features that can add a plus point to your purchase and camping at a cold hill station.

So, the following are features that need your attention before you spend your money. 

  • Dual (2 in 1) nature

All camping heaters do not have the same features as some of them serve just for heating the camp while some can also facilitate you like a stove for cooking purposes. 

Dual camping heaters work properly with propane and butane fuel.

So, preferring a camping heater with dual function is better as you can prepare fresh dinner for you while warming your camp as well.

You can carry petrol with you in a bottle of cane in case gas is over.

  • Safe use 

The most important thing you need to look for is safety. You should look at the material used in camping heaters and also go with the broad bottom.

You need to look for the valve or switch for proper turning on and off the fuel supply and ignition process. 

  • Adjustable

You should look for a camping heater with an adjustable temperature mode. It will help you to set the temperature as per the temperature change.  

  • Heating capacity 

You should look for the maximum temperature it can raise in cold weather and how much it ranges in heating capacity especially if choosing an electric camping heater.

Heater manufacturers do provide a range of heat output that can vary to the height of the camp.

So, before buying a camping heater, take an idea about the height of the tent you will be used for camping. 

  • Size 

The last but most important feature you should consider while buying camping heaters is size.

You should go with small size and low weight camping heaters as it is easy to carry small camping heaters on camping. 

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Camping heaters are the best companions for outdoor camping when it gets too cold outside and some are even good for hot weather as they have the facility of a fan too.

So, you can choose one of these best 10 camping heaters fulfilling your need. 


Do Fuel Containers Or Cylinders Come With A Camping Heater?

No, you need to buy small butane or propane cylinders separately. But some do have a small empty round base cylinder which you can use for filling a propane.

Are All Camping Heaters Dual In Nature And Give Fast Heat?

No, all camping heaters are not dual in nature. Usually, camping heaters serve the consumer just for heating purposes but some are brilliantly serving as stoves for cooking purposes.

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