5 Best Fast Charger For iPhone In 2022

Looking for best fast chargers for iphone? We got you!

Apple has done many controversial things, which many people don’t like but removing the charger from the iPhone box is the most controversial thing.

5 Best Fast Charger For iPhone
5 Best Fast Charger For iPhone

It is a great idea to choose the fast charger to enjoy speed if you have the latest device.

In the market, they have many options, but in this article, we’ve chosen the best for you. Chargers for iPhones that are safe, durable, and efficient.

Some have the additional USB-A port, but all have USB-C ports. iPhone 8 has a fast-charging system and then works best with the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and 13. You can decide which charger suits you in this article.

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Best Fast Charger For iPhone

1. Apple 20W power adapter: Editor’s choice

Apple 20W power adapter
Apple 20W power adapter

The first charger in this list is called Apple 20W power adapter. This is the charger editor’s choice. You can enjoy efficient and fast charging at work and home.

This charger is for iPhone 8 and iPhones that came after iPhone 8. And also for iPads. It is very light weighted and small, easy to take around.

And more about it is that Apple makes this charger. It doesn’t get overheated and does not cause any issue with your device.

Without any doubt, it is a really good and fast charger for iPhone. You can use an adapter with any other device too.

It has the best quality and is compatible with various devices. It is efficient, safe, and compact. It doesn’t have any disadvantages. You purchase this from amazon.

2. Belkin 20W USB C GaN fast charger: Super fast and efficient

Belkin 20W USB C GaN fast charger
Belkin 20W USB C GaN fast charger

The second charger is called Belkin 20W USB C. This is the best manufacturing high-quality accessory. You can count on this.

This charger is really fast. This charger is trustworthy for your iPad and iPhone. It looks big, but this charger is 21% smaller than a normal stock of 20-watt chargers.

This charger has gallium nitride technology for fast charging. It can change the latest iPhones from 0-505% in just 30 minutes.

It keeps the device safe from overvoltage and overcurrent. It fits easily in most places.

But due to its length, it might be unsteady in sockets. You can also purchase this from amazon.

3. Anker 60W GaN dual-port charger: 18-month warranty

Anker 60W GaN dual-port charger
Anker 60W GaN dual-port charger

This is the third character in this article, but this charger is a bit on the pricier side. But it provides a really fast charging system to any mobile device.

It has the USB-A equipped with an IQ power of 2.0. It also has the USB-C with the power IQ 3.0. This is super fast. It also has gallium nitride(GaN).

It is lightweight and compact. You can also use this charger with your compatible charger. You can just buy this without any fear.

It has 18 months warranty, and it has friendly customer service too. It has USB-C and USB-A ports, both of which are amazing.

It also has wide compatibility. Its disadvantage is that it is slow when charging laptops, and the type-C port maxes at 45W for purchase meant to check out amazon.

4. Spigen 20W GaN charger: Most portable

Spigen 20W GaN charger
Spigen 20W GaN charger

This is the fourth charger in this article. This is also a GaN charger that generates less than the other wall charger with higher efficiency.

Its quality is very good. It gives you the 20W USB-C PD charging. It goes very well with your iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

It is very small and has a compact design. You can fold its charger. Because of its foldable quality, you can take this with you when traveling. 

It has a portable design. It is a long-lasting charger. Everything is good about this charger, but the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have a warranty.

5. Quintas 30W MFi-certified fast charger: Comes with a Lightning cable

Quintas 30W MFi-certified fast charger
Quintas 30W MFi-certified fast charger

This is the fifth charger in this article. This charger is for you. If you love cost-effective combos, this charger comes with a six-foot-long charging cable for iPhone.

It is for virtually any device with 30W speed. It is MFI certified. It will charge your phone fast.

You can get 50% charging in just 30 minutes. This is 3X faster than your normal Apple charger.

More about this charger can charge your iPad Pro 12.9 in just 2 hours and 20 minutes. It can charge faster than a standard USB charger.

It has lightning cable bend testing. To check the durability of the charger, plug and unplug the cable.

Its affordable combo price also has friendly customer service for you. Its build quality can be better. But it is a good quality charger. It charges your iPad, iPhone, and other devices fast.

If you are looking for affordable and can charge your phone fast, this is the best choice. You can easily purchase this from amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Is The Fast Charger For IPhone?

Many chargers companies in the market claim as the fastest charger for iPhone. But only a few of them prove the claim. Some of these are Belkin, Anker, Spigen, iSmart, Yootech, Quintas and Anker nano charger. Besides, if we talk about the best charger, it would only be Apple’s charger for iPhone.

Is There Any New Speed Charger For IPhone?

Apple introduced this speed charger for the iPhone 8 and later series, with which you can easily charge your iPhone up to 50 % battery within 30 minutes. These fast chargers only work when you charge using an Apple USB-C or lightning cable or any of these adapters: Apple 18W, 20W,2 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W USB-C Power Adapter.

Which Charger Is Best And Fastest For IPhone?

Apple owns a charger for iPhone is the only best charger in my point of view. As the device always appears most compatible with it and gets charged easily and fast, the Apple charger doesn’t harmfully affect the battery of the iPhone. 

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