10 Best Fax App For iPhone and iPad Of 2023

There are a lot of different fax apps available for iPhones and iPad. But which one is the best?

In this blog post, we’ll compare the most popular fax apps and find out which one is the best for your needs.

We’ll also discuss some of the features that make each app unique. So if you’re looking for a fax app for your iPhone or iPad, read on!


Why use Fax Instead Of Email?

The answer to this question is, that emails are kind of electrical podcasts and they have to go through ISPs, firewalls, servers, and data harvesting bots, before reaching their final destination. So this process alerts the risk of theft.

But if you send a file through fax it turns into binary functions at the location of its origin and then reassembles at its final destination. So faxes are a safer option than emails.

In this article, some of the best fax apps for iPhones have been listed. You can read about them and choose the one that fits your standards.

10 Best Fax App For iPhone

Here are 10 of the best options available. Whether you need to send a fax from your phone or receive them, these apps make it easy to get the job done. Plus, they’re all affordable and user-friendly, so you can get started right away. Check them out today!

  1. Best Overall Fax AppeFax
  2. Best service with tight securityiFax
  3. Best Multiple featuresFaxFile
  4. Best For Adding multiple FilesFax from iPhone- Speedy Fax App
  5. Best Fax App For iPhoneCocoFax
  6. Best For Sending Fax AnywhereDingtone FAX
  7. Best Reliable & SecureFAX.PLUS
  8. Best High-Rated AppFax Burner
  9. Best For Sending Variety Of FilesTiny Fax
  10. Best Easy-to-use InterfaceGenius Fax

1. eFax: Best Overall Fax App


The eFax is a fax app for iPhone which can send and receive faxes without any phone line.

The document can be faxed easily and quickly with its user-friendly interface. The faxes you send will stay in your online account for you to retrieve at any time.

You can send in more than 200 countries around the world by using a local number or any toll-free fax number.

You can also send images of high resolutions, presentations, or files to up to 20 recipients at the same time.

It may also have some negative sides like if you locked your account accidentally, you cannot unlock your account through the administrator. It also displays some bugs and errors while providing service.

The eFax app is free, but you can buy app premium services starting from $16.99.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Retrieve faxes anytime
  • Send files to up to 20 recipient
  • Allows sending high-resolution images


Starting from $16.99. 1

2. iFax: best service with tight security


The iFax is an old app, providing its services as a fax app for over a decade, and also has more than 5 million users in more than 20 countries.

From this, we can see that this app is a famous as well as a reliable app, which provides the best service with tight security and privacy guarantees.

You can send an unlimited number of faxes through this app using its integrated document scanner.

This can be used in any product of Apple i.e. iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

This is also a free app, but also provides some premium features. You can buy its premium packages starting from $0.99.


  • Privacy Guarantee
  • Tight Security
  • Can be integrated with any Apple Product.


Starting from $0.99

3. FaxFile: Best Multiple features


The FaxFile app is an app specially designed to send and receive faxes most easily; you can do it by uploading the file directly from your iCloud storage or by scanning directly.

It also supports fax numbers from your contact list. If you fail in sending a fax due to some reason, it will automatically keep retrying until your mail is sent.

The app provides many free features. And have some premium features too, which you can buy starting from $2.99.


  • Automatic send option.
  • Multiple free features
  • Easy to use


Starting from $2.99. 2

4. Fax from iPhone- Speedy Fax App: Best For Adding multiple Files

Fax from iPhone- Speedy Fax App
Fax from iPhone- Speedy Fax App

This free app provides you the feature to add multiple files in single fax and also gives you the option of adding the customized cover page to your fax file.

You can preview your file before sending it, and ensure that there are not any mistakes in your work.

There is also a feature of importing and storing the documents on the cloud, tracking the file you sent, and many more.

Its premium features start from $0.99. 


  • Add multiple files in single fax.
  • Import and store documents on the cloud.
  • Track the files you send.
  • Preview feature


Starting from $0.99

5. CocoFax: Best Fax App For iPhone


This is one of the most famous, secure, and reliable faxes among all fax apps for iPhone, and provides the best business communications.

Users can easily send and receive faxes on their phones using this app. This app system is also supportable for web and chrome extensions.

CocoFax also has premium cyber security features, which protect your faxes from being stolen or leaked.

It also allows you to schedule your faxes according to the date and time at which you want to send them.

Users can also move all of their fax contacts to a blacklist or also can create groups to send them at one time.

Users receive a special email notification for every fax they send. They can turn the notification off if they don’t want to see it.

CocoFax also holds the feature of email to fax, so that users can receive their faxes through emails. It is known as the number 1 faxing app for iPhone.

It is a free app, but like other apps, it also holds some premium features starting at the price of $7.99.


  • Receive fax through emails.
  • Tackle notification.
  • Option to create groups.
  • Schedule faxes.
  • Strict cyber security features.


Starting at $7.99. 3

6. Dingtone FAX – Best For Sending Fax Anywhere

Dingtone FAX
Dingtone FAX

Dingtone FAX is a great choice for sending and receiving a fax from your Apple iPhone, iPad, or even from your android phones anywhere, anytime.

It gives you an international or local number that you can use to send faxes across 100 countries and more.

Apart from combining pages, adding signatures, scanning, editing file, etc., it also offers a comprehensive guide on how to use fax on its website.

If you have never worked with a fax machine before then, this information can come in very handy for you.

Also, Dingtone FAX supports all the popular formats and even third parties.


  • Provides local or international fax number
  • E-signature
  • Create fax using your phone’s gallery and photos
  • Combine multiple files into one
  • Preview before sending
  • Can edit photos before sending the fax
  • Get notified upon delivery of the fax
  • Send a fax directly from your contact list


Free (In-app purchases from $7.99)

7. FAX.PLUS – Best Reliable & Secure


FAX.PLUS is one of the best online fax services that is known for its excellent security.

With TLS encryption, world-class server infrastructure, and two-factor authentication, you can be assured that at least your data’s security won’t be hampered in any way.

Apart from this, you can use FAX.PLUS to send fax anywhere in the world, and the best part is that you can set the time and date in advance and schedule your fax delivery.

Overall, it is super easy to use and highly reliable. Have a look at its features below to determine if it is the perfect fit for you.


  • Send fax from email
  • Scan and send documents using your phone’s camera
  • E-signature
  • Schedule your fax
  • Add cover page and notes to your fact
  • Option to retry sending failed fax


Free and in-app purchases start from $4.99. 4

8. Fax Burner – Best High-Rated App

Fax Burner
Fax Burner

Fax Burner is a free app that boasts a rating of 4.9 on the Apple store.

This app allows the user to send fax from anywhere and allows integration with your dropbox and inbox, and even allows you to sign documents and forms with ease.

Moreover, you can directly attach files straight from your dropbox and even most third-party storage.

Whenever you want to send or receive a fax, you will need to go to the app, and it will provide you with a number that will be valid for 24 hours; using Fax Burner is that simple.


  • Notifies when you send or receive fax
  • e-sign and complete documents and forms
  • Fax can be received in the form of pdf which you can send using email


Free (In-app purchases start from $99.99)

9. Tiny Fax – Best For Sending a Variety Of Files

Tiny Fax
Tiny Fax

Millions of users rely heavily on Tiny Fax for its unique and helpful features.

Tiny Fax allows you to send and receive multiple kinds of documents, including photos, passports, books, receipts, notes, IDs, etc.

You can fax these either on a single page or multiple pages. Tiny Fax is a perfect solution for freelancers, small businesses, contractors, etc., to send and receive Fax anywhere and anytime.


  • Send a fax to over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Get notifications when the fax is sent or fails to send.
  • Offers a well-designed cover for free.
  • Option to organize all documents and even archive them into groups.
  • Upload documents to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


Free (In-app purchases start from $5.99)

10. Genius Fax – Best Easy-to-use Interface

Genius Fax
Genius Fax

Last but not least comes Genius Fax. This one turns your ioS device into a simple yet powerful fax machine. Sending a fax from this app is so simple and straightforward that even a kid can use it.

It also offers a free cover page that provides the contact details of both the recipient and sender.

Genius Fax is a great choice for those who like apps with easy-to-use interfaces instead of highly complex ones. 


  • Receive notifications upon sending and receiving a fax.
  • Send images, pdf files from your phone.
  • Send high-quality images.
  • Send Fax in more than 40 countries.


Free (In-app purchases starts at $3.99). 5


PricingStarting from $16.99Starting from $0.99Starting from $2.99 
App Store rating 4.7 4.5 4.9
PlatformiOS and AndroidAndroid, Windows, iOSAndroid, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and BlackBerry devices
Availability 200 countries 20 countries U.S. and Canada
Unique FeatureSend files to up to 20 recipient Tight Security Multiple free features

What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing A Fax App?

You should consider these three factors for choosing the perfect fax app for yourself:

  • Fax Features – Different app comes with different features; some allow integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, some let you send fax from your contact list directly, while some let you attach multiple pages, and so on. So choose an app that gives you the features that you really need.’
  • Budget – While budget is not always important, it can be considered nonetheless. Some of these fax apps allow you to use it for “Free,” but to use some advanced features may ask you to buy in-app purchases. So consider the amount of in-app purchases too.
  • Fax Frequency – Different fax app comes with packages suitable to the frequency of use, so choose a fax app based on your fax frequency to avoid paying excess.

How did we select the best fax App?

We select the best fax apps based on their unique features, price, and rating it has.

Final Verdict

With so many great fax apps out there, it has become very easy to send and receive fax anywhere in the world.

Although it is a bit confusing to choose one out of so many great options available, we hope you found something that fits your needs perfectly.

And we also hope you loved reading our article on the 10 Best Fax App For IPhone And IPad. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is safer, Email or Fax?

Fax is much safer than email because fax communicates through phone lines and has lesser exposure to internet-based devices or the internet.

Which is the safest fax app?

With additional security features like TLS encryption, world-class server infrastructure, and two-factor authentication, Fax.Plus is the safest fax app out there.

What are some of the key features that I should look in a fax app?

You should look for the following features in an ideal fax app:

  • Attachment options
  • Cover page
  • Security
  • Clarity
  • Affordability
  • Integration, etc.

To how many people can I send fax at a time using eFax app?

You can send fax up to 20 recipients using the eFax app.

What differentiates iFax from others?

iFax comes with really tight and unmatched security, which differentiates it from others.

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