Top 8 Best Home Security Systems Of 2023

Home Security Systems should be chosen with utmost caution and to help you with this we have compiled the 8 best home security systems that you can choose for your and your family’s safety.

A smart home security system is the perfect way to give your family peace of mind.

But still, according to, only 36 million have home security systems. Even in spite of the safety a home security system offer there are a lot of people who don’t have it in their homes.

These systems are designed to keep you safe and secure, whether you’re at home or away on vacation.  

We looked at all sorts of different features like cost, installation difficulty, customer reviews, and more before narrowing down our list to these 8 top-rated systems that offer reliable protection for every member of the household. 

Whether you want a simple setup with one camera or an elaborate surveillance network with door sensors and motion detectors galore – there’s a security system on our list that will fit your needs.

What Is A Smart Home Security System And Why Is It Important?


A smart home security system is an alarm system for your home with surveillance cameras and sensors that can be controlled remotely. 

The basis of this system is to keep your home safe and secure with the ability to control it from anywhere in the world using a smartphone. 

A smart home security system offers customizable alerts, customized notifications, and advanced security features, among other things.

Home security systems are important because they allow you to live safely within your own home without having to worry about intruders coming in or any problems like that. 

They also offer increased peace of mind with their reliability, customization options, and remote capabilities.

It’s also important because you can see what’s happening at your house at all times, which makes it easier to keep an eye on things and to ensure that everything is in order.

Speaking of that, here are the top 8 best home security systems today:

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Best Home Security Systems

Here are our 8 best options based on:

1. Vivint Smart Home — Best Overall

Vivint Smart Home
Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is a complete home security system that includes video recording as standard and smart home capabilities as needed.

A video doorbell, interior and outdoor cameras, smart locks, and garage control are among the company’s core products. 

The indoor video camera has two-way audio and a full 1080p HD video recording. Custom notifications are provided, and you can store up to 30 days of continuous recording. 

One especially useful feature is that it has a one-touch contact button that your family can use to call you right away.

You can control everything through a smartphone app, a home security panel, or voice commands via Google Home or Alexa

This means you can use voice commands or your mobile app to link it with other smart home features, such as lighting and heating, as needed. 

Other wireless security solutions, such as those from Nest, can also be integrated with Vivint.

On top of everything else, Vivint provides a 24/7 monitoring service. 

However, setting up your system will almost always include hiring a professional, and monitoring will mostly come packed with a product set designed particularly for your house rather than being sold as an add-on with flat-rate pricing.

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  • Cellular and wireless connection
  • Environmental  protection
  • Professional installation
  • 24×7 support
  • Optional add-ons
  • Hands-free smart home control from anywhere
  • Customized service


  • Professional Installation
  • Car Gaurd Audio Security
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $299.99
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $49.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • The most advanced smart home automation features
  • Equipment and devices come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Modern, well-designed equipment
  • Professional installation is provided at no cost.


2. Simplisafe — Best Value Home Security System


SimpliSafe is a game-changer in the home security industry. It allows you to purchase online rather than over the phone, does not require commitments, and is quite reasonable.

We like how SimpliSafe makes it simple to set up a basic security system without exhausting your bank account.

SimpliSafe is ideal if you want a well-known brand to secure your home at a fraction of the price of the ADTs of the world. 

Most people (even prospective burglars) are familiar with the name “SimpliSafe,” which makes installing an alarm system in your home affordable and easy.

SimpliSafe is also no slouch when it comes to equipment. Window sensors, leak detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are all available.

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  • HD security cameras
  • Custom alerts for family and friends
  • Visual Verification
  • Human-form detection algorithm
  • Live professional alerts
  • Incredible range
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • No-contract required


  • Security essentials
  • Smart lock


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $229
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $14.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • There are no long-term contracts to sign
  • Cost-effective monitoring plans
  • Easy installation


  • Home automation capabilities are limited.
  • Equipment costs are high.

3. Frontpoint — Best Mobile Home Security Solution


Frontpoint is a simple and smart monitored home security solution that uses a variety of wireless devices. 

There is no need for expert installation, and you can place your cameras, sensors, and other monitors exactly where you need them since everything is pre-configured to work together right out of the box.

The Frontpoint Hub, which acts as a single controller for all of your security systems, is at the core of Frontpoint. 

The hub can switch between a wireless and cellular network as needed, ensuring that your home security system continues to operate even if your internet connection goes down. 

The hub is also claimed as being smash-proof, and if it is damaged in any way, it will instantly send out a security alert.

The mobile app has also been designed to be incredibly user-friendly. To arm it, you don’t have to scroll through numerous screens; just hit the icon and pick your arming option.

You also have complete control over your surveillance options, and you don’t have to wait for notifications if you’re not available to take them. 

Frontpoint can contact 911 for you if they detect a clear event as a monitored solution, guaranteeing that your house is secured even if your smartphone is turned off.

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  • DIY installation
  • Multiple account login
  • HD quality cameras
  • Voice control feature
  • Identity Protection
  • Custom Voice Chimes
  • Easy integration with other devices
  • Customize sensor names
  • Geofencing


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Trained dispatchers


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $253.44
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $44.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Installation is simple.
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Many component options are available.
  • No contract required


  • Monthly plans are too expensive
  • IFTTT isn’t supported.

4. Cove — Best Security System For Beginners

Cove Security
Cove Security

The Cove is similar to a more upscale version of SimpliSafe. Both systems are similar in price, but Cove will offer your style a lift if you like the appearance of a touchscreen control panel.

Overall, we still favor SimpliSafe since it has a better variety of equipment and includes a doorbell camera. 

On the other hand, Cove is a good option for those looking for something affordable and stylish.

Cove’s equipment isn’t just attractive; it’s also simple to set up and comes with excellent customer service.

If you get stuck when setting things up, Cove provides a wealth of support articles and videos, but we don’t think you’ll need them.

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  • Smartphone control
  • Alexa and Google Home integration
  • Easy interface
  • Preconfigured equipment
  • Efficient dispatch technology


  • Professional Installation
  • Cove InstaText
  • LiveAssist
  • RapidSOS


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $184
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $14.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Highly customizable
  • Installation is simple.
  • Quick response time
  • Panel with a large touch-screen


  • A premium subscription is required for the mobile app.

5. ADT — Best Simple And Reliable Security System


ADT Home Security Systems has been in the security industry for almost 140 years and, unsurprisingly, is still one of the world’s top suppliers of home security systems. 

It provides an extensive selection of professionally monitored solutions, while some users may miss the absence of self-monitored options.

Unfortunately, ADT Home Security is one of the more costly companies available. Its hardware is fairly expensive, and you’ll have to pay for expert installation. 

Furthermore, it costs upwards of $40 a month for security system monitoring, which is much more than many of its competitors’ pricing.

ADT’s smart device integrations, on the other hand, are very appealing.

Its solutions work with Alexa and a variety of other devices such as smart light bulbs, garage door openers, and smart thermostats.

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  • Flood, leak, and fire detectors
  • Integration with voice assistant
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors
  • Home automation
  • Landline and Cellular connection
  • Video surveillance


  • Multi-Family Solutions
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Security For Renters


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $599
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $59.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • Outstanding mobile and web app experiences
  • Support for third-party Z-Wave devices is built-in.


  • With initial installation costs, a monthly subscription, and an early termination fee, it’s a bit pricey.

6. Abode — Best All-in-One Security Kit


Abode offers a professional security system that is very simple to install for the average homeowner. 

A gateway, a micro door/window sensor, a remote key fob, a motion sensor, and a security sticker are included in the company’s starter package, much like its competitors.

This model lacks a keypad and is intended for self-monitoring through a smartphone app. 

Indoor add-on sirens, a water leak sensor, and a glass shatter and vibration sensor are just a few of the many options available.

If you upgrade to the next plan, you’ll get the same starter kit along with a year of cellular backup on the T-Mobile or AT&T networks, as well as a 50% discount on the add-on keypad. 

Everything from the lower plans is included in the top plan and a year of expert monitoring.

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  • Custom package
  • Multiple voice assistant integration
  • Easy installation
  • Wifi camera & gadgets
  • User account feature


  • Professional monitoring
  • IFTTT support


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $279.99
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $8 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Installation is simple.
  • Compatible with a variety of third-party devices
  • 1080p camera
  • Google Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit, and IFTTT support


  • Cloud storage is not free.
  • Some components might be rather costly.

7. Ring Alarm Pro — Best DIY Home Security System


Ring’s Alarm Pro system, which includes a Wi-Fi 6 Eero router as part of its base device, has revolutionized the DIY home security game. 

You’ll gain access to cellular-powered backup Wi-Fi, network security monitoring, local processing and storage for all of your Ring devices, and compatibility with Alexa’s Guard Plus service, among other things.

The Ring Alarm Pro is definitely one of the best DIY home security systems we’ve ever tested, and it’s still reasonably priced in a crowded market, despite Ring’s questionable past when it comes to privacy practices and policies.

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  • In-built Wifi router
  • Integration with Alexa voice assistant
  • A vast range of product integration
  • Certified refurbished ring multipacks


  • Neighbors App
  • Neighbors Public Safety Service


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $299.99
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $20 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent backup power and internet solutions
  • Wi-Fi 6 mesh router built-in
  • Compatible with a wide range of Ring and third-party devices
  • Alexa voice control is supported.


  • A subscription is required for certain features.
  • Support for Google Assistant, HomeKit, and IFTTT is not available.

8. Brinks Home Security — Best Monitored Home Security System

Brinks Home
Brinks Home

Brinks Home Security provides a variety of monitored home security systems that rely on a variety of kit options, most of which are based on a smart home control panel and various sensors that connect with your smartphone.

The smart home hub is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Z Wave devices and can be used with just about any other home automation device. 

Motion sensors, door sensors, and live video cameras are all provided by Brinks, and all communications between the devices are encrypted for protection.

The majority of Brinks’ security kits are different combinations of the above-mentioned equipment, particularly in terms of door and motion sensors, but Brinks also provides a Nest Secure system that it can simply integrate.

You’ll have tamper-proof equipment, as well as cellular backup and cloud storage for video streams, and a Live Assist option to use with any setup you choose. 

Brinks also provides alarm monitoring 24/7, allowing for remote emergency contacting and the canceling of false alerts.

Each kit’s price is determined by the features you choose, but there’s plenty of flexibility for customization so you can make it really personalized.

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  • Automated Arming and Disarming
  • Smartphone control
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Customized Alerts
  • Instant interactive messaging
  • Live Video Surveillance
  • Two-way talk via the control panel
  • Cloud storage for video recordings


  • 24×7 Home Security
  • Thirty-day Guarantee
  • Installation


  • Equipment Costs: Start at $199
  • Monthly Fees: Start at $39.99 per month

Pros and Cons


  • Z-Wave home automation components are supported.
  • Works with voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Fast sensor response during testing


  • A three-year monitoring contract is required. 
  • Expensive components


Customer rating 4.1 4 4.44.73
Price$29.99 – $44.99 per month$161.97 – $500 per year$129 – $598.41 yearlyStarts at $184$28.99 – $59.99
TypeProfessional Installation DIY DIYProfessional InstallationDIY
Contract Not required Not required Not requiredNot requiredThree-year contract
Trial Period  Thirty-day-free-trial 30-day-trial 30-day-trial60-day money-back policySix-month money-back guarantee

How to Buy a Home Security System?

To buy the ideal home security system for yourself, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Choose what all security gadgets you really need.
  • Fix a budget.
  • Find a suitable home security company based on your requirement.
  • Schedule a consultation.
  • When you are sure and have chosen the perfect fit for yourself, buy a monthly or yearly subscription. And stay safe.

Is Home Security System Really Necessary?

There are quite a few things you can consider subscribing to for a home security system. These are:

  • They give you peace of mind by keeping your family safe.
  • Keep intruders at bay.
  • Helps police to track intruders or criminals if any.
  • You do not have to worry even when you are away from home, as you can keep an eye on your house from anywhere.
  • Protects you and your family house from floods and fire.

DIY Home Security Systems Vs. Professional Installation

Whether you should choose DIY type Home Security or Professionally installed depends on what you are most comfortable with.

Most professional installation costs an additional fee, so if you are not comfortable installing the security system yourself and don’t mind paying extra, go with Pro-installation.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind installing the system yourself and also want to save some money, then go with the DIY option.

How We Review Home Security Company?

Choosing the right home security company is highly essential to ensure the safety of your family and yourself.

To give you the best recommendation for the same, we look for certain standard things to compare.

First, we look at the overall goal and legitimacy of the company. Then we check for the company’s reputation and reviews online.

Then, we look for various security companies’ products, features, services, and prices.


The best way to protect your home is by investing in a security system that has both monitored and unmonitored options

The home security systems mentioned above are just one of many excellent choices for securing your property, but they all have their own benefits depending on the specific needs you may have. 

It’s worth considering which features matter most to you before making any final decisions so that you can find an option that fits with what matters most to you. 


How often should I test my home security system?

You should test your home security as often as you can, as it is important to ensure that all your gadgets are working properly.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a home security system?

The first step is finding out what’s important to you. You may want the system that offers the best coverage for your home, or you may be more interested in how easy it will be to use day-to-day. 

The cost of monitoring and installation are also very important factors to consider, as well as whether or not there are any hidden fees like activation or cancellation fees. 

Are home security systems effective?

Yes. There are many benefits of alarm systems like they can be more of a deterrent for criminals, provide peace of mind due to the peace of mind provided by monitoring, and help deter potential thieves or break-downs in your home or home office.

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