10 Best Honeywell Space Heater Of 2022

Do you need heaters but dread their bulky designs and electricity cost? If yes, then this guide on 10 Best Honeywell Space Heaters based on price, features, power, etc. is for you!

But why choose a Space heater? For the most part, an electric space heater can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Infrared/radiant heating and convectional heating are the two methods used to warm tiny areas of the body (which basically means one heat source transferring energy to another).

Because they are lightweight and portable, space heaters may help you save money on your energy bill.

Now let’s see what all options we have.

How Does A Honeywell Space Heater Work?


It uses a fan to properly distribute the heat in the room. Honeywell surrounds heaters also offer the advantage of dispersing heat equally.

Six long-lasting quartz components provide Honeywell infrared heaters with their quiet, efficient, and uniform performance.

Best Honeywell Space Heaters

Here are our 10 best options based on:

1. Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater – Best Overall

Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater
Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater

The Heat Genius Ceramic Heater provides you maximum control over your level of comfort thanks to its six adjustable heat settings.

It is possible to utilize ceramic heaters for anything from heating oneself to heating a whole room or even an entire floor.


  • You can use 1500-watt heater in any room.
  • When you switch on your heater, you may choose from six different heat settings, including “quiet mode,” “personal high and low,” “room high and low,” and “floor area high and low.”
  • When the preset time has passed, the HeatPhaseTM Timer automatically shuts off. It might last anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This process takes roughly an hour to complete, with the temperature gradually decreasing every 30 minutes.
  • The combination of modest “white noise” and a warm glow in the Quiet mode produces a relaxing atmosphere.

Pros and Cons


  • You may use a variety of techniques to heat your floor, yourself, or the whole room, depending on your needs.
  • Efficient, pre-programmed digital controls for heating and cooling your home or office.


  • Some users have reported problems with the product being overly hot after three to four months of use.

How Is this Heater is Better Than Others?

Low, medium, and high heat settings are available on the Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater.

It is possible to control the temperature in each area of your house with this personal heater.

If you use a Honeywell heater in your home, bedroom, or place of work, you might save money on heating and power costs. 

Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater Features Video

2. Honeywell ThermaWave 6 – Best Programmable

Honeywell ThermaWave 6
Honeywell ThermaWave 6

Using ceramic heating technology, the ThermaWave 6 Ceramic Space Heater from Honeywell is capable of producing a significant amount of heat.

There are two temperature settings on this little heater, as well as a fan-only option and the ability to direct the heater’s heat in a specific direction. 


  • The Honeywell ThermaWaveTM 6 Ceramic Heater has a heat output of up to 1500 watts, making it both powerful and simple to operate. Heats up the space you are in in no time.
  • There are two heat settings available (1500W high and 900W low). And it never really gets heated. All that is missing is a single exhaust fan.
  • Low: 3,069 BTU; High: 5,115 BTU 
  • Make use of a grille that can be adjusted to manage airflow and limit the quantity of heat generated.
  • Setting a thermostat to be more convenient is possible.

Pros and Cons


  • 1,500 watts of tremendous, but silent, energy.
  • Building the foundation is simple and does not need the use of any special equipment.
  • Directed heat control, which saves energy, helps keep things stable.


  • Smart outlets are not compatible with this product.

3. Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave – Best Slim Tower Design

Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave
Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave

With its unique industrial design, ThermaWave Ceramic Heaters can swiftly and uniformly warm a specific area while also providing comfort to the whole room.

EnergySmart technology, which reduces energy use and saves up to 35% on heating bills, is an added plus. 


  • Easy-to-read temperature display on digital controls
  • Those who want to heat things up the maximum may choose Max Heat or Energy Saver from the drop-down menu.
  • Heater energy use may be monitored using Honeywell’s EnergySmart controls, which are thermostatically regulated.
  • To avoid getting tipped, you must protect yourself.
  • Anti-overheating measures are in place.
  • In both the casing and the grip, there is a pleasant cooling sensation.
  • 1,500 watts of tremendous, but silent, energy.
  • The foundation may be constructed entirely without the need of any tools.

Pros and Cons


  • Your house will stay warm and cosy thanks to the convection comfort provided by ThermaWave convection.
  • Things may be heated in two ways. To save money, use EnergySmart controls with central heating and air conditioning.


  • Every now and again, be sure to blow out the blower and the bits that operate it of the dust and filth that has gathered there.

4. Honeywell HeatBud – Best Energy Efficient

Honeywell HeatBud
Honeywell HeatBud

One of Honeywell’s smallest and most energy-efficient ceramic heaters is the Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater (model HCE100).

It is lightweight and portable. Any space in your house may benefit from it. Tiny and portable, this ceramic heater is perfect for small spaces. 


  • It has two power levels: a minimum of 170 watts and a high of 250 watts.
  • The light is now on.
  • Anti-overheating measures are in place.
  • For the most part, it is best to focus on dark shades of grey and blue as well as primary colours like red and green.
  • A 72-inch cord has a diameter of 4.13 inches, an area of 5.67 inches, and height of 6.5 inches. On the ETL list. This item weighs 1.36 pounds.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to keep and travel with because of its tiny size.
  • The use of ceramics as a heating medium provides a reliable, repeatable method of heating objects.
  • Housing with a contemporary design aesthetic
  • Useful controls that are simple to use with your hands.


  • As a result, the heat circle’s centre cannot be altered in Brighton.

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5. Honeywell UberHeat – Best for Small Spaces

Honeywell UberHeat
Honeywell UberHeat

The Uberheat Ceramic Heater from Honeywell, model HCE200B, is a tiny, attractive heater.

It has a fan inside to circulate the air and is excellent at heating tiny rooms. 


  • With two heat settings, you may adjust the heater’s power consumption.
  • The adjustable thermostat allows for finer control of the room’s temperature. It is more of relative temperature control than a precise one.
  • Uberheat is an excellent option for a home office or a tiny area.
  • It also includes a three-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • The aesthetic purity and simplicity of modern design may be seen in everything from clothing to furniture.
  • The machine has two built-in mechanisms to prevent overheating. With two heat settings and a thermostat that can be adjusted, you can maintain a comfortable temperature.


  • The fan’s speed is too slow.

6. Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 Tower Heater – Best Easy to Use

Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 Tower Heater
Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 Tower Heater

The Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 HCE640B has been tested by Consumer Reports as a space heater.

For example, the ComfortTemp 4 HCE640B ranks well in our lab testing because of the criteria indicated above.


  • After eight hours of use, a function called SafeGuard Auto Shut-off automatically shuts off the heater.
  • Auto-dim lighting on the control panel helps it seem more spacious.
  • It is possible to adjust the timers to the last one to six hours.
  • Oscillators generate a lot of heat.
  • A Cool Touch plastic shell, thermally insulated wiring, stronger wire connections, and an auto shut-off mechanism ensure that you will not fall over.

Pros and Cons


  • Dimming of the control panel lights 360 degrees automatically The heater oscillates to cover a big area, making it ideal for medium to large spaces.


  • To get the most out of this gadget, you will need a lot of Amps.

7. Honeywell EnergySmart – Best Whole Room

Honeywell EnergySmart
Honeywell EnergySmart

In the case of the Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Radiator, innovation, efficiency, and mobility all combine to make things better.

When it comes to electric heating, Honeywell’s EnergySmart Electric Radiator delivers on its promises of dependability and consistency. 


  • The computerized EasySet controls feature a one-to-twelve-hour timer.
  • You can adjust the thermostat to one of three heat levels.
  • There is no sound at all.
  • It is simple to move about because to its wheels.

Pros and Cons


  • In order to provide long-term power, it was erected.
  • This function alone might save you up to 25% in energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity you use.
  • LED lights that indicate the selected temperature and setting immediately make it easy to see them.


  • It can have consistency issues.

8. Honeywell Turbo Force Power Heat Circulator – Best Turbo

Honeywell Turbo Force Power Heat Circulator
Honeywell Turbo Force Power Heat Circulator

If you want to be warm when you want to be warm, we have the answer for you.

The Honeywell Digital Turbo Force Power Heat Circulator combines our Turbo Force fan technology with our heater technology to quickly warm up and keep a wide area of the house at a comfortable temperature. 


  • The Honeywell TurboForce® Power Heat Circulator generates a lot of heat and spreads it evenly around a room. As a result, there are three different ways to heat things up (1500W High, 1000W Low and Fan Only – No Heat)
  • The design has three pivot points and three ways to move from one side to the other.
  • Tip-over protection is built into the design in every way.
  • Plastic housing that is cool to the touch and wires that are insulated from each other
  • After eight hours, SafeGuard automatically turns itself off. This adds extra security.

Pros and Cons


  • Optional SafeGuard Auto Shut-Off turns off the heater after eight hours of use if you forget to do so.
  • The heater has 360-degree tip-over safety to make sure it does not fall over.
  • An overheat sensor and a back-up cut-off fuse protect against overheating in two different ways, both of which work together.


  • As a bonus, it may also make the air feel cold. 

9. Digital Ceramic Tower Heater With Motion Sensor – Best Motion sensor

Digital Ceramic Tower Heater With Motion Sensor
Digital Ceramic Tower Heater With Motion Sensor

The Ceramic Tower Heater includes many safety elements with Motion Sensor, which complies with industry requirements.

Safety When anything comes too near to the Motion Sensor, the lights go off. 


  • The two heat settings available are Max Heat and Energy Saver.
  • It is possible to save energy by using a thermostat.
  • The heater’s SafeGuard Safety Motion Sensor shuts off the heater as soon as anything moves too near to it.
  • Anti-overheating measures are in place.

Pros and Cons


  • An easy-to-read temperature display is provided by the unit has digital controls.
  • Motion sensors prevent the heater from being turned back on if anything approaches too near.
  • 18 percent less plastic is preferred by those who are concerned about environmental impact (than comparable Honeywell HZ-3750 heater)


  • The heater’s remote control is often difficult to operate.

10. Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe – Best touch

Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe
Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe

EnergySmart technology is utilised in the Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater to conserve electricity and display how much energy has been used.

“Best Buy” status was awarded to the product by a reputable consumer publication. 


  • The LED lights show you the current temperature as well as the desired temperature.
  • With EnergySmart Technology, you may save a lot of money on energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity you consume by up to 35 percent.
  • Each of the three heat settings in this case provides the perfect amount of warmth.
  • 1500 watts of power

Pros and Cons


  • If you have a large space to warm up, the EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater is an excellent option.
  • The amount of electricity used by this heater is shown on a meter, and the heater itself is powered by EnergySmart Technology.
  • You can save money and energy by utilizing a Honeywell space heater in your home, business, or school.


  • It can be bit expensive

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PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForHeating MethodPower SourcePower
Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Heater4.6/5$149.95Overall UseRadiant, Ceramic, Fan & Forced AirCorded Electric1500W
Honeywell ThermaWave 64.2/5$90.99ProgramConvectionCorded Electric1500W
Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave4.6/5$119.00Slim Tower DesignCeramic, Fan & Forced AirCorded Electric1500W
Honeywell HeatBud4.2/5$21.00Energy EfficientRadiant, Ceramic, Fan & Forced AirCorded Electric250 W
Honeywell UberHeat4.3/5$35.99Small SpacesRadiant, Ceramic, Fan & Forced AirCorded1500W

What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Honeywell Heater?

Below are some of the important things you need to know about

Stopping the automobile from toppling is possible. 

When the heater is accidentally pushed over, the mechanism will automatically shut off so that no one is injured.

In order to avoid things like fires, this is a very necessary function.

Avoiding overheating

The Honeywell space heater will shut off immediately if any of its internal components overheat.

This safety feature may assist prevent short circuits and fires from occurring.

Weather-resistant wire

With weather-resistant wire, your system will function better.

Because they are not linked to the rest of the heater’s components, they will not overheat and reach dangerously high temperatures.


When the weather turns chilly, Honeywell space heaters are an excellent choice for keeping your home toasty.

To heat a small area, electric space heaters are the best option. 


Is There Anything Special About Honeywell's Space Heaters?

There are several excellent space heaters made by Honeywell.

You may utilize them in practically any house or company because of their mobility and efficiency. 

Safety is critical while using space heaters. With Honeywell’s extensive variety of features, they have previously thought about this.

Do These Heaters Work For Long Term?

Yes, these heaters have a long term working capacity. They perform well to provide ultimate output.

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