6 Best iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder In 2022

Looking for Best iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder? We got you!

If you are looking for the iPhone 11 case with a cardholder, you will find many options in this article.

There are many varieties of iPhone 11 cases, but there are only a few with cardholders.

You can keep credit cards, debit cards, and your id card in it. You don’t need to take your wallet with you when you go out.

People who like to carry minimal things when going out are great options for them. If you are one of them, then we have many options.

Best iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder
Best iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder

1. Spigen Slim Armor Card Holder CaseBest iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder

Spigen Slim Armor Card Holder Case
Spigen Slim Armor Card Holder Case

The first iPhone 11 case with a cardholder is a spigen slim armor card holder case.

The air cushion technology and dual layers with a slim case protect your iPhone 11 without adding much bulk.

The case comprises a polycarbonate exterior that is long-lasting and shock-absorbing TPU interior.

It has a minimal yet functional design in which you can store two cards in the concealed slot at the back.

It is available in four different colors. Available in these colors rose gold, red, gunmetal grey, and black.

Its advantage is that it has a sleek profile and is available in these beautiful colors.

But it is difficult to reach your cards, and you can only hold two cards in this. You can purchase this from amazon.

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2. Speck Slim Card Holder CaseiPhone 11 Case With Card Holder

Speck Slim Card Holder Case
Speck Slim Card Holder Case

This is the second case called the speck slim card holder case. If you want extreme durability, you can choose this 13-foot drop-tested case with two layers of special IMPACTIUM cushioning.

It protects your phone from dispersed stock and your iPhone by acting as an airbag to absorb. You can keep three cards in this, which are your daily need. 

It features an antimicrobial treatment and provides lifetime product protection against odor-causing bacterial growth and stain. Also it has a sleek look and double-drop protection.

It doesn’t have any color options, and it is expensive. You can check out Amazon for this.

3. Bellroy Leather Card Holder Case 

Bellroy Leather Card Holder Case 
Bellroy Leather Card Holder Case 

This is the third iPhone case called the Bellroy leather card holder case. It enhances the premium look of your phone with its leather case.

There are three cards hidden in the back, secured by a magnetic closure. For pin and SIM, there is a small space inside the case.

More about it is microfiber lining cushions to protect your phone from scratch.

Bellroy is highly rated for its limited impact on the environment and donations; this is how your money will be a good place.

It is a certified B Corp. and is available in four different attractive color options. It has a sleek design and premium finish, but it is very expensive. Check out Amazon.

4. OtterBox Folio Leather Card Holder Case

OtterBox Folio Leather Card Holder Case
OtterBox Folio Leather Card Holder Case

This is the fourth iPhone 11 case with a cardholder. This case has high quality and all-around protection best option for your iPhone.

It has a genuine leather folio case., has small and can easily fit in your pocket. also has a card slot for a card or cash.

And it has double material which protects your iPhone 11 from bumps, scrapes, drops, scratches, and other little accidents.

Also it is available in two colors, black and brown. It has a limited lifetime warranty for its quality assurance.

It has a sleek design, all-around protection, and a lifetime warranty.it is very expensive.  And available only in two colors. Check out Amazon if you won’t buy this.

5. ESR Armor Card Holder CaseBest iPhone 11 Case With Card Holder

ESR Armor
ESR Armor Card Holder Case

This is the fifth case for iPhone, called the ESR armor card holder case. It is a slim but robust cardholder for your iPhone.

You can keep your stuff secure. Its back has a soft texture that provides a comfortable grip and a firm. Its guard corner gives double protection.

It keeps your card and money saved in the place until you need it with its unique-looking system. Also, it gives you 180 days warranty.

It is available in two colors, dark green color and black. This case has a wireless charging system.

It has a comfortable grip, is not expensive and protects your phone with an air guard corner. But this is available in only two colors.

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6. Vena Military Grade Card Holder Case

Vena Military Grade
Vena Military Grade Card Holder Case

This is the sixth iPhone case with a cardholder called vena military-grade card holder case with kickstand.

This iPhone case has perfection and functionality. It has a hidden card slot.

Also it also has a foldable leather flap on the back that doubles as a stand which is very useful when watching videos at the comfort and desired angle.

It also has double-layer polycarbonate. And it also has the TPU with a guarded corner that meets the military drop-test standard.

It will survive up to 26 drops from 4 feet high. It has three color options and military-grade protection, which are its advantages. But it doesn’t provide much screen protection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an apple on case with a cardholder for iPhone 11?

Yes, there is an Apple wallet for iPhone, the name of this wallet is special APPLE iPhone Wallet MagSafe. It provides you with certain MagSafe security, which means you can freely select and use any Apple MagSafe wallet for your iPhone 11.

Can we use the same cardholder case for iPhone 11 and 11 pros?

Although both phones belong to the same genre, iPhone 11 pro is the iPhone 11. Still, there is a size difference between the two iPhones, due to which the same wallet case cannot be used for both iPhones.

What is the best iPhone 11 cardholder case?

Spigen is considered one of the best cardholder cases for the iPhone 11. It is the most famous brand for selling the best iPhone accessories. This case holds special air cushion technology and minimal design, making it the best-selling iPhone cardholder case. I would prefer Spigen cardholder cases if I have to buy a company’s case other than Apple’s own cases.

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