6 Best iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases In 2022

Looking for iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases? Look no more!

Nowadays are the days of plastic money. Almost all people use different debit cards, credit cards, and cash in their wallets.

6 Best iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases
6 Best iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases

After that we go of our office or house we take our Phone with us if we don’t forget to take our Phone which is also a rare chance.

And also we can’t leave our important stuff behind. And this stuff has become the necessity of our life. Everyone wants a thing in which they can take them together. 

We suggest the best handpicked iPhone 6s wallet cases, which are easy to carry and away from those bulky pockets.

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IPhone 6 Cardholder Cases

1. ZVEdeng


This is the first suggested wallet in this article. These walled-in this picture called ZVEdeng’s wallet cases.

These look bulky, but they are not very good. And they also have enough space for your cards and money.

This wallet is only for iPhone 6s. The benefit of this wallet is that you can carry ten cards in this simple case.

It makes it easy to carry your credits cards, debit cards, and ID cards needed in an emergency.

You can also keep passport size pictures in this. You can easily detach the case and wallet.

This is the best thing about this wallet case. And the case has metal sheets which you can attach with the magnetic car mount.

Its compatibility with the car mount makes it different from other wallets in the market. You can easily purchase this from amazon. 

2. Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series

Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series
Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series

The second wallet case is called Dream Fibonacci Luxury Series. Foremost and first, that is completely designed to be a wallet case. And it also has a vintage profile.

The cover includes sports aesthetic craftsmanship and top-grade faux leather. It includes multiple slots that you can carry from 4 to 6 cards.

Also it also has a money pocket to take 5 to 10 dollar bills. It has RFID theft which keeps your cards and money safe and secure.

The case also provides uncompromised safety from scratches and shock with the sturdy casing. This case is also available to buy on amazon.

It gives you RFID protection from theft, which is the main reason for selling in the market.



This case is called a shield on the wallet case. It is the best case for the iPhone 6s. It has genuine leather. After its leather quality.

To meet the perfection which you want, it is handcrafted. You can easily carry three cards because it has three card slots and a small place or pocket to take the cash with you.

A magnet on the flip makes the process easy to attach to your iPhone 6. All the functions and ports are accessible for you.

This is in two colors; the first is solid black, and the second is cognac brown.

The best selling reason for this case is the classic profile held by its design. You can search for this one wallet on amazon easily.

4. J&D


This brand is called J&D. It is the most trusted brand for all iPhone accessories. This includes three card slots and a pocket for your money or bills.

This snap-on case is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane, which keeps your iPhone from simply the falls and shocks.

The left case is leather which gives you a classy look. You can find them in five colors. The first color is Aqua, then brown, red, black/red, and black/brown.

The ultimate selling point of this wallet is that it comes with a rubberized TPU. You can easily buy it from amazon.

5. TUCCH iPhone 6 Cardholder Case


This wallet case is called Tucch. It is a drop-tested iPhone 6 wallet case of premium PU leather. This case contains 3 card slots and a cash pocket.

The design of the wallet case is very simple and beautiful. This wallet doesn’t contain any jazzy pattern leather.

This is available in six different colors. When you hold the walled case, it shows executive elegance, which is graceful.

The ultimate selling point of this cover is that it provides all-around protection to your iPhone. And it also adds a different grace to your personality.

6. SpigeniPhone 6 Cardholder Case

Spigen - iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases

This wallet case is called Spigen. This is one of the most famous brands among people for iPhone accessories.

This is such a wallet everyone is seeking for this amazing wallet case comes along with slim looks and design.

It holds the special air cushion technology with dual layers on it, which gives you surety about the safety and security of your iPhone.

You will find a hidden slot on the back of the wallet in which you can place two cards easily. So your cards are also safe in this wallet alongside your iPhone.

Spigen wallet cases come with four different colors options, and you can choose one which matches your style well.

This wallet case design holds minimal category, its unique selling point. You can easily buy it from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best iPhone 6 cardholder case?

Spigen is considered one of the best cardholder cases for the iPhone 6. It is the most famous brand for selling the best iPhone accessories. This case holds special air cushion technology and minimal design, making it the best-selling iPhone cardholder case.

What are some famous iPhone 6 cardholder cases?

There are many cardholder cases for iPhone 6 in the market; some are lammeku, vofolen, Spigen, ZVEdeng, CM4 Q Card Protective Carrying Case, Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case, FYY, and many more.

Are cardholder cases for iPhone 6 and 6S of the same size?

The iPhone 6s is the same genre and predecessor as iPhone 6, but there is a very small difference of 0.01 inches between them. But this is just a minor change and doesn’t affect case size, but before buying or using the same case for both phones, make sure to check with the case designer.

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