5 Best iPhone XS Cardholder Max Cases Of 2023

iPhone Xs max users can also get a wallet case manufactured by many different wallet-making industries.

If you are one of the iPhone Xs users and want to get a wallet case for your iPhone and also want some space for your Apple Card, or if you are already a wallet case user but there is not much space in your wallet for your card, then you can take a look on these amazing wallet cases listed in this article.


There are both folio and non-folio types of wallets. You can choose one according to your priority. Take a close look at these in-budget and reliable wallets to get your desired one.

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1. Spigen – Ergonomic:

Spigen - Ergonomic
Spigen – Ergonomic

This is the brand leading in iPhone and iPad accessories. Spigen manufactures several apple phone cases.

This case by Spigen protects your phone from damage with its dual-layered and slim shield.

It has a light profile which means you can easily put your iPhone in your pocket with it. It is 0.15 inches thick.

There is a black slider in its back, where you can place your debit and credit cards.

You can easily adjust two cards and some cash amounts in its sliding case. It has an ergonomic design. It is available to buy on Amazon.

Reviews from Reddit users

Spigen’s popular case line arrives for iPhone XS, XS Max, & XR
by u/de_X_ter in apple

2. Vena – Patented:

Vena - Patented
Vena – Patented

It is made with a military-grade protection system. There is a system in the company to test every single manufactured case by dropping it from 4 feet 26 times.

Vena is a dual-layer case with a TPU ad corner guard with polycarbonate manufacturing, which protects your iPhone from bumping and sudden drop.

There is a foldable flap of leather on its back where you can place your cards. 

Its flap is designed so that you can use it to stand your phone to watch movies, videos, or to read books.

It also has a magnetic car mount kickstand so that you can place your iPhone on the car mount to access it easily while driving. And it is a patented design. It is also available on Amazon.

3. Encased – Dual-Layered:

Encased - Dual-Layered
Encased – Dual-Layered

They are well-known manufacturers for their quality of making heavy-duty cases of iPhone.

The cardholder case of Encased is as strong as other simple cases made by this brand. The card slot, in this case, can adjust up to 3 cards in it.

 It has a very durable, dual-layered, and shock-resistant TPU frame and PC shell.

It also holds a screen lip to secure your iPhone screen and easy push buttons to operate the phone easily.

Its design genre is dual-layered. You can check this on Amazon to buy.

4. Smartish – Wireless Charger Compatibility:

Smartish - Wireless Charger Compatibility
Smartish – Wireless Charger Compatibility

It is one of the companies famous for making wallet killer cardholder cases.

The reason behind this is that the case can hold three cards and some cash easily and holds protective air pocket corners to secure your stuff, and these air pockets also work as airbags, so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone security. 

The most amazing feature of this case is that it is compatible with wireless charging devices.

So that if you charge your phone on a wireless charger, you don’t have to remove the case; you can easily charge it through this Nikola Tesla-approved card case.

The other amazing thing is that it has textured sides which provide easy grip to your iPhone so that you can bring your iPhone anywhere without the fear of dropping it.

Its design genre basic is its wireless charging compatibility. This is also available on Amazon to buy online.

5. Vofolen – Hidden Card Holder:

Vofolen - Hidden Card Holder
Vofolen – Hidden Card Holder

The cardholder was designed smartly and sharply to store two debit or credit cards. There is a slider on its back where you can place your cards.

This slider is so smooth and seamless that someone can hardly notice that there is any slider when you close it.

You just have to gently push the slider to place your card in the slider or remove it from there. 

The multi-layer of this card holder smartly designed by Vofolen protects your iPhone from getting any scratch on it.

This cardholder guarantees the protection of your iPhone as well as your debit or credit or important cards.

The design genre of this card is a hidden cardholder system, which makes this company one of the most famous iPhone cases Maker Companies.

You can go to Amazon to buy this amazing cards holder online.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are cases for iPhone Xs and Xs Max of the same size and shape?

As we know that both iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have dual-camera systems on their backs, so some people wonder if they both can fit in the same case. But the, due to their size difference, it is difficult to adjust both iPhones in the same kind of case. The size of the iPhone Xs Max is bigger than iPhone Xs so you have to buy a new case for your latest model phone.

Is the size of iPhone Xs and Xs Max the same?

No, the size of basic models of iPhone Xs and Xs Max models is not the same. The size of the iPhone Xs is 5.85 inches and iPhone Xs Max is 6.46 inches. But there is also another bigger display version of the iPhone Xs offered by Apple, which is 6.5 inches. So that is almost equal to iPhone Xs Max. iPhone Xs Max holds the largest display among all iPhone models.

Is it possible to fit iPhone 11 in an iPhone Xs Max case?

Though iPhone 11 and iPhone Xs Max holds the same dimensions, the design of their cameras makes them differ. There are two cameras in iPhone Xs Max and three in iPhone 11. So it mean you can’t fit iPhone 11 in the iPhone Xs Max case, you have to find a compatible cover with your iPhone 11.

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