10 Best Lava Lamp Of 2023

Do you love creating a cozy environment in your house but hate the blinding lights? Worry no more! These 10 Best Lava Lamps are just what you need!

We get it that a standard lamp brightness might be too much at times.

And if you have been working for a long time and your eyes are hurting, you don’t need to work in darkness anymore.

You can get a lava lamp that would provide minimum light, and it won’t lighten the whole room.

The light you get from a lava lamp would be soothing, and you can even dim that as well according to your mood and need.

Kids love lava lamps because they get curious that how is this possible?

How Does A lava lamp Work?


A warmed wax inside the lamp will heat up in the liquid and move inside the lamp. It would lose its buoyancy and go up and down inside the lamp liquid.

You can get lava lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes. There would be different shades in lava lamps that will look amazing in your bedroom, living room, or kid’s room.

It has been said by a lot of people that a lava lamp helps them to get calm and in de-stress their nerves.

They look at the lava, and without hurting their eyes from its light, they feel relaxed.

Best Lava Lamps

Here are our 10 best options based on:

1. Jambo 16-Inch Motion Lamp – Best Quality

Jambo 16-Inch Motion Lamp
Jambo 16-Inch Motion Lamp

If you like to have your magical wonderland, you should look at this 16″ lava lamp. It creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that would soothe your stressed nerves. 


  • The lava color will keep changing from green to yellow in the blue liquid 
  • It has been manufactured with premium quality material 
  • A 30-watt bulb is part of the deal 
  • The light of this won’t hurt your eyes
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty

Pros and Cons


  • A perfect gift for any adult or a children
  • The wax color and shape will keep changing
  • It would help your eyes and nerves to relax
  • This gorgeous lamp would enhance the ambiance of your room


  • It is a bit shaky. 

What makes it unique?

This lamp is simply gorgeous. It would turn the environment from boring to amazingly magical.

Turn off the lights and turn on this lamp. The 30-watt bulb with the lamp would heat the blue liquid and the wax inside it.

Once the wax is hot enough, it will start rising and falling. The wax will change its color from yellow to green.

This 16″ lamp would work both for adults and kids. It is simply mesmerizing.

Our experience with the product

It feels so relaxing when you look at this lamp, and the colors are wow. It excites me every single time I look at it.

It is soothing for my daughter, who has ADHD and for me. I bought this lamp, especially for my daughter as her calming corner, and it worked for her.

She watches it, and it helps her to stay calm. I am so much impressed with the quality of the product. So, I am 100% recommending it to you. 

2. Moon Lamp Lava Lamp NSL Lighting Moon Light – Best Utility

Moon Lamp Lava Lamp NSL Lighting Moon Light
Moon Lamp Lava Lamp NSL Lighting Moon Light

Who wouldn’t like to have a moon in their place? Don’t you think something is missing, which might be this moon lamp?

It is simply astonishing because of the way it has been designed.


  • It has been designed with advanced 3D print technology 
  • The battery capacity is 500mAH 
  • There are 16 kinds of selectable colors and adjustable brightness feature
  • Tap on the moon to change the color 
  • You can control the lamp with a remote control while it is on charge

Pros and Cons


  • A perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones
  • You will be getting a perfect starry sky image inside the lamp
  • You get to choose your perfect color from the list of shades
  • You can leave this moon lava lamp on for hours


  • It might stick on color and doesn’t change conveniently

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3. Lava The Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp – Best Wax

Lava The Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp
Lava The Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp

This lamp will help you create a good environment if you are tired of bright lights.

It has been designed quite a stylish way, and it provides a soothing feel to your eyes.


  • This 16.3″ lamp has 52 ounces of lava
  • It has been constructed with an aluminum base and cap
  • This consists of purple liquid and yellow wax
  • A 40-watt bulb is a part of the lamp
  • It will get charged through a standard 120-volt power outlet

Pros and Cons


  • It would provide you with an atmosphere with good light.
  • The wax would look like original lava in the purple liquid
  • It has been constructed with premium quality material
  • You wouldn’t need a special power outlet to charge this lamp


  • The bulb size is too large according to the size of the lamp base

4. Lamp 2700 Lava 14.5-Inches White Wax – Bet Multi-colored

Lamp 2700 Lava 14.5-Inches White Wax - Bet Multi
Lamp 2700 Lava 14.5-Inches White Wax – Bet Multi

A perfect lamp for your place. As it has colorful wax.

Yes, it doesn’t consist of a single color of wax because it will keep changing colors once it gets fully heated.

You would be getting a different view from whichever angle you’ll look at it.


  • A multi-colored globe that looks different from every angle
  • You can get this lamp ranging from 11″ to 27″ tall
  • Plug it into any standard power outlet in your place
  • A 25-watt bulb is part of the package
  • It would take about 1 and a half hours to heat the wax

Pros and Cons


  • This lava lamp would work for people from 6 to 60 years of age
  • It creates a glorious cozy environment
  • It would work with any standard power outlet
  • You get a different view from different angles


  • The 25-watt bulb won’t be able to heat the wax completely

5. Jellyfish Lamp With Color Changing Mood Light – Best Visuals

Jellyfish Lamp With Color Changing Mood Light
Jellyfish Lamp With Color Changing Mood Light

Sometimes the lava lamps make so much noise, but if you are looking for a lamp that doesn’t make noise whenever you leave it on while you are sleeping, you should consider this product.


  • A realistic jellyfish lamp that can be used as a night lamp
  • It has a silent motor and doesn’t make much sound while you turn it on
  • There are 17 color buttons, 2 brightness adjustment buttons, 4 lighting effect buttons, and a turn on/off button on the remote control
  • It provides you with soothing visuals
  • Select the mood lighting with manual control

Pros and Cons


  • Noise-less functioning makes this product more attractive
  • You will get a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the color of the lamp
  • The slow and smoothly changing colors will provide you with a soothing sight
  • You can use it as a good gift for any adult child.


  • Getting all 4 jellyfish to move at once is difficult

6. Gifts For Adults Kids SENCU Multi-Color Jellyfish Lava Lamps – Best for small rooms

Gifts For Adults Kids SENCU Multi-Color Jellyfish
Gifts For Adults Kids SENCU Multi-Color Jellyfish

This lava can be your bedroom night lamp, and it would work for your living room too.

It would be the perfect gift for special occasions like Christmas, housewarmings, birthdays, etc.


  • It has realistic floating jellyfishes and LED lights
  • It consists of a motor that would help the jellyfishes to float
  • Maintenance of this jellyfish lamp is super easy
  • A leakproof and noiseless working lamp
  • The lamp would keep changing colors 

Pros and Cons


  • The light would provide you with a comfortable environment
  • Your kids would love this lava lamp as their night lamp 
  • A durable and long-lasting lava lamp
  • You can replace jellyfish with other things 


  • The water will get dirty and cloudy within no time

7. 14″ Tornado Lamp Automatic LED Color Changing Lava Lamp – Best shape

14" Tornado Lamp Automatic LED Color Changing
14″ Tornado Lamp Automatic LED Color Changing

A fascinating tornado will keep your place a bit more fun and amazing.

Yes, this lamp is different from other standard ones because there would be no jumping of wax inside this lamp. It consists of a tornado that would keep moving.


  • This lamp has a special rocket shape
  • This rocket lamp consists of LED lighting that has 4 shades 
  • The colors would continuously change automatically
  • A USB cable or 3 AA batteries would keep this tornado lamp working
  • It would work for your teen room for both boys and girls

Pros and Cons


  • A tornado lamp that would be a perfect addition to your bedroom
  • It is a different rock lamp as compared to other lava lamps
  • The colors will keep changing smoothly
  • It has a safer power source as compared to the lamps powered with adaptors and plugs


  • It doesn’t have any specific con

8. 7-Ins Small Glitter Lava Lamp – Best Mini Size

7-Ins Small Glitter
7-Ins Small Glitter

This small lava lamp is different than other standard lava lamps as it glows, and the color scheme is simply amazing. 


  • This lava lamp has been manufactured with heat-resistant Eastman PET material.
  • The LED light would change from purple to blue to green to yellow, and so on.
  • It comes with glittery water.
  • It requires a 3.5V – 5V USB cable to start glowing
  • A glittery glow and variety of shades result in an amazing environment

Pros and Cons


  • The color would keep changing gradually, and the color variety is amazing
  • This lava lamp is different from others because it glows
  • It is not made up of fragile glass so that it would last long
  • A safe lava lamp for your kids


  • It doesn’t have any specific con

9. EDIER Lava Lamp – 16.5 Inch Lava Lamp – Best Features

EDIER Lava Lamp - 16.5 Inch Lava Lamp
EDIER Lava Lamp – 16.5 Inch Lava Lamp

Would you like to enjoy some music while the lava lamp is already turning the environment cozy and amazingly soothing?

You should have a look at this lamp. It has a good size, and it gives good output.


  • This lamp has a built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • The colorful state will keep changing from smooth, gentle to an enthusiastic volcanic eruption
  • Unique visuals that you enjoy will refresh you
  • It will give your the entertainment option of listening to the music while this lamp is on
  • A versatile lamp that you can use in multiple situations

Pros and Cons


  • You can enjoy high and rich sound through this lamp
  • It would help you to get rid of your fatigue
  • It would be a perfect gift for adults and kids
  • A perfect bedside lava lamp


  • Sometimes the Bluetooth feature doesn’t work

10. I-TOTAL – Lamp Magma With Internal Beautiful Colors – Best Budget

I-TOTAL - Lamp Magma With Internal Beautiful Colors
I-TOTAL – Lamp Magma With Internal Beautiful Colors

It will work pretty for your kid’s room because it comes with amazing lava shades that would keep flowing and bouncing inside the lamp liquid. 


  • It consists of colorful wax and liquid
  • A 25-watt bulb is part of the deal
  • It would work with any standard 120V power outlet
  • At the start, the wax would take up to 5 hours to heat up
  • The ideal temperature for this lamp to work is between 21-26 degrees Celsius

Pros and Cons


  • The different shades would create an exquisite environment
  • The time will be less for the wax to heat up after using it for one time
  • A trendy addition to your children’s room
  • It has been constructed with premium quality glass


  • It is about 12″ tall, not 15.”

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PRODUCTRatingPriceBest ForColorsPower SourceBulb Power/ Battery Capacity
Jambo 16-Inch Motion Lamp4.4/5$24.99QualityBlue With Yellow/Green Wax‎Corded Electric30 Watt
Moon Lamp Lava Lamp NSL Lighting Moon Light4.4/5$19.99Utility16 LED ColorsBattery Powered500mAH
Lava The Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp4.5/5$39.46Wax‎Yellow/Purple/ Silver‎Corded Electric40 Watt
Lamp 2700 Lava 14.5-Inches White Wax4.4/5$19.99Multi-ColoredWhite Wax, Clear Liquid, Graffiti Globe, and Black BaseAC25 Watt
Jellyfish Lamp With Color Changing Mood Light4/5$34.99Visuals17 ColorsBattery PoweredN/A

What To Consider While buying a lava lamp?

If you are looking for a lava lamp and have listed down one or two, you need to check some important things before making a final decision.

Size and shape

You must consider the lava lamp’s size, shape, and height. It would help if you got a lamp that would fit on your tabletop, which is not wobbly. 

Working time

For how long can you leave the lamp left on? Most of the time, the limit would be up to six hours.

But there are some premium quality lava lamps that you can leave on for like 10 hours but not more than that. So, consider this fact. 

Control system

Are you getting a remote for controlling the brightness of the lamp or whatever lamp controlling system has been installed? Consider that as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Would Be A General Height Of A Standard Lava Lamp?

Generally, lava lamps come between the height of 11-and 27 inches.

Is It Safe Enough To Leave The Lava Lamp On For The Whole Night?

Don’t leave the lava lamp on for more than 10 hours straight.

Do Ever Lava Lamps Explode?

Never place your lava lamp on a heating surface. Even if the lava in your lamp is not getting heated fully, still never try this trick because the lava lamp will explode.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Lava Lamp?

It would help you relax a little bit because it creates an exotic and soothing environment.

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