5 Best Scanner App For iPhone In 2022

Looking for 5 best scanner app for iPhone? We got you!

In today’s era, when people are most likely working from home due to COVID-19 stances, still many people don’t have traditional scanners or printers at their home workplaces.

If you are one of those and want to use your iPhone as a scanner, these apps are best for you to use.

A scanner is essential equipment for traditional office workers for scanning and digitalizing the work documents is an important task to perform.

If your work doesn’t require scanning documents, you can still keep the receipt of your groceries and other shopping or your legal documents digitally by scanning them.

5 Best Scanner App For iPhone
5 Best Scanner App For iPhone

It is a smart way to work; in this way, you can secure your documents in another form too.

So for this purpose, the apps in the smartphone are the best alternative to the traditional scanner, as they are cheap and easily approachable.

Also, in the present era, almost everyone has an approach to a smartphone to turn their phone into a scanner.

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5 Best Scanner Apps To Turn Iphone Into Document Scanner:

iPhone doesn’t seem most likely to operate as other smartphones like an android.

An android might sometimes have built-in apps for a scanner, but some models of iPhone don’t have a built-in scanner.

Few apps are described below to turn your iPhone into a document scanner. These are the best apps with the best premium features, modern scan qualities, and varying designs. 

1. Apple Notes

Apple Notes
Apple Notes

This app is already available in some models of iPhone. It is the best app for scanning documents, arranging your papers, adding signatures to your document, and performing other paper-related tasks. 

Apple is continuously working on apple notes to add new and productive features.

In recent years, in the year 2020, Apple also added the feature to scan a document using the built-in camera of the iPhone.

You can also use its features of continuities to scan documents from your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, or you can digitally sign your documents using the features of notes markup.

The perk of this app is that it’s free of cost and is compatible with Apple’s ecosystem.

2. Adobe Scan 

Adobe Scan 
Adobe Scan 

Need to scan your documents many times a day? Then Adobe Scan is the best Smartphone app for you.

Although it doesn’t have many features like others listed in this article, still it’s a well-working app that helps you with important work documents. 

Adobe scan is very simple and easy to use; it allows its users to scan a clear picture of their documents and convert them into organized PDFs.

This app also includes the feature of text recognition so that you can also create new contacts from business cards or make changes in documents in digitized form.

This app is free to use, but it also has some premium features which you can buy by paying $9.99 per month; the premium features of this app include the ability to scan multiple documents and combine them all into one document and export your pdfs in Word, PowerPoint or Excel files.

3. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro
Scanner Pro

It is also one of the best-reviewed scanning apps for iPhone, and it is chosen by the app site traditional team as one of the top apps.

It is a robust kind of tool to organize and digitalize your documents.

This app can scan the document in seconds with its smart detector for borders, perspective, and shadows.

An optical text recognition feature also scans the text, and all the scanned documents automatically get synchronized.

This app also has some premium features, which you can purchase for 19.99 dollars per year to remove watermarks, search text or add a password to your documents to protect them.

4. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens
Microsoft Lens

Those users who are very fond of Microsoft office suites in their daily life routines can easily feel at home by using Microsoft office lenses.

It has a strong connection with Microsoft office systems, so it is good for app suite users.

The interface of this app is like a simple and traditional scanning app, which prioritizes simple usage.

There are also many export options to export your scanned file in PowerPoint or word documents. This app also contains a text recognition feature.

Microsoft Lens is also free to download and use, but this app also contains some premium features.

You have to subscribe to Office 365 to unlock features like syncing documents and exporting to One Drive files.

5. Swift Scan 

Swift Scan
Swift Scan

This is the most powerful and modern app available on iPhone for scanning documents. It contains features not even available in Microsoft Lens or Adobe Scan. 

It supports features like naming a file, syncing in iCloud, and creating custom folders. Its scan quality is a leading industry, and it has the best text recognition lens.

If you scan many documents daily, this is the best option for you. 

Like all other apps, it also contains some premium features. You can buy their premium package at $5.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

The premium features include encryptions and auto-syncing to multiple cloud platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Best Free Scanner App For The IPhone?

There are many free scanner apps available for iPhones, i.e., CamScanner PDF Scanner App, PDF photos, ilovepdf PDF editor and scanner, adobe scan Mobile PDF scanner, Web to PDF Converter & Reader, and many more. You can download them from the apple store for free.

Does The IPhone Have A Built-In Scanner App?

There is a built-in app available on iPhone named Apple notes. This can be used to scan documents. Unfortunately, it is only available in the iPhone ios 11 update. There are many other apps for older versions like ilovepdf PDF editor and scanner, adobe scan Mobile PDF scanner, Web to PDF Converter & Reader, etc.

Why Can't I Scan On My IPhone?

This is because your iPhone might not be up to date. Make sure that it is up to date to scan your documents with it.

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