6 Best State Heater In 2022

Looking for a best State Heater? Look no more!

You can get a heater that will make the temperature warm around you. Leaving the heater on for the whole night while you are sleeping is not a safe move.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a comfortable sleep. You can get a state heater that would help in making your bed warm. 


#1 Winner of Best State Heater “Blue Magic 120W Solid State”

Simply set the temperature according to your need and the weather.

You will be able to adjust the temperature of the state heater with the help of thermostat control.

You can make your bed as warm as you want within no time. 


What is a State Heater?

Best State Heater
Best State Heater

You don’t have to feel cold even if you are lying under layers of quilts or if you don’t feel comfortable covering yourself while you are lying on your bed then you get a state heater.

The layer of this super technological heater would provide you with enough heat that a single blanket would be enough for you.

The bed will get warm and you can set the temperature for the bed so you don’t get disturbed while you are sleeping.

Leaving the state heater on for the whole night won’t cause any damage.

This is the safest option if you want to enjoy warmth and heat while you are lying on your bed. 

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The 6 best state heaters you can get:

There are a variety of state heaters that are readily available in the market but this doesn’t mean that all of them will work perfectly.

Here are the top 6 products that have amazing features:

1. INNOMAX Waterbed Heater – Best Quality State Heater

INNOMAX Waterbed Heater
INNOMAX Waterbed Heater

Having a high-quality state heater that would help you in having a comfortable sleep when the temperature gets extra chilly.

If you have been looking for a state heater that would help you to enjoy a comfortable warm sleep then you might want to consider this product. 


  • It has ultra-sensitive electronic temperature control
  • It has been certified to the Underwriter’s Laboratories standards for waterbed
  • With thicker 32-gauge nickel/copper flexible circuit design
  • It comes with EMF reduced circuit design with 5 years of warranty 
  • You can adjust the temperature to the accurate point 

Pros and Cons


  • You can adjust the temperature between 1 degree to 8 degree
  • A certified state heater that would be totally safe to use
  • A high-quality and durable built 
  • Operating this state heater is super easy with the help of electronic temperature control 


  • It won’t work with a hard side of the bed

What makes this the best product?

If you’ve been looking for a state heater that would help to provide warmth while you lie on your water bed then you need to get a product.

It has got all the amazing features that would be required for heating up a water bed.

You can set the temperature of this state heater with ultra-sensitive temperature control. Within no time the heater will make the waterbed warm.

It is entirely safe to use for a longer period of time as it has been certified according to the Underwriter’s Laboratories standards for waterbeds.

Our experience With the Product

It worked so well in starting years. But now it is useless.

The mat failed, and then I contacted the seller that this happened to my water heater and I need a mat now.

Well, I got a reply that he has to buy the mat and the regulator as well. Well, I bought it because I needed it and it failed again.

It worked for me for about 3 years, and then I had to get another one.

Now even if this mat fails again, then I will have to invest money in another useless product to get my water heater working.

2. Innomax Thermal Guardian Touch – Best Digital State Heater:

Innomax Thermal Guardian Touch
Innomax Thermal Guardian Touch

Knowing the temperature of the state heater is very important so you can adjust it according to your needs.

This state heater comes with an LED digital temperature control. You can read the temperature conveniently.

Once you feel the waterbed has got too warmed up then you can simply turn it off with the on/off switch. 


  • It comes with on/off switch and LED digital temperature control
  • The temperature range is between 1 to 8 degrees
  • A certified state heater according to the Underwriter’s Laboratories for waterproof heater
  • It would work with minimum 9” depth of waterbeds in wood waterbed frames or rigid side box
  • Setting this state heater is super easy and it has been designed with EMF Reduced Circuitry Design

Pros and Cons


  • Handling the warmth and operations of this state heater is super easy
  • A certified waterproof heater that is completely safe to use
  • Read the temperature whenever you need conveniently
  • High-quality and durable material has been used 


  • It would work with a water with minimum 9” depth 

3. The Bedroom Store | Hardside Solid State 300 Watt – Best for rooms State Heater

The Bedroom Store | Hardside Solid State 300 Watt
The Bedroom Store | Hardside Solid State 300 Watt

It has been constructed with 18 power gauges and it consumes 300watts of electricity but it is UL approved, which means you can use this state heater without worrying about your safety with your waterbed.

It comes with a flexible circuit feature that makes this product even better than any other state heater.


  • It consumes 300watts of electricity and it has UL approved heating technology You can 
  • Adjust temperature between 1 to 8 degrees
  • It has been constructed with 32 gauge nickel circuity
  • You can control the temperature with ultra-sensitive electric control that has a built-in light .

Pros and Cons


  • You can use it without worrying about your safety 
  • Select your desired heating temperature using this state heater
  • A durable built for a longer lifespan 
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty 


  • It won’t work with soft side waterbeds or tub beds 

4. Blue Magic 120W Solid State – Best Utility State Heater

Blue Magic 120W Solid State
Blue Magic 120W Solid State

For your soft side waterbed, this solid-state heater would work perfectly. It comes with a wire alloy waterbed type heating bed of premium quality.

You are getting everything in this state heater for your soft side waterbed to Maintain its ideal temperature then what else you are looking for?

You can install this one within no time and this product is completely safe to use because it has been ETL certified because of its safety and high performance.


  • This solid heater would work for the soft side of waterbed with premium quality heating pad
  • With efficient performance this one would help in maintaining waterbed temperature between 1 to 8 degrees
  • The size of waterbed doesn’t matter because it will heat up any size of waterbed
  • Installing this one is super easy because it doesn’t consist of any moving part
  • It has been made totally safe with thermal safety fuse 

Pros and Cons


  • It maintains a constant temperature 
  • It would for any waterbed 
  • Larger heating pad with 64 gauge thermal fused dura flex vinyl
  • An ETL certified product because of its high safety features and premium performance 


  • It can be a bit expensive

5. Solid State WATERBED Heater – Best to set up State Heater

Solid State WATERBED
Solid State WATERBED

A durable heater will work for your waterbed for a longer period of time.

So, if you want to invest your money in a high-quality long-lasting waterbed heater then you might want to consider this product.

A quantum heater would perfectly work for your hard side of the waterbed. 


  • A state of the art quantum solid heater 
  • It comes with fill drain kit 
  • Setting up this one would be quite simple 
  • You can set this up on the hard side of your waterbed 

Pros and Cons


  • A durable and long-lasting state heater
  • State of the art with premium performance
  • Maintains the ideal temperature 


  • It would word for hardwood waterbed only 

6. Sterling Sleep System Waterbed Heater – Best Adjustable State Heater

Sterling Sleep System Waterbed
Sterling Sleep System Waterbed

This one has been designed for mattresses with 8” – 9” depth. The etched foil in the heating pad would distribute heat equally.

So, if you want a heater that would work for years and won’t cause any trouble then this product might be the best fit for you.


  • Setting up this solid heater is super easy
  • Control the temperature with the help of control box 
  • When the heater is working a diode would lit up
  • Under the safety liner, install the heating pad right side up but remove the wrinkles from the sheets first 

Pros and Cons


  • You can change the temperature in the middle of the night
  • Using this state heater is simply safe
  • It would for your large waterbed
  • Turn it off from the control box without leaving your bed 


  • It would only work with a mattress with an 8” – 9” depth 

Buying Guide – the facts you need to consider while buying a state heater

State heater would work for you during chilly weather when layers of blankets won’t even work.

So, if you are considering buying one then here are a few factors that you should consider before you one:

  • Safety standards

Is the heater certified to the standards where it would be safe enough to use under your bed?

  • Electricity consumption

Another factor would be how much electricity the heater would consume while warming up your bed

  • Construction material

What kind of material has been used in making the heater? Is it high-quality and would it last long? 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is The State Heater Safe Enough To Use?

Yes, a state heater is totally safe enough to use. 

Does The State Heater Make You Feel Suffocated?

No, it won’t make you feel suffocated. If you ever get a feel of suffocation due to the heat simply turn off the state heater. 

How Much Electricity Does A State Heater Consume Monthly?

A standard state heater would consume 40 kWh to 250 kWh per month.

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