BitMEX Review | Everything You Should Before Starting With It! 

Do you want to earn billions of dollars by trading cryptocurrencies?

Are you looking forward to finding ways to cope with modern-day technology and the fast-moving world?

Do you want to test your luck in this vast field of digital currencies?

However, are you in doubt due to scams and unauthentic platforms? Suppose your answer to all these above questions is yes.

In that case, this article is all about resolving your confusion. Read this article on BitMEX Review.

In this era of fast-progress and rapid digitization, digital trading and crypto have become a part of the concerns of millions of people. However, the sense of scam is similar to its advantage.

There are thousands of digital earning and trading platforms out there, and finding legit and authentic one is a very responsible task. 


Trading PlatformBitMEX
Established 2014
Trading Software BitMEX portal
Minimum Deposit Vary from product to product
Rating Out Of 5 4.0
WebsiteClick here

This article will be chitchatting about BitMEX, a similar digital trading platform. So, without any additional due, let’s discuss what it. 

BitMEX Review
BitMEX Review

What Is BitMEX? 

What Is BitMEX?
What Is BitMEX?

BitMEX is a digital currency trading platform that provides margin trading and leveraging trading to its users.

Having headquarters in Seychelles, it is International Business Companies Act registered. 

It is one of the biggest forums for bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. Being operational all around the globe, the advantages and benefits of using BitMEX for trading are limitless.

From simple registration to 100% leverage rate, everything on it is sorted and understandable. 

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How To Use BitMEX?

How To Use BitMEX?
How To Use BitMEX?

The registration and innovation of an account on BitMEX are straightforward to follow.

Follow the below step-by-step guide to start digital trading on this platform successfully.

  • Visit the BitMEX website and. You will see a register option on the top right side of the page. Click on that button.
  • Now, fill in all the crucial details like your name, Gmail address, and other information. By this, you can generate a password for your account. 
  • Then, confirm your account by clicking on the link given to your inbox by email and selecting your residence country. 
  • Now, your account is ready for trading. 

Now, after creating an account, the second thing you will do is the deposition of funds in your account.

For this, we are providing you a step-by-step guide below:

  • At the top left of the page, you will observe a button for “Account.” Click on that button.
  • After this step, go to the BitMEX wallet.
  • Now, you are seeing an option for the deposit button. 
  • Click on it and enter the deposition address in it. 
  • Now enter the Bitcoin address and choose the “Send Bitcoin To” option.
  • You have to put your address in the “Withdrawal From” field. You can copy the address from the hardware crypto wallet. 
  •  Additionally, deposits with barcodes can be made by you through BitMix mobile web wallet. 

Why Choose BitMEX?

Why choose BitMEX?
Why choose BitMEX?

Although there are thousands of digital trading platforms available in the international market but choosing the one that is authentic and facilitates its users is essential.

You should consider it as your crypto partner because it provides you a facility of the calculator to analyze and measure all the risks involved in a particular trade.

Although it is available for Bitcoin and related crypto-only, it can give you an overview of the following three factors:

  • Lower entry price as compared to exit price.
  • High exit price as compared to entry price.
  • Shortage of positions at lower exit prices. 

Fees Of BitMEX:

Fees Of BitMEX
Fees Of BitMEX

There are no deposit fees on BitMex, but the withdrawal fees vary depending on the type of crypto and contract you are making. 

A specific amount of fees is charged on the withdraw of Theater, Bitcoin, and other crypto. Moreover, it also charges fees on every complete trade.

For further details and fee structure, you can visit their official website.

Features Of BitMEX:

Features of BitMEX
Features of BitMEX

The features of BitMEX are as follows:

  • Customized Fee Structure:

It provides you an opportunity to set your trade fee structure by yourself.

It helps secure your wallet and account because if the hackers know the trade fees, they can easily hack the whole blockchain of the trade of crypto. 

  • Variety Of Leading Crypto:

You might have listened a lot about Bitcoin trading on BitMEX.

But it also provides its user to trade in other world-leading cryptos like Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, and Dash. The maker and taker fees in these cryptos are different. 

  • Complete Anonymous Status:

Unlike the registration process on other platforms, you have to provide your personal information on this.

For the creation of an account, the only mandatory factor is the presence of Gmail. Yes, a Gmail is everything you need in the case of BitMEX. 

  • Instant Services: 

The services of BitMEX, especially the transfer of coins and crypto, are remarkable.

You don’t have to wait, like other platforms, for cash to be transferred into your wallet, and then you will further proceed with them. 

What differentiates it from others?

There are some points that differentiate it from all others. 

  • It provides deep liquidity. 
  • It is a highly professional platform. 
  • It is supported by funds from all over the world. 

Our experience with the product

I cannot compromise on professionalism which is why this company has been working best for me.

I have come across a lot of professional staff and professional ideas that have helped me grow in my Crypto marketing experience.

I also knew that I was safe on this platform as compared to other alternatives.

BitMEX Comparison

BitMEX Comparison
BitMEX Comparison

Let’s compare it with some other companies. 

BitMEX Review vs. HitBTC

HitBTC is one of the most advanced types of the cryptocurrency market. Mostly deals with Bitcoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies.

You will be able to get into one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets by considering this option.

If you get into BitMEX, it is professional and very reliable. It has a high number of professional traders attached to it.

You can get a wide approach to Cryptocurrencies and how you have to deal with them. It is relatively safe and secure as compared to others. 

BitMEX Review vs. CEX.IO

CEX.IO will provide you with a cross-trading platform. It is applicable on many devices, which makes it suitable for users.

It will provide you access to top currency pairs in the market. If you consider BitMEX, it will provide you with derivative exchanges and deep liquidity in the market. 

BitMEX Review vs. Poloniex

Poloniex is the leading cryptocurrency exchange company that will provide various digital assets.

If you are looking for various digital assets, this is the best place to go for.

BitMEX is a security company because it is backed by some of the most valuable funds worldwide. This eliminates the risk of Crypto marketing.

Customer Services:

Customer Services
Customer Services

The security and all other systems of BitMEX are so well-organized and authentic that there is a tiny chance that so will face any trouble in handling it.

Plus, the elucidated FAQs and simple User Interface of BitMEX make it easier for their customers to use it. 

However, if you still have any questionings, you can contact them directly on their portal as their customer service support is speedy and responsive.

You can also contact their team by phone number, email, or other contact links. 

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Customer Reviews:

 Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Let’s glimpse what users have to say about BitMEX:

  • By Paulo Feitoza:

“Very high volume, cheap fees, fast. Ideal for those who want to leverage Bitcoin, both buying and selling.

It’s a bit complicated to understand the way it works, but they are reliable and professional, with outstanding support.”

  • By Joseph M:

What he likes the most about BitMEX:

“Trading options & products that are not available together in other crypto trading platforms, convenient trading between USD and another crypto – especially for daily traders and excellent “Starters Guides” for the new users.”

  • By Anchor:

“This exchange is pretty large, a global one; the UI design is somehow complex tho, not very friendly to rookies. But their server is stable compared to most exchanges.”



So, this is it. The globe is becoming more aware of the tactics and importance of digitizing every passing day.

Everything is shifting to the digital world, from teaching to sales, businesses to currencies.

Let’s do a quick recap of what we have discussed in this article. We talked about the basic concept of BitMEX, its working, specifications, registration process, fees structures, features, customer services, and customer reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Register On BitMEX? Are There Any Registration Fees On BitMEX?

For registering and creating an account on BitMEX, visit their official website, and you can create your account there. No, there is no registration fee. The creation of a report on BitMEX is entirely free.

When Was BitMEX Established And Where Its Headquarters Located?

BitMEX was established in 2014, and it has its headquarters in Seychelles. 

In Which Countries is BitMEX Operational?

BitMEX is operational in more than 195 countries than including Egypt, Zimbabwe, France, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and many other countries. 

Is BitMEX legit?

In short words, yes. BitMEX is entirely legit and authentic to use. Moreover, its high-security system ensures the protection of its consumers’ privacy and safety. 

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