Black Widow 2 Release Date

The beginning and finish of Black Widow’s narrative were both seen in Phase 4 of the MCU.

The long-awaited release of Black Widow ultimately will give the narrative of Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff, changing to Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) as the MCU’s next probable Black Widow, and there is a hint that there could be a whole army of former Widows in the franchise’s future.

And, even though the first Black Widow in the MCU died on Vormir in Endgame, it now appears that she may have a future.

We will look at the Black Widow 2 release date in this article.


The Cast Of Black Widow 2

Scarlett Johansson will not return for Black Widow 2 if Cate Shortland gets her way with a straight sequel featuring separate characters unless there are flashbacks, though Florence Pugh probably will.

Ray Winstone’s Dreykov lost, so he’s unlikely to return – unless there’s a surprise that reveals he wasn’t dead – but Taskmaster can return now that she’s no longer beholden to her father.

There’s also what happens to Rachel Weisz’s Milena and David Harbour’s Red Guardian, which may lead to their return, and O-T Fagbenle’s Mason making a second appearance would be fantastic.

Black Widow Season 2 Overview

MovieBlack Widow
Upcoming Season2
GenreActon, Fantasy, Thirller, Super Hero, Adventure, Spy, and Science Fiction
Season 1 Rating6.7/10 On IMDB
Black Widow Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

Black Widow 2 Release Date

There is no information about Black Widow 2’s release date, mainly because of the cast issue and the storyline.

If Marvel approves and goes through with a second Black Widow movie (which is likely to happen since Marvel already has a candidate for Black Widow after Scarlett Johansson leaves the universe), we are likely to see it in a few years, not earlier than that.

Previous Black Widow Review

Black Widow is a prequel to Marvel’s current film, meant to give Nat her independent film and finally tell her origin story.

Draco’s daughter, Budapest, and the Red Room are all examined and described in this film, after just brief allusions in earlier films.

Black Widow is a decent but ordinary effort. It’s a letdown when you consider the weight and implications of serving as the adored character’s final farewell.

The film explores the agony of having your childhood stolen and building meaningful bonds with people for whom you are ‘only a job’ through Nat’s troubled relationship with her newly reunited phony spy family.

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Previous Black Widow Rating On IMDB

The first Black Widow movie was a big hit. Most people who watched the movie liked what the movie had to offer, and it got good reviews.

On IMDB, Black Widow has a 6.7-star rating out of 10, with 349,000 people voting. Overall, this is not a bad number when we compare it to other movies.

Where Can You Watch Black Widow?

Disney Plus now has “Black Widow” accessible to view.

Even though the film was originally available as a Premier Access title that required a $30 fee, all subscribers may now view “Black Widow” for free.

Go to or download the Disney Plus app to join up for Disney Plus. It costs $8 per month or $80 per year.

What Can Happen Next In Black Widow 2?

The ending of Black Widow leaves the door open for the tale to continue.

In fact, with Taskmaster tossed in, the concept of Rachel Weisz’s Milena and David Harbour’s Alexei leading their reformed pod of Widows in the pursuit of justice is a fascinating one.

Yelena’s future in the MCU is already set, with a part in Hawkeye.

While time travel and the introduction of variations in Loki might easily bring Scarlett Johansson back as Black Widow in the future, the actress herself does not appear to be thrilled with the prospect.

In an interview with TotalFilm, she stated that she wishes to retire when “on top.” That doesn’t completely close the door, but, like Tony Stark’s sacrifice, reversing Natasha’s tragic death would be a betrayal of the film’s plot.

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When To Expect A Teaser Of Black Widow 2?

Since there is nothing certain about a Black Widow sequel at the moment and the movie is not in production, there is no date as to when we can expect a teaser for Black Widow 2.

The Verdict

Our verdict is that Black Widow was not a bad movie, and many liked what it has to offer; it was a first in many ways in the Marvel universe, and now, Marvel wants to do a second movie to Black Widow with a different lead role since Scarlett Johansson left the Marvel universe completely.

It is an expected movie, and there is no date set as to when the second movie will air.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we know the Black Widow 2 release date Of 2022?

It is not possible to know when exactly Black Widow 2 will air because even the production is not ongoing right now.

How can we be sure of the Black Widow 2 release date?

Once the producers start shooting the movie after the cast is set, there will be a potential release date for the movie.

Where can we watch the movie once the Black Widow 2 release date is official?

Nothing is set in stone right now, it might be only on the theatre, or it could air on some streaming services simultaneously with the theatre. 

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