Cannot Delete App On iPhone In 2022

Cannot Delete App On iPhone? Don’t worry, we got you!

We face issues uninstalling apps from iPhone or iPad. It is sometimes pretty straightforward to uninstall, but we run into unexpected issues while doing this process, and it can be incredibly frustrating.

Cannot Delete App On IPhone
Cannot Delete App On IPhone

To solve this unexpected issue and get through this problem, we have got some authenticity for you by which you can solve this problem easily.

So, if you face a problem uninstalling apps from iPhone or iPad on IOS 15 or IOS14, here is the process by which you can help solve this problem.

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Reasons you are unable to delete apps on your iPhone or iPad

Reasons you are unable to delete apps on your iPhone or iPad
Reasons you are unable to delete apps on your iPhone or iPad

Here we have some steps by which you can uninstall apps from iPhone or iPad.

1. Non-removable apps:

Non-removable apps
Non-removable apps

The first step for uninstalling apps from iPhone or iPad is to delete almost several inbuilt Apple apps and third-party apps.

But, you can’t remove core system apps like Camera, App Store, health Safari, Phone, Photos, Messages, Find My, Wallet, Settings, and Clock because these system apps are for our help and useful. That is why you cannot delete these system apps.

If you want to get rid of one of these, you can hide them from view.

2. Screen time restrictions:

Screen time restrictions
Screen time restrictions

Sometimes your parents put screen time lock, or you also mistakenly put screen time lock. That’s why you are unable to delete the app from your iPhone.

3. Mobile Device Management restrictions:

Mobile Device Management restrictions
Mobile Device Management restrictions

If your school gives the iPhone to an employer or other such organization, this might have some particular profile that may prevent the uninstallation of certain apps. Then you should contact the relevant administrator for assistance.

Sometimes this is the scenario that you can’t delete the apps unless you have administrator rights. So, hide and make peace with it.

Incomplete download – There is some time when the app download is frozen due to some error, and now it is neither on nor off your iPhone.

Methods to solve the issue of uninstallation of apps:

If you are also facing the issue of uninstalling the app from your iPhone, try a few of these methods explained here to solve this issue.

4. Disable Restrictions on iPhone

Disable Restrictions on iPhone
Disable Restrictions on iPhone

There are some disabled restrictions on iPhones, so these can help you out.

Open the Settings app, then tap on Screen Time.

Click on the Privacy&Content Restrictions option.

Note: Here, if you see, turn On Screen Time, that means this feature is not active. Then skip the steps given below and move on to the next solution steps.

Click on iTunes & App Store Purchases. Then enter the Screen Time passcode when it asks to.

Click on Deleting Apps and choose Allow.

After this, go back to your iPhone’s Home screen, then try deleting the app. There should be no problem in deleting the app.

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5. Delete waiting for apps from iPhone

Delete waiting for apps from iPhone
Delete waiting for apps from iPhone

There is some delete waiting for apps on iPhone. And it also bothers some people. So, this will help you if you are one of the people who also face problems in this.

Waiting apps, also known as the apps, are stuck with ‘Waiting…’ below the grayed application icon.

To fix this problem, ensure your iPhone has enough, let the app download, and connect to strong cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

When the app installation is done, you can easily remove the app. To determine the pending app installation and then uninstall the app, long-press the app icon, then click on the Cancel the download from the popup window.

If you cannot see the option, then press on the app on the icon until all the apps on the screen start jiggling. In iOS 15 or IOS 14, click on the waiting app’s minus icon (if you see it) and then uninstall App.

In iOS 13, click on cross sign on the app and uninstall it.

6. Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone
Restart your iPhone

This is an almost assured solution to solve this issue or problem successfully. When you cannot remove apps, go ahead, and restart your iPhone.

You can also use the buttons or open the Settings app, General, and Shut Down to power off your device.

After one minute, turn on the iPhone and then try to uninstall the app. You will not have any trouble while performing this action. You can easily do this.

7. Reset All Settings

Reset All Settings
Reset All Settings

Well, we are on the last resort of this process; if nothing helps, reset all settings from the Settings app, then General, and then Reset All Settings.

When the process completes, try to delete the app from your iPhone or iPad.

However, this trick will also wipe the password of your entire preference and save Wi-Fi networks. So you better keep a note of that before preceding this process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you force delete the app on iPhone?

When we cannot delete the app from our iPhone, we force delete it. To force delete the app from your iPhone, first of all, remove it from the home screen of the phone. To remove from the home screen, touch and hold on particular and select the Remove from Home screen; it will stay in your apps library. Or, if you want to delete it, select the Delete App option to delete it from your iPhone.

Why am I unable to delete the app in iPhone 11?

If you have not allowed Deleting Apps from restriction, no one can delete it from your device. Check from the restriction on your device, go to Settings, and tap on the Screen Time option. In Screen Time, click on Content & Privacy Restrictions and go further in iTunes and App Store Purchases. Check whether you are allowed the particular app you are trying to delete; if not, tap to allow it.

How can I permanently delete an app from my iPhone and iCloud?

To permanently delete the app on iPhone and iCloud, go to the Settings of your iPhone and select iCloud, select Storage, and tap on Manage Storage. Select Your Device and scroll down to select Show All Apps. Turn on or off the app as you desire, then tap on Turn off & Delete after promoting further, and the app will be deleted permanently from the device.


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