Top 15 Ways to Generate Carpet Cleaning Leads

Wondering what are they ways in which you can generate Carpet Cleaning leads? Keep reading!

Carpet cleaning is a very competitive market. Standing out from your competition and creating your unique presence can be challenging, especially if you are new in the business.

And according to Office Pride, in total, the commercial carpet cleaning industry loses up to 55% of its total customer base annually in the U.S. This makes it even more important to focus on lead generation along with customer retention of course.

Lead generation is one of the fundamentals that can help you stand out from the pack and attract more leads to boost your profit.

In this guide, we’ll be covering some fundamentals of lead generation for the carpet cleaning business and give you some tips on how to generate carpet cleaning leads regularly.

Let’s begin! 


Why Is Lead Generation Important for Carpet Cleaning Leads? 

Even if you provide excellent carpet cleaning services, not everyone will know about your existence.

Lead generation strategy is imperative to develop the consumer’s interest in your services to turn them into buying customers.

Lead generation helps your business stand out from the crowd and encourages your potential clients to engage with you through your website, online directory listing, or social media.

Having a steady flow of leads can help your carpet cleaning business generate a steady flow of cash and expand your client base to sustain your business in the long run.

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Top 15 Ways to Generate Carpet Cleaning Leads

Owning a business is not easy and generating leads that will turn into customers is harder.

You can do that in many different ways, but it gets tougher if you are a local business like a carpet cleaning business.

We listed 15 different unique ways to generate leads for your carpet cleaning business.

These ways work for carpet cleaning business owners, and you could get more leads by implementing a few of them.

1. Own an Attractive and Informative Website

Your website is your digital identity. Create an attractive, efficient, and professional website. Also, make sure that you include informative content and your information on the website.

An attractive website must be straight to the point and showcase your business as simple as it can, your information, and other details related to your business. Also, use keywords to help to rank on Google search.

2. Create Blog Post Content with Keywords

Along with an attractive website, make sure to create rich blog posts that are informational and easy to read.

Include specific keywords in these blog posts to help with your SEO efforts and rank higher on Google.

Focus on local-SEO keywords where you focus on keywords that will attract visitors from your area and will likely turn into customers with a quality blog post.

3. Design an Automated Booking System

Have an automated and efficient online booking system on your website so that potential customers can directly book a carpet cleaning session without having to talk to you back and forth.

This will save revenue, time, and effort on both sides. By letting your customers book their visits automatically, you are likely to turn your leads into customers faster and easier.

You can also do this on social media accounts along with your website.

4. Get Your Customers to Refer Friends Through Referral Program

You need to allow your service and expertise to do the work for you, and the best way for that is a referral program.

Let your existing customers refer their friends, family, and acquaintances and give them a reward for each referral they make.

This could be a discount, a free sample, or anything that you think might be worthy of their referral.

This will allow your clients to promote your business for leads without you having to do any of the work.

You can do this referral program through your website or by old techniques of letting the new referrals give out your customer’s name.

5. Optimize Your Website for SEO For Carpet Cleaning Leads

SEO on your website is one of the most important aspects of getting visitors to a website. It gets even more important for businesses.

Find specific keywords that are suitable for your business and your location and implement these keywords on your website.

Create rich content that is informative and attractive. Make a good design and make sure your website crawls in search engines, especially Google.

Top it off with a good call-to-action on your content to generate customers from the leads you get through SEO. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly to create organic traffic. 1

6. Create and Optimize Google My Business Profile

Billions of people use Google and its services to search for something they want every single day.

One of those products is Google My Business which helps businesses to get discovered.

Create your Google My Business account and put yourself everywhere in Google services such as Google Maps, Google search engine, and so on.

Once you create your Google My Business account, always keep your information up to date and make sure that your customers can get every bit of information regarding your business through your Google My Business account.

Your Google My Business account is the front page of your business when someone looks for a carpet cleaning business on Google.

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7. Invest in Digital Marketing

Use every digital estates you have, such as your website, Google accounts, social media accounts, and other means to promote your business either with organic or paid marketing.

Use fresh content, partner with influencers or similar businesses, use marketing campaigns, and spend some money to be promoted in certain areas.

With the right keywords, your customers will find your business easily.

8. Find Strategic PPC Marketing Campaigns

PPC marketing is a specific marketing type where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

It is a budget-friendly marketing strategy and could work way better than any other marketing strategy you can try since you pay per click.

Create good visuals or videos and short copywriting for your ad, and also make a good landing page with a call-to-action on it.

The whole marketing ad should be focused on getting the customer to click on your ad and generate a lead for your business.

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9. Join Facebook Groups and Contribute

By spending a few hours each day and joining local Facebook groups in your town, you can generate leads by helping people.

Do not promote your business on Facebook groups but rather comment on people’s posts who need help with stuff, possibly anything related to carpets.

Try to solve their problem or be helpful to them by recommending certain things.

This will not only highlight your expertise in the area, but it will also show people you care about your customers.

10. Create Active Social Media Accounts

Create and actively use social media accounts for your business on various platforms.

Use these social media accounts to share your works, referrals, and existing customers, and make sure that your information is always up to date.

Comment on people’s posts, share their experiences with you, and be active on your social media account.

This helps you to get your brand’s name out there and create brand recognition.

By being present all the time where people spend the most time in a day, you will generate leads easily. 2

11. Collect Emails and Send Out Occasional Newsletter

Sending out occasional emails with small tips and tricks and offers on your services could go a long way.

It creates the recognition you need. Request your customer’s emails when they make a booking or visit your website or offer them the possibility to give you your email by posting it on your social media.

Use your digital accounts to collect emails of potential customers. You could also purchase email lists for certain regions, but they might not be suitable customers in terms of needs.

Once you have enough emails at hand, send occasional emails, give out discounts, offer help, or give tips and tricks to these people in your newsletter.

12. Establish a Reward-Based Subscription System

You could create a system on your website where people can subscribe to your business and get regular carpet cleaning for a fixed monthly fee.

You could also alter this for certain other stuff where people can get a certain service regularly from you with a fixed price.

This will help you to generate a regular customer base and reduce your costs of finding customers with your marketing campaigns.

13. Use Your Customer Reviews

Reviews are the bedrock of your business. If they are bad, no one would want to click on your website and use your services.

You must follow your online reviews on reputable websites or on Google. Make sure that the reviews reflect the truth about your business and appreciate the right reviews.

Indicate what went wrong with bad reviews and follow up with your customers to make sure that they are happy with their service and change their reviews to a good ones.

14. Use Small and Short Call-To-Action

With every step on your website, whether it is a blog post or a landing page, you need to have a good call-to-action at the end.

These call-to-actions allow your visitor to appreciate your informative content and use your services if they are happy with the content they saw.

However, this call-to-action shouldn’t be too pushy and must be short and subtle.

This way, you could leave a natural mark on the content and let the reader decide for themselves.

15. Spend Money on Social Media Marketing

There are billions of people using different social media platforms each day, and there are also many different contents that these people consume.

Being one of these contents is important. However, you need to present a good, attractive, and interactive ad so that you can attract attention to your ad.

Your social media ads also should be for people in your neighborhood and interested in carpet cleaning.

You could choose that by allowing the social media platform to target people who visited or liked carpet-related posts or pages.

These social media platforms’ targeting systems generally do the work for you if you choose the right settings. 3

Benefits of Google Ads for Carpet Cleaning Leads Generation

Faster than SEO

Unlike SEO, which is a long-term investment and takes an unpredictable amount of time to drive traffic to your website, Google Ads works faster and provides immediate results.

As soon as your campaign goes live, you will start getting traffic almost immediately.  


Google ads are highly flexible and allow advertisers to tweak their ads to target a specific group of people based on demographics and specific buying behaviors.

You can even tweak your ads to promote a specific service or product and promote seasonal offerings or discounts to attract more leads.  

Control When you Get the Leads

Another great thing about Google Ads is that advertisers can choose when they want to show their ads.

This feature is great for businesses with a seasonality factor and allows them to turn on and turn off their ads whenever they want.  

Highest Return on Investment

Google allows you to optimize your bids, automate your high-performing ads, leverage quality scores to enhance ad relevancy, and incorporate targeted seasonal advertising to increase your conversions and get a high return on investment.

Easily Measurable 

Compared to other marketing methods, Google ads are one of the most highly measurable marketing online channels.

It provides tons of metrics and data to help you determine how your ad campaign is performing and what’s working and what’s not. 

Promote your Business outside of Google 

Google Ads gives advertisers an option to promote their business outside of Google on other relevant websites in the Google Display Network, where you have better chances of connecting with more potential leads. 4

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Why Choose Us? 

Here at TOTO Dream Marketing, we use a combination of various marketing techniques to put your ad in front of your potential customers.

We bring you high-quality exclusive carpet cleaning leads in real-time to ensure you have the best opportunity to get the job.

Here’s what we offer to our clients: 

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll create custom landing pages to target different audiences and get them to click through your end goal. 

  • SEO Management

We implement advanced SEO features to improve your rankings and boost your lead generation efforts massively. 

  •  Content Writing For Carpet Cleaning Leads

We’ll create professional and valuable content to attract new leads and increase your direct sales. 

  • Focused on ROI

Our lead generation strategies are focused on nurturing your campaigns and triple your ROI.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will be there to guide, help and support you throughout the campaign. 

  • Transparent Reporting

We are transparent in what we do for clients and show them exactly how their campaign is going so far. 

  • Only Pay for Results

You only pay when you get a valid lead, and someone calls your business.


What qualification does a carpet cleaner needs?

Cleaners are required to have a GED or high school diploma.

What is the best way to market Carpet Cleaning business?

The top five ways of marketing your carpet cleaning business include:

  • Distributing flyers
  • Using digital marketing
  • Utilizing social media
  • Creating referral programs
  • Creating websites

Is starting a Carpet Business worth it?

If you are determined to do something of your own and have a solid business plan, then starting a carpet business is definitely worth a try.

What do customers expect from a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Customers look for services that have courteous and professional staff and people who are extremely good at cleaning.

How lucrative is a Carpet Cleaning Business?

The average earnings of a carpet cleaner range from $200-$260, and you can expect to make $75,000 – $100,000 in a year.

So clearly, the carpet cleaning business is indeed profitable and if you can generate more Carpet Cleaning Leads then you will be able to earn even more money. 5

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