6 best 60-inch TV collections


TVs are a good way to spend quality time with your family and friends while you enjoy your favorite movie or soap opera dramas. Some people do not want to watch TV series or movies on laptops or mobile phones, instead, they prefer to watch on a big, widescreen.  #1 Winner of Best 60-Inch TV … Read more

5 Best 120 inch TV


Different people have different preferences when it comes to buying any product. However, when it comes to buying a tv most people like to get the biggest possible screen that falls within their budget. 120 Inch TV comes in that category. #1 Winner of Best 120 Inch TV Hisense 120 Inch TV Screen With Laser … Read more

5 Best 100 inch TV


Looking for television and going for the premium range unlocks a lot of size choices but the product choices get lesser and lesser. While there are fewer products available in the premium range, the selection process can get easy for you. However, finding the right product to buy is still very important. #1 Best 100 … Read more

5 Best 95 inch TV – Who is the Winner?


When you move into the premium sector while buying a television the options narrow down as well as the features. However, the premium experience keeps on getting better and better. #1 Winner of Best 95 Inch TV “Samsung Q950R QLED Flagship TV” 39+ People Purchased This Tv Today! The 95-inch television category comes in the latest … Read more

8 Best 90 inch TV – Which is the best?


We usually see TV screens ranging from 32-inch to 55 or 65-inches in different places. The bigger ones in this range are considered to be in the premium category. However, some manufacturers are producing screens even bigger than that. #1 Winner of Best 90 Inch TV “LG 4K Smart TV UHD” 53+ People Purchased This … Read more

11 Best 85-inch TV – See Who The Winner Is?


Large screen TVs have become quite popular as they greatly enhance users’ cinematic experience. However, with so many large-screen TVs on the market, you can get confused about which TV you should get. #1 Winner of Best 85-Inch TV “SAMSUNG 85 Inch Class QLED Q70A Series” If this is the case with you, you have … Read more

8 Best 80 inch TV – See Who The Winner Is?


There are many sizes available in TVs but if you are looking for the sweet spot between the huge screen and small screens then it lies somewhere between 75 to 85 inches. These TVs are bigger and more premium than the entry grade premium TVs which start at 55 to 60 inches. #1 Winner of … Read more

9 Best 70-inch TV – Which one to Choose?


TVs are a great source of entertainment and are believed to be a healthy way to pass your spare time. Several brands provide the best TVs across the whole world. As time passes by, the trend of buying large TV screens is increasing as well. #1 Winner of 70-Inch TV “INSIGNIA NS Fire TV” The … Read more

10 Best 50 inch TV – Which one is Best?


50 inch TVs make a good choice as an entertainment and gaming Tv, and they are the option that takes you to the Premium TV section. #1 Winner of Best 50 Inch TV “Hisense UHD Android TV 50A6G” So, when you are making your decision, you must be very careful to buy the best of … Read more

10 Best 43 inch TV


43 Inch TV is more like the sweet spot between the small screen sizes and the huge screen sizes. #1 Winner of Best 43 Inch TV “Sony Ultra HD X80J LED TV” 146+ People Purchased This Tv Today! There are a lot of options available in the market and here we are going to discuss … Read more