Cinch Home Services Home Warranty Reviews 2023

Searching for an honest Cinch Home Services review? Look no more!

Home warranty companies are a great tool to save yourself from the unexpected cost of repair of the daily equipment in your house.

In this Cinch Home Services Home Warranty Review, have a look at the various features, pros, cons, pricing, coverage, and all essential things you must know about this excellent home warranty company.


GuideCinch Home Services Home Warranty Reviews
Features180-day workmanship guarantee and more
Pre-existing conditionCovers
Cancellation fee$25
Trial period30 days
Service fee$75 and $125
Payout cap$2000
Price$27.99/mo – $39.99/mo
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • Cinch send their repairman in only a few hours and has faster service and response time.
  • It offers many features and services, including 24×7 support, a 180-day workmanship guarantee, a wide network of professional contractors, and more.
  • It offers three pricing plans starting at $27.99/mo-$39.99/mo.
  • It provides protection against rust and corrosion.
  • It is available in 48 states of the United Nations, except Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Cinch has a rating of 3.4/5 stars on Trustpilot.

What Is Cinch Home Services?

What Is Cinch Home Service
What Is Cinch Home Service

Cinch Home Services has been in the industry for 45 years, and it offers repair and replacement services for various appliances like refrigerators, heaters, dryers, washing machines, etc.

It offers three pricing plans along with a few add-on options, and the best part is that they offer service for pre-existing conditions and for items damaged due to corrosion and rust, unlike any other warranty company.

Apart from this, they also offer a 180-day workmanship guarantee and boast of sending repair services within two-four hours, both of which we haven’t seen yet.

So far, so good, but where does Cinch Home Services lack? Let’s keep reading to find out.

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Features & Services

  • 24×7 support
  • 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Multiple plans and options
  • A wide network of professional contractors
  • Faster response time

Plans And Pricing

Appliances$27.99/moClothes Washers 
Clothes Dryers 
Freestanding Ice Makers 
Food Centers (Built-in) 
Range Exhaust Hoods 
Microwaves (Built-in) 
Air Conditioner or Water Filter Credit 
Trash Compactors (Built-in) 
Wall Ovens 
Water Sensor 
Built-in SystemsStarting at
Air Conditioning Including Ductwork 
Ceiling Fans 
Attic Fans 
Central Vacuums 
Electrical System 
Garage Door Openers 
Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser
Garbage Disposals 
Heating System Including Ductwork  
Smoke Detectors 
Sump Pump 
Plumbing System 
Air Conditioner or Water Filter Credit
Water Heater 
Whirlpool/Jetted Tub (Built-in)  
Water Sensor 
Complete Home$39.99/moIncludes all the things of Appliances plan and Built-in Systems

Add Ons

Let us have a look at the add-ons that you can choose from:

  • Pool (heater included)
  • Pool with spa (heater included)
  • Spa (heater included)
  • Well pump
  • Septic tank/pumping

Pros And Cons


  • 180-day workmanship guarantee.
  • Faster service and response time.
  • Low cancellation fee.
  •  Protection for unknown pre-existing conditions.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
  • $500 Homeowner insurance deductible reimbursement.


  • Roof coverage is not available.
  • Less add-ons are available.

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Service Fee

Cinch Home Services service fee
Cinch Home Services service fee

Cinch Home Services’ service fee varies with respect to your location and the plan that you choose.

The service fee range between $75 and $125. With Cinch, you can either go for a monthly plan or choose the annual plan opting for which you will get two months of free coverage.

Let’s have a look at the service fee that you will be required to pay depending on the plan you choose.

Plan$100 Service Fee$125 Service Fee$150 Service Fee
Built-in Systems$39.99/month$45.99/month$55.99/month
Complete Home$34.99/month$39.99/month$49.99/month

Coverage Exclusions & Payout Caps

Exclusions and payout caps
Cinch Home Services exclusions and payout caps

Anything that is not ideally an appliance, such as door, windows, nobs, roof, etc., is not covered by Cinch.

Even improperly installed appliances are not covered by them.

We suggest that you ask them for a sample contract to know perfectly what all things are included and the terms and conditions.

Cinch offers payout caps upto $2000, which is competitive for the industry standard, and also they are quite generous with their coverage of $500 for things like plumbing, electrical repairs, etc., and the maximum payout cap is $10,000 during the term of the contract.

Claim & Cancellation

It is really easy to claim service with Cinch. For this, you can either call them or fill out a claim form available on their website.

Cinch Home Services boasts the fastest response time by sending their repairman within 24 hours, sometimes even within two hours.

Cinch hasn’t failed to impress us even when it comes to cancellation.

You can try their service for the first thirty days, after which, if you cancel, you will be charged $25, which is half of the industry standard.

State Availability

Cinch is available in 48 states of the United Nations, except Hawaii and Alaska.

Buying Process

You can buy Cinch’s subscription very quickly. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to their website and click on get a free quote.
  • Fill in the details as asked and see the available plans.
  • Pay after you have chosen your plan and enjoy their services.

NPC Cinch Home Services Ratings

Customer Service3/5
Ease of use4.5/5

Customer Reviews

Cinch Home Services customer rating
Cinch Home Services customer rating
Cinch Home Services customer reviews

Never go for any service without checking their ratings and reviews, as it can help you very much to know about the experience of real-time customers.

Cinch Home Services has an average rating of 3.4 out of 1,959 customer reviews.

Customer Service

Cinch Home Services has very helpful customer support; you can call them at (844)438-9233. This number anytime, 24×7, and they will answer all your queries.

Our Experience

We contacted Cinch when our clothes dryer stopped drying clothes.

Because we already had their appliance plan, we called them to claim service, and the lady asked us about our location, the condition of the item, and what the issue was.

After this, she assured us that a repairman would visit us in a few hours. After three hours, they sent a repairman, which was unexpectedly quick.

Within fifteen minutes, he fixed our dryer, and we had to pay a service fee of $80 (the fee varies depending on the location), and everything was good then. We had a pleasant experience with Cinch Home Services overall.

What Differentiates It?

What Differentiates it?
What Differentiates Cinch?

There are not one or two but quite a few differentiating factors that make Cinch an excellent choice.

First and foremost, it covers the pre-existing conditions of the items and also covers damage caused by rust and corrosion, which is something we haven’t seen any other home warranty company doing.

Also, they charge a cancellation fee of only $25, which is lesser than the industry average of $50.

Apart from this, the pricing is competitive, and the 180-workmanship guarantee is an added cherry on the top.

So much for an affordable and reputable company is what we expect a good company to be like.


CompanyCinchOneGuard Home Warranty
Features180-day workmanship guarantee and moreNo requirement for maintenance records, and more
Pre-existing conditionCoversCovers
Cancellation fee$25$50
Price$27.99/mo – $39.99/mo$399 -$699 per year
BBB ratingBNot accredited
Trustpilot Rating3.44

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How We Review Home Warranty Company?

We follow a standard procedure to rate and review different Home Warranty Companies. Firstly, we check the services offered by the company.

Then their contract’s terms and conditions, pricing, and payout cap. Lastly, we look for the company’s reviews and ratings online.

Detailed Article: How Do We Review Home Warranty Companies?

Final Verdict

Cinch Home Services is our top pick for the best home warranty companies. Home Cinch is not only a reputable company with an experience of 45 years and a customer base of millions, but it also offers great services that one might look for in a home warranty company.

With a 180-day workmanship guarantee, low cancellation fee, and affordable pricing, it has become one of our personal favorite home warranty companies to choose from.

We hope you found this Cinch Home Services review helpful and found what you were seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own technician for repairs and replacement with Cinch Home Services?

No, they do not offer the option to choose your own repairman. However, they have a network of 18000 repairmen and assign only the best for you.

What are the add-ons available with Cinch Home Services?

These are a few add-ons that you choose from:

Pool (heater included)
Pool with spa (heater included)
Spa (heater included)
Well pump
Septic tank/pumping

How many service requests can I make with Cinch annually?

You can request an unlimited number of services in a year with Cinch as long as you have not reached the maximum cap limit.

How to file a claim with Cinch?

You can file a claim with Cinch by calling them on their customer care number at 844-324-5688 24×7.

Does Cinch Home Service charge a cancellation fee?

If you cancel before 30 days, then they won’t charge you anything. But if you cancel after 30 days, then you will have to pay $25.

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