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When you need support for your tax resolution, you want to make sure you rely on a professional and reliable agency or firm.

Even the littlest mistake can bring the worst consequences: for example, mistakes usually make you pay penalties or similar.

In order to avoid that, not only do people search for support, but they also search for the most reliable firm.

Community Tax is known as one of the best in the sector: there are tons of positive reviews in every online review aggregator, and it’s also accredited with A+ on BBB. 

They offer a wide range of services that can help those who have issues with their taxes status but also for anyone who’d like to avoid those issues or that simply wants to obtain the best treatment possible when it comes to paying their taxes.

In this review, we’d like to discuss anything Community Tax can do for you.


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FeesNot disclosed
FeaturesAccounting, Tax help, etc
Community RatingStrong
WebsiteClick Here

Key Takeaways

  • Community Tax offers services like Tax Resolution, Tax Planning, Tax Prep,  and Accounting.
  • Community Tax has an A+ BBB rating.
  • They have a live chat available for easy communication.
  • Community Tax has a rating of 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot.

How Much Does Community Tax Cost?

Just like it happens with many competitors, Community Tax doesn’t share its rates on its website.

This is because the fee you’re asked to pay them is usually calculated specifically on the kind of job they’ll do for you, which is customized to your needs in turn.

However, you can expect their rate to start from $200 and be higher for more specific or prolonged services.

Community Tax Features & Services

Community Tax Features & Services
Features & Services

Community Tax organizes its services in four categories:

Tax Resolution

This is the ideal service for anyone who needs to resolve their debts with the IRS.

The team behind Community Tax can help you navigate your options so that you can pay your debts with the smallest amount of interest.

Tax Planning

With this service, the Community Tax team will help you draw your tax strategies ahead of time. By knowing exactly what kind of taxes you’ll need to pay in advance, you avoid bad surprises, and you avoid growing debts in the future.

Tax Prep 

Tax prep can require a lot of time, and you are constantly worried that you are doing something wrong.

If you want to delegate these aspects to a professional team, Community Tax can take care of it for you.


Community Tax can handle your books and streamline your daily operations. This is particularly ideal for businesses.


How much Can Community Tax Save Me?

The money you can save with tax resolution or professional tax prep can amount to thousands of dollars. Of course, you need to calculate the difference with the fee you’ll need to pay to Community Tax.

However, while the rate hardly goes over some hundreds of dollars, the amount of money you can save is higher!

Pros and Cons


  • Community Tax has an excellent reputation, and it’s accredited by BBB with an A + score.
  • They offer a range of services that converts any need you can have when it comes to taxes.
  • They also offer accounting services: with this service, they’re basically taking care of your finances.
  • They have a live chat available, which is often the quickest way of obtaining information. They also provide an email address and a phone number, other than the classical form that you can fill with your data (they’ll call you back).


  • They don’t share their rate in advance. Despite this being something that many competitors do, it’s never ideal. Clients always like to get an idea about the cost of service even before they contact the service provider.

How Community Tax Services Work?

How Community Tax services work
How Community Tax services work

These are the steps you’ll need to follow when you want Community Tax to take care of your taxes issues or accounting:

  1. Get in touch with Community Tax in any way. You can use their live chat, phone their office, or write an email.
  2. The first call is usually about you explaining what you need. They may already tell you what the options are available, but the actual offer usually happens a bit later.
  3. After one or two days, you are contacted by a Community Tax team member. They have studied your case, and they are ready to make you an offer: they’ll explain what they can do for you, and they’ll specify their fee.
  4. If you accept their quote, you can be asked to send all the documentation they’ll need.
  5. From this point on, they’ll take care of anything, and you’ll be informed of any step they’ll make.

Community Tax Reputation And Accreditations

Community Tax has built an excellent reputation over time. The great number of excellent reviews the agency has in every known review aggregator can testify to how professional and responsive their team is.

Furthermore, they are also accredited by BBB with an A+ score: which means that they are allowed to take care of their client’s tax status and that they have demonstrated that they can do it well.


NPC Community Tax Ratings

Customer Service4./5
Tax Relief help4.5/5
Ease of use4.5/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Customer Rating And Review
Community Tax Customer Ratings And Reviews
Community Tax Customer Ratings And Reviews

Out of 517 customer reviews on TrustPilot, community Tax has been given an average rating of 4.5 stars which is really good. 84% of people out of 517 gave it a five-star rating, and 5% gave it a one-star rating.


What Makes Community Tax Better Than Others?

The main difference between Community Tax and their competitors is that they also offer accounting services too. With accounting services, they’ll take care of your finances.

Instead of hiring a professional to fix your issues with the IRS with accounting services, you are hiring a professional to avoid those issues.

Furthermore, with accounting services, you don’t need to think at all about those complicated and bothersome aspects that concern accounts and taxes.

Our Experience With Community Tax 

As always, we like to test the companies and agencies we review. In this case, we hired Community Tax on one occasion for Tax Prep services: we obtained tax prep for our company, and we could also have a direct experience with them.

We decided to contact them with the form that you can find on their website, and they will call back within 1 hour.

We explained the kind of service we needed (without saying we were going to write a review about it).

Since the service was pretty simple (tax prep, one time), they were able to provide a quote instantly. We accepted.

We were sent a link with the payment details, and once the payment was made and confirmed, we were sent another email where the Community Tax team asked for some documents.

Also, we shared them, and they were able to fill in all our tax prep documents in less than a week. 

With their services, we could just pay our taxes, making sure we obtained the best treatment without bothering too much.


Anthem Tax Relief

Anthem Tax Relief works just like Community Tax. They also have an excellent reputation and an A+ score by BBB.

The main difference is that Anthem Tax Relief doesn’t provide accounting services. 

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Optima Tax Relief

If you have a big debt, the kind of service you need is tax relief. Community Tax can provide this service, but there are also valid alternatives. Optima Tax is one of them.

Optima, in particular, is ideal for those who are searching for online services.

They can handle anything online: they also provide a log-in to your dashboard so that you can have anything under control at any moment.

Fortress Tax Relief

If you have debts and you want to rely on someone who provides specific services about tax relief, then Fortress Tax Relief is the ideal solution.

They are a firm that specializes in tax relief services, but they do not provide any other kind of service.


CompanyCommunity TaxAlg Tax Resolution
FeaturesTax planning, accounting, etc.Tax Resolution, Tax audit, etc.
FeesNot revealedNot revealed
BBB ratingsA+A+
Trustpilot ratings4.5/54.7/5

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Final Verdict

Community Tax not only offers effective tax relief help but also offers a unique option of accounting unlike any other.

We recommend going for Community Tax if you are looking for a good tax relief service.


What happens if you don't pay your taxes correctly?

If you don’t pay your taxes, or you don’t pay them entirely, you incur penalties.

It means that, other than your taxes, you’ll be asked to pay even more because of your previous mistakes.

This is why professional help, despite requiring a fee, can still be extremely convenient for individuals and companies.

Is there any deadline for tax-paying?

Yes! Federal taxes are due every year by April 15th. To make sure you are ready before that date with your tax prep, professional help is ideal.

Do Community Tax provide services in other languages?

Community Tax can provide its services in both English and Espanol. This can be very helpful for anyone having difficulties with English.

Do I need to pick a service in particular?

You can pick a service and hire Community Tax for one particular service if you like, but it’s not mandatory.

Most of the time, Community Tax works with people by contacting them and explaining their issues, and then answering with solutions and a quote. You can either accept or refuse the quote.

Is Community Tax legit?

Yes, Community Tax is legit and has been working for over a decade now.

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