Top 15 Lead Generation Methods For Concrete Business

As a concrete contractor, you must already know how challenging it is to get your hands on valid concrete leads as you grow your business.

Competition is fierce in the concrete industry; therefore, it is critical to have a reliable source of leads to have your sales pipeline at all times and generate new leads constantly to sustain your business. 

Lead generation allows concrete contractors to target their desired customers and gather information about their needs to tailor the value of their services to turn them into customers. 

In this article, we’ll share why lead generation is crucial for a concrete business and how you can start generating leads for a more successful outcome. Let’s get started!


Why Is Lead Generation Important For Concrete Business? 

Regardless of how many years you have been providing concrete services, if you don’t have a lead generation strategy from sources outside of your regular client base, your concrete company won’t survive in the long run. 

Lead generation provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your possible clients, target a distinctive group of people and convert them into customers. 

While there are many options to generate leads, one of the best and easiest ways is to rely on a lead generation partner that offers exclusive concrete leads and allows for a partnership without any long-term commitment. 

Top 15 Concrete Lead Generation Methods

Generating leads for businesses is one of the major challenges. This challenge gets harder if you are a local business with a specific niche.

That is why you need to understand the ways to get more leads and know more about your niche’s requirements.

Here are 15 different ways to generate concrete leads that are working for business owners who have a business related to concrete.

Make sure to establish these ways as suitable as you can to generate potential leads.

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1. Optimize Your Content for Local SEO

SEO in your business website is one of the most important things to have, and it is no different for concrete businesses.

However, you need to fine-tune your SEO and make it local SEO. Local SEO allows people in your area to find you and not from other regions.

Create content, change the texts around your website, establish backlinks, and other SEO-related options to make your website SEO-friendly and attract organic traffic.

2. Set Up and Maintain Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business and other Google systems that works for businesses, especially local small businesses, are important.

Make sure to get familiar with every Google business-related product and create your profiles there.

After creating your business profile, make sure you add everything about your business, location, opening hours, photographs, and your pricing scheme, and then check to see if the information there is correct.

Always keep your business information on your Google Business profile up to date, as well.

3. Use Social Media Actively

Your website is not the only place where potential leads will see your business. By creating social media accounts with good visuals, you create brand recognition.

Post content frequently, comment on people’s posts, like useful information, and network on social media.

Let people see your name and your social media accounts. Once they need something, they will remember your name and come to you.

4. Design and Print Physical Ads Around Your Neighborhood

Just like in the pre-internet era, physical ads still work great if you do them well.

Get a good design for various physical ad methods like flyers, billboards, bank ads, or anything that you think people might be interested in.

Make sure your ads have clear information, a place where they can contact you, and are not too complicated in design.

Publish these ads everywhere, rent out billboards in crowded places, and give out flyers to people yourself.

5. Use Emails Of Customers For a Newsletter

Set up your website and social media to allow people to share their emails with you for you to create an email subscription list.

Once you collect enough emails on your subscription list, start sending out occasional emails with tips & tricks, discounts, offers, and other things that might attract them to visit your business.

Don’t forget to include small and effective call-to-action at the end of your emails to revert them to your services and make them purchase something from your business.

This way, you provide value to your existing customers or potential new customers and get leads without spending too much effort.

6. Find the Right PPC Marketing Campaign

If you want to work on a limited budget and make sure that you don’t spend too much money on digital marketing, PPC marketing is a good choice.

Use search engines and also social media to set up these campaigns.

Set specific keywords, choose your target audience, create good visuals and finish your campaign with a good call-to-action.

Alternatively, you can also create a landing page on the ad page to which you will redirect your leads. That landing page should also have a call-to-action.

7. Set Up a Referral Program

By giving out rewards for each referral your existing customers make, you use your customers to attract new customers for you.

You can set this referral program both digital or in real life, where they mention your customer’s name.

You can then give out a special offer, discount, or anything that might be in favor of your existing customers for that referral.

You can increase the gifts they get with each referral. A referral program is a vital part of generating a lead for any local business.

8. Read and Manage Your Reviews Online

You will have various reviews about your services on Google or other trustable websites like Trustpilot.

Always read through these reviews and make sure there is no misinformation about your business and services.

If there is a bad review, make sure to contact the owner and try to fix the problem that they change their review.

This shows potential customers that you take care of your clients even after you get paid. Bad reviews will put new customers away.

9. Find Numbers and Cold Call Potential Leads

Something that many local businesses have been doing for a very long time is cold calling.

Either get a local directory from somewhere reliable or use the phone numbers you have from the visitors or leads you to get to your website or social media page.

Use these numbers and call them up to talk about your business and how you can help this potential customer with their concrete project in mind.

Make sure that you only call people who might be a good lead. These are generally people in your location, someone who might have a need for a concrete project like someone with an old house.

10. Come Up with Short but Effective Call-To-Action

If you don’t promote yourself or let people know that you offer similar services at the end of informational content, you will lose potential leads.

You need to show people that you can cover the problem you mentioned in your content.

You can do this by adding great call-to-action to your blog posts, websites, social media posts, and other content that you think is useful to the clients.

You can also use call-to-actions on marketing campaigns. However, do not be pushy with your call-to-action, and try to implement it as naturally as it can be.

11. Partner and Network with Similar Businesses

It is highly likely that there are other similar businesses in your area. Instead of seeing them as enemies, see them as potential partners and create a working relationship with them.

In times when they can’t accept new customers due to staff shortages, they can give you the job as part of your partnership.

This will create leads without you having to spend time on it all the time. However, see your partnerships as a two-way street. You need to provide them with something, as well.

12. Make Your Website Conversion-Focused

Since your website is your identity along with your social media accounts, you need to have a high conversion rate on your website.

This means you need to be able to turn your visitors and leads into customers with high percentages.

You can best do this by optimizing your website and its content to be highly conversion based.

13. Write Informative and Interactive Blog Posts

Blog posts are an amazing way to generate organic traffic to your website. Create engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts that will inform your visitors.

Add good call-to-action to the end of your blog posts to make sure that you will turn your visitors into leads.

Make sure that these blog posts are not spammy and advertisement focused. Try to provide value to the reader.

14. Be Present In Local Events

Every city and state has local events for specific niches, and finding an event where you can shine with your expertise is a good way for new leads.

You can be a host speaker or be present to talk to potential customers and help them with their decision to buy something or learn about concrete.

The main idea is to show yourself and your business to people by being present.

15. Create Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Use your social media accounts for marketing. You need to create good visuals, find good keywords, and do the right targeting in your marketing campaign.

With the right settings and a good budget, you can reach out to many people and turn them into leads if you have a good call-to-action in your marketing campaign.

Benefits Of Google Ads For Concrete Leads Generation

Let’s have a look at some benefits of using Google AdWords for generating leads for a concrete company:

Faster Results Than SEO

Google Ads makes your ads rank on the first page of the search results, giving you the fastest visibility than SEO which may take weeks and even months to get you the results you want.

Whether you are a new start-up or have years of experience in the industry, Google Ads will get you enough exposure within a few days.

Build Brand Awareness For Concrete Leads

Brand awareness is one of the most common benefits of Google Ads. Reinforcing your brand name is necessary to win the trust of people and gain new leads.

With Google Display Network, advertisers can target their desired audience and make them see what they offer, and create brand awareness.

Conversion Tracking And Optimization 

Google Ads allows users to track their conversions and optimize their ads to get the maximum ROI.

Not only can you track your sales and leads, but you can also create custom conversions to achieve the results you want from your ads.

Targeting Capabilities 

Google Ads allows you to reach your target audience at the right time and improve the quality of your leads.

You can use the targeted keywords to get to your desired audience when they are searching for products or services similar to yours.

Measure Your performance Consistently

With Google Ads, you can constantly keep an eye on the performance of your ads and maintain complete control of your campaign.

Google Ads would let you know who clicked on your ad, the number of leads generated, which keywords got the most leads, and how much does each lead costs?

Level Competition 

Google Ads allows you to compete with the competitors who already have extensive brand recognition on search engines.

You can check the auction insights to analyze the true position of your ads against your competitors and evaluate what you need to do to achieve a higher ranking than your competitors.

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Why Choose Us?

At TOTO Dream Marketing, we garner 100% exclusive leads from your local market and bring them to you in real-time.

Our PPC campaigns are optimized, so you won’t have to figure out what works best for your company.

We achieve maximum ROI for customers with the help of the following:

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll create a high-converting landing page to attract qualified prospects and convert them into leads. 

  • SEO Management

We’ll improve the ranking of your web pages to drive massive traffic to your website. 

  •  Content Writing For Concrete Leads

We’ll provide great-quality content to help your business get more lead flow online. 

  • Focused on ROI

We provide top-quality concrete leads with the highest conversion rate and ROI. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager

We’ll pair you up with a dedicated account manager who will assist in every step of the process.

  • Transparent Reporting

Our transparent reporting will help you monitor the performance of your lead generation campaign for improvement. 

  • Only Pay for Results

You only pay if you get the valid lead or don’t have to pay.  

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What are the most effective ways of generating Concrete leads?

Here are five of the most effective ways of generating Concrete leads:

  • Advertise on various platforms including social media
  • Ask for testimonials from your current clients
  • Write guest blogs
  • Have a strong email marketing strategy
  • Showcase your best work

How much can you earn from a Concrete Business?

The top earners in the Concrete Business make $119,500 in a year,

Will starting my own website help me in generating more Concrete leads?

Yes, starting your own website, which is SEO optimized, will help you immensely in getting more traffic and more leads for your Concrete business.

How can I generate Concrete leads for free?

To generate Concrete leads for free, you can:

  • Ask your currents clients for testimonials
  • Give away a referral bonus
  • Collaborate with related services or businesses

How to promote my Concrete business?

To promote your Concrete business, you should:

  • Write catchy headlines
  • Create an optimized website
  • Collaborate with influencers related to your niche
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