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District of Columbia runs the D.C. lottery in the U.S. It is a member of the Multi-sate lottery association and offers games like Powerball, Luck for life, Keno, Megamillions, DC-4, DC-2, DC-3, Lucky4you, RaceToRiches and more.

Participating in lottery games could be fun, but if you are lucky enough, you can end up winning millions and billions of money in a day.

In this article, we will give you a detailed account of the D.C. Lottery if you are thinking about participating in it.



Lottery DC Lottery
Established 1982
Lottery Winning Results Announced
Lottery Winning Results Announced
RequirementsBe over the age of 18

Key Takeaways

  • DC Lottery has helped people turn into millionaires overnight.
  • You can play many games like DC-2, DC-3, Powerball, Megamillions, DC KENO, and more.
  • DC Lottery offers you the opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from $4 – $1,000,000.
  • A huge amount from the DC lottery goes to charity after the distribution of prizes.

What Is DC Lottery?

The DC Lottery, also known as the District of Columbia Lottery & Charitable Games Control Board, was founded in 1982.

It is run by the District of Columbia with the purpose of entertainment and charity for the people living there.

Over the years DC Lottery has contributed $1.5 billion for the students, public safety, and child services of District Of Columbia.

At DC Lottery, they encourage people to play responsibly because a huge amount of money goes towards charity purposes. And also because it is a form of gambling, it can be abused.

DC Lottery has helped people turn into millionaires overnight, but the number of people participating in it is so huge that the chances of winning are less. But if you are lucky enough, you may win the prize.

Now that you know what DC Lottery is let’s look at the various games that you can play here.

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Current Games Of DC Lottery

These are the following games of DC Lottery:


This is a two-digit game that has six different bet types. With just a minimum wager of $0.50, you can win up to $50.

There are three ways in which you can play this game. You can either manually choose a number, or you can go with the quick pick option, or else you can choose a play slip and select one digit from 0-9 in each row.


This is a three-digit game that gives you three ways to play and offers nine ways to win. You can win prizes from anywhere between $25 to $500.

In order to play DC-3, you are required to choose three numbers from 000 and 999 that you see on the bet slip.

Now select a draw time, and for each game, you are required to select a bet by marking. You can bet up to five wagers of $0.50 or $1 on each bet slip.


This four-digit game offers eleven ways to win from prize money ranging from $100 -$2500. Additionally, it offers a top prize of $5000.

To play the game, you need to select a draw time. Now for each game you play, you need to select your bet by marking, and you can wager $0.50 or $1.


This one is a five-digit game that offers 120 ways to win. The top prize goes up to $50,000, and additionally, it also offers prizes varying from $25- $25,000.


This is an exhilarating jackpot game, with jackpots starting at a startling $20 million. Other prizes ranges from $4 – $1,000,000.

To play this game, you have to pay $2 for each Powerball wager, and you get to play up to five wagers on one bet slip.

For this, you have to purchase your Powerball tickets on the same day of drawing for twenty consecutive rows.

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Mega Millions

The Jackpots at Mega Millions start from $40 million, along with other jackpots ranging from $2 to $1,000,000.

You can even add a megaplier for $1 to multiply the amount you win by two, three, or even five times.

Each wager costs $2 for this game and an additional $1 for a $2 bet.

Lucky For Life

This is one of the best games that you can play because the prizes you win here last a lifetime.

The prizes range from $3 – $1000. If you manage to win one of the top two prizes, then it will last for the rest of your life. Each wager for Lucky for Life costs $2.


This is a simple, fast, and fun way to win up to $1,000,000. The maximum wager for KENO is $100 per bet slip.

You can also purchase KENO spin for an additional $1, which gives you an opportunity to multiply your win by up to ten times.


This is an interesting horse racing game that gives you an opportunity to win up to $1,000,000.

You get an option to select how much you would like to wager per race which costs $1.

DC Fast Play

These are instant-style games that you can play through the agent terminal. In order to play, you do not have to get any slips.

Just ask for DC Fast Play games from any DC Lottery retailer.

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How To withdraw DC lottery funds?

It is easy to claim and withdraw your DC Lottery funds. However, the withdrawal method varies from the amount to amount won.

You can claim any lottery prize up to $600 by email or at any DC Lottery Retailer.

For prizes ranging from $600 up to $5000, you can claim via mail or by visiting the retail plus location.

Also, note that to claim your Lottery funds, you are required to bring your original winning ticket, original Social Security card, photo ID, and the office of gaming and lottery claim form.


For a safe and legal betting experience, you can go to DC Lottery.

They offer a variety of games ranging from $0.50, and you can win millions of dollars if you are lucky enough.

DC lottery offers something for everyone, and even if you do not win anything, the proceeds of the lottery will still go to the state government for a good cause.


What happens to the unclaimed Prizes?

You are required to claim the prize within 180 days from the date of the drawing. If the prizes are not claimed within 180 days, then they will be given to the General Fund of the District of Columbia.

How much tax do I have to pay on the amount I won?

Lottery prizes are also considered as income, and as such, you are required to pay taxes. The tax amount may vary depending on the amount you won and depending on the state and federal laws of the place you live. You are advised to consult a financial adviser or tax official to get a clear view of this.

What should I do if Ioose a winning ticket?

It is solely your responsibility to safeguard your lottery tickets. They advise you to sign at the back of the ticket. Otherwise, anyone who finds the lost ticket may claim it.

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