Diversyfund Reviews : Is It Safe? In 2022

Dispatched in 2014, DiversyFund is an internet-based land contributing stage offering private business land speculations to no accredited financial backers (or individuals with under $1 million to contribute).

While a few stages let you exchange all alone, DiversyFund is robotized. 


Year of Establishment 2014 
Rating Out Of 5 4.29
Exchanging Software None
Least Deposit $500
WebsiteClick here

The organization says it expects to serve regular financial backers who don’t have many dollars to put but need to fabricate abundance significantly. 




DiversyFund, Fundraise Offers Real Estate Investments Both For Authorize and Non-Accredited Investors.

While Both Land Stages Have $500 Minimums, They Differ With Regards To Charges And Speculation Choices.

You can just put Resources into Reits with DiversyFund, But Fund Rise’s Venture Options.

DiversyFund is an internet-based land contributing stage offering private business land speculations. 

Also Include Electronic Real Bequest Reserves, Fundraise Ipos, And SelfCoordinated Iras.

Yield Road, Then Again, Offers Multi-Resource Class Reserves, Elective Ventures, and Transient Notes. 



The organization fundamentally offers its land speculation trust (REIT).

It also makes these accessible to everybody, not simply licensed financial backers (people who have total assets of a minimum of $1 million or yearly pay of $200,000). 

A REIT is an organization that claims and oversees pay-producing land resources. You can conclude that you put resources into REITs. You’re putting resources into different land projects. 

REITs own various land resources like lodgings, rental units, or shopping malls. In any case, DiversyFund Growth REIT essentially claims multifamily properties.

This implies that $500 store awards you admittance to all of the land projects, or multifamily properties, that DiversyFund possesses. 

Since it claims all of the land resources it offers, DiversyFund deals with every land project from beginning to end and benefits from those undertakings close by you.

Besides, it offers every financial backer a 7% favored return. This implies that the organization doesn’t benefit from land projects until financial backers get 100% of profits up to the first 7%. 

Also, even though you’ll require $500 to begin, DiversyFund venture least is moderately low contrasted with other land applications like Crowd Street ($25,000) and Yield road ($1,000 to $10,000). 

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Why choose DIVERSYFUND? 
Why choose DIVERSYFUND? 

DiversyFund promotes itself as an upward direction coordinated stage, as the support, designer, and resource chief.

The idea is that this considers a cheaper charge structure since the organization can source properties straightforwardly for the REIT, foster them to develop incomes and increment the property estimation, and afterward sell them for a benefit, partaking in the profits with value financial backers in the REIT. 

Thus, DiversyFund doesn’t charge yearly resources the executive’s expenses to financial backers in the DiversyFund Growth REIT straightforwardly.

If the charges are revealed as having the option to gather from the REIT, the support and designer are well over the business-standard. 

Charges of DIVERSYFUND: 


Here are the different expenses DiversyFund charges the REIT: 

Designer charge: 6% to 8% of both complex (e.g., land, development, remodel) and delicate (e.g., proficient expenses) costs. 

Demeanour of property: 1% of final deal cost. 

Development of the executives: no reach revealed; states “will likewise be steady with industry norms, as controlled by the Sponsor.” 


  • Low obstruction to the passage, with a $500 most minor venture. 
  • Open to both authorized and no licensed financial backers. 
  • No stage charges, as costs are now calculated into land bargains presented through the site. 
  • DiversyFund vets’ speculations for quality before making them accessible to financial backers. 
  • Put resources into million-dollar bargains without buying or overseeing property straightforwardly. 
  • Potential for better-than-expected venture returns. 
  • Financial backers who are interested in adding land to their portfolios. 
  • Fanatics of land contributing Reddit strings which need to look into claiming property. 
  • People who need to put resources into the land without direct possession. 
  • Individuals who have $500 to make a speculation. 
  • Financial backers who are explicitly keen on possessing multifamily property ventures. 

Investment Offers Available At DIVERSYFUND: 

Investment Offers Available At DIVERSYFUND
Investment Offers Available At DIVERSYFUND

It Needs To Make it is Financial Information Public, And It Complies With Sec Regulations. 

Client Reviews Of DIVERSYFUND: 

Client Reviews
Client Reviews


I thus express my most genuine review because of DiversyFund for your respectable undertaking to contribute for the benefit of your individuals.

I comprehend the venture environment is exceptionally hostile because of the ongoing pandemic. And also, exceptionally trust and petition God for proceeding with gifts to your organization. 

For sure, your organization is fit for making outstandingly significant yields, and also we have extraordinary trust in such a manner. Again, thank you for everything—incredible JOB. 


My buy was straightforward. The exchange happened when planned, and to me, everything was obvious.

I get updates and messages and explanations at routinely planned occasions. Incredible for novices such as myself to get everything rolling in contributing.

The just disadvantage is that the return is meager right now. I’ll hang in and check whether it’s incremented. 


I have “left a message” multiple times with w/their web visit bot over the previous week, and still the present week, my issue has not been tended to. 

Try not to attempt to call the telephone number you need to “Google” to find, since you will get a Voicemail Box with w/similar outcomes as w/the visit bot – NOTHING! 

Fascinating when you ask the “HELP” bot about pulling out your cash, this is the reaction: 

DiversyFund Bot 

I was unable to track down any significant articles 

You can pose another inquiry. 

I will pull out my assets when I at long last address somebody. These days, it is unsatisfactory not to have the option to converse with somebody or get a reasonable reaction to a solicitation. 

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What differentiates Diversyfund from others?

Here are the features that differentiate Diversyfund from others:

  • You get access to commercial real estate deals
  • It works for non-accredited investors as well
  • You can even start investing with a minimum of $500
  • For a low-cost entry, Diversyfund is the best

Our experience with Diversyfund

I was a non-accredited investor, and finding a platform where I can do my bidding without having much capital was a great task for me.

So, I started looking for such platforms where I could get access to commercial deals, and then I found Diversyfund, and I should say it completely worked for me.

Diversyfund Comparison

Diversyfund Comparison
Diversyfund Comparison

Let’s Diversyfund with similar other services:

Diversyfund vs. Sarwa

You can start investing with a minimum of $500 at Diversyfund, and you get access to commercial real estate deals.

Sarwa is a bit different from Diversyfund because it allows you to invest globally. This platform is perfect for those people who have a good amount to invest.

But it is a hassle-free investing experience at Sarwa. It is a diversified platform of stocks too. It is a Robo-advisory firm. 

Diversyfund vs. Cowrywise

Cowrywise offers quite amazing services. You can earn savings and invest further in reasonable and money-making deals. There are guaranteed security and flexible investment plans.

Plus, you get to use planning tools without paying a single penny. You get in-class support as well. You are not getting these services at Diversyfund.

Diversyfund vs. Dolphin group

Well, you get consulting, web development, office back support, and other services from Dolphin group.

You can consult experts and get their advice before investing, but you can’t invest in this group.

At Diversyfund, you can make an investment in the real estate business.

So, for consultation, you need to approach the Dolphin group, but for making an investment, you need to create an account at Diversyfund.  


Hence, this is it. We ought to do a fast little recap before wrapping our article and completing our discussion.

DiversyFund is an excellent platform for investing your capital. We inspected the fundamental thought and activities.

By and large, DiversyFund is extraordinarily uplifting and vicious since you will get a superb chance to contribute, which spreads with an overseen association. As of now, all you want to construct the number inland is DiversyFund. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does the venture function? 

Obtaining Stage: The REIT utilizes the capital raised to procure multifamily properties with around 150+ lofts. 

Remodel Stage: We do what is known as a worth add play. We enhance the properties by employing remodels in singular units, standard regions, and so forth; we use income from the properties to finance the remodels throughout some period. 

Balance out and Hold Stage: As we settle the redesign cycle, the constrained appreciation implies expanding leases and balancing the property. We’ll then, at that point, clutch the resources for a long time, permitting the property to appreciate in esteem usually. 

Liquidation/Disposition Stage: This is the last stage. At this point, the properties have usually appreciated and through constrained appreciation utilizing the remodels. This is the best and ideal opportunity to sell the properties. We’ll sell the resources and exchange our financial backers.

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