15 Foolproof Ways to Generate More Electrician Leads Of 2023

Want more Electrician Leads? We got you!

If you’re a home service contractor like an electrician, you already know that the competition can be fierce online.

Whether it’s a single-man operation or a company, an established business, or a new start-up, everyone is trying hard to get seen by the targeted audience.  

Online lead generation can help your business narrow the pool of potential electrician leads and attract the most qualified leads and a return on investment.

According to Border States, electrician jobs are expected to grow by 9.1% from 2020 to 2030 which means there is an increase in customer demand.

To ensure you get a high number of leads from this increased demand in this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of lead generation for electricians and how to generate more electrician leads to grow your business. Let’s get started!


Why is Lead Generation important for electricians? 

Lead generation works by attracting prospects and converting them into leads using a variety of marketing tactics.

Lead generation requires many lead sources and channels, each with its different strategy. 

Having a successful electrician business is not easy in this digital era if you don’t have a continuous flow of new leads.

While referrals can be a valuable source to get new electrician leads, a great lead generation strategy will help you get more visibility and credibility.

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15 Types of Leads Generation for Electrician Business 

Every business must generate leads for its business with certain efforts. These leads are the bedrock of the success of a business.

Generating these leads, however, is not easy work. It is especially hard if you are a local business owner.

You need more effort when you are a local business owner operating only in a certain area. Here are 15 different ways to generate leads for your electrician business.

These are the ways that work for electrician business owners, and you can benefit, as well. Try to use and implement the majority of these ways for a high success rate.

1. Optimize Your Website and Social Media Content for Local SEO

The very first thing that a business, whether local or not, must know and implement is SEO or local SEO.

Digitalization is important in this century, and you must do it right. Make sure that your website is compatible with certain keywords.

Include top-ranking local keywords on every content you display on your website, social media, emails, and other things.

These keywords include “near me” or “electrician in xx.” Once someone searches for “electrician near me,” if you target these keywords, the Google algorithm will put you on top.

2. Ensure That Your Website is Responsive and Optimized

Apart from local SEO, your website must also be easy to read, not too complicated, and optimized. This means that it should be fast and efficient.

Google’s algorithm must be able to read through your website and crawl it on its indexes.

This optimization includes making your website mobile-friendly and responsive design.

You should also clearly state who you are and how customers can contact you. Tell me everything about your company.

3. Check Your Online Reviews and Manage Them

When potential customer searches for you on the internet, they will first look at reviews on different platforms.

Google is the most famous one, but there are also other reputable websites for online reviews. Make sure to create your account on these websites and take care of your reviews.

You should make sure that there is no misinformation and fix the bad reviews by contacting your customers again and asking them how you can fix the issue.

4. Have Professional and Trained Customer Service

When your existing customers or potential customers have a question or a problem with the service, they need to be able to talk to someone.

When they talk to someone, that person must not only understand your business but also has to be professional.

That is why having professional customer service to handle problems is important. Either train or hire customer representatives to help you with your customer satisfaction.

They also must know about your business in detail, so even if you hire a professional, you might still need to train them.

5. Use an Online Booking System for Appointments

Having automation in your business makes everything easier. When you have an automated online booking system, you not only make things easier, but you also make them efficient.

Your conversion rates will increase by allowing people to book an appointment without having to talk to someone automatically.

Your leads will be likely to make an appointment to see their opportunities and what you can offer.

Automation of booking saves you time and money since you don’t have to talk to every lead one by one. 1

6. Use Emails of People for an Email Newsletter

There are many different ways to start an email newsletter, but perhaps the most efficient one is to collect emails yourself.

Offer people incentives or just ask them to provide you with their email on your website or on social media.

Once you collect enough emails, start sending out occasional newsletters to the subscribers of the newsletter.

These newsletters must focus on providing value to the customer, like tips and tricks. With informational content, give out discount coupons or certain offers.

You could implement this in the call-to-action at the end of the mail to combine them together.

Do not make your emails spammy, don’t send them too frequently, and don’t make them an ad. Make it valuable content.

7. Design a Mobile Application

In addition to an optimized website, having a mobile application that is optimized, fast, and efficient is important.

It will allow mobile users to see your business. There are a vast majority of mobile phone users along with computers, that is why it is important to be in front of both users.

Your mobile application should be able to provide the customer with the same experience as the website. You can give offers to mobile users and make them use the app more.

8. Create a Referral Program for Existing Customers

If you let your existing customers get something in return when they refer a friend, you could generate good leads without much effort.

Create a program where when someone refers someone to your business will get an offer like a discount or anything else.

You could even make this a program on your mobile application or website where they don’t even need to say anything to you and still get benefits.

However, a referral is a great way of getting new leads because if someone was happy with you, their friend will likely trust their word and come to you.

9. Spare Budget for  PPC and SEM Marketing

Billions of people use Google every day to do searches on different topics. Coming on top of the searches you want will generate quality leads for you.

Prepare your SEM marketing campaign, choose the right keywords and target the right people in your location.

You can also do PPC just like SEM, but you only pay for each click you get on PPC marketing.

PPC marketing is more budget-friendly, but you must have a good landing page or call-to-action to turn your visitors into leads. You could do SEM with PPC, as well, if you want.

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10. Set up Social Media Accounts and Actively Use Them

Along with your website, social media are two places where you will reach out to many people to get leads.

Create your business’s social media accounts on various social media platforms and set those accounts up properly.

Add a good profile picture and other visuals, fill your bio with your information and add your contact. Once your accounts show your business well, start posting content.

You can also share other people’s content and comment like on the posts. You have to be visible on social media for people to be aware of your business. 2

11. Partner with Supplier Businesses in Your Area

No matter if it is a corporation like Home Depot or a small local business like yours, partner with them. This means they will recommend you to their customers if they need an electrician.

Since they are not competitors and work in different sectors but are related to your business, you will likely get leads from them.

You must do the same and recommend them to your customers if they need help with their line of business. This is like referral but on a business level.

12. Create Engaging and Informative Content for Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating valuable, informative, and attractive content for people to read or watch. The biggest content marketing is writing blogs.

Write blogs about informing people about electricity and other things that are related to your electrician business.

The aim should be to inform people and add a call-to-action at the end for people to take action and come to you to solve the problem.

13. Participate and Network in Local Events

There are most likely local events happening in various sectors in your neighborhood. Participate in those events either as a visitor or as a speaker if it allows you.

Network there, meet with people and give them tips and tricks if they need help with something related to your business.

This will let them know that you are there to help, and they can come to your business since you also know your deal.

14. Start Telemarketing For Electrician Leads

Telemarketing is an old way of getting leads, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work anymore.

Even though doing it yourself might not work, you could still work with a telemarketing company to get good results.

They will handle everything for you, and all you need to do is sit back and get leads.

15. Create Retargeting Ad Campaigns

In marketing, when you reach one person through your ads, and they visit your website, this means that they are interested in your services.

Retargeting them might do the trick if they didn’t purchase anything from you and just left without conversion.

Use retargeting strategies in marketing campaigns to reach out to people who didn’t purchase anything but showed interest in your service. 3

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Benefits of Google Ads for Electrician Leads Generation

If you’re wondering whether Google Ads are worth it or not, here are the top reasons to use Google AdWords for generating electrician leads:

Fast Results 

Google Ads is fast and provides quick results that may take months with SEO. You can set up and launch your live ad campaign quickly within a couple of hours.

You can also advertise your business on other search engines, target many keywords simultaneously, and analyze how your ad is performing to make necessary changes.

Increase Brand Awareness For Electrician Leads

Google AdWords also helps you build your brand awareness online faster and maximize your search ad impressions.

Using the combination of both Search Ads and Display Ads, you can make your ad seen by your potential customers multiple times a day and can cover more ground for growing brand impressions online.

Maintain Full Control of your campaigns

With SEO, it’s difficult to measure what exactly led to the increased or decreased rankings, but with Google Ads, you know where your leads are coming from and which ad is converting the most.

Google Ads is highly transparent, easy to measure, and allows you to maintain control of your campaigns.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization 

Another impressive feature of Google Ads is that it lets you track your ad conversions and understand how its performing.

Besides tracking basic conversions such as sales or leads, you can also create custom conversions to maximize your electrician leads with modified bidding and targeting.

Retargeting Website Visitors

Google ads are a great way to effectively retarget your website visitors and create more elaborate audiences utilizing different sales funnel steps.

By advertising to the users who have visited your website, you can stay at the top of their minds and increase your chances of converting them into sales.

Stand Out Among Competitors

When someone searches for electrician services, and you are not running ads, your competitors will steal your electrician leads almost instantly.

With Google Ads, you can make your ads stand out among your competitors and get more leads. 4

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Why Choose Us?

At TOTO Dream Marketing, we understand not all electricians are the same, which is why we give each client a choice to decide on a lead price that reflects their ability to turn that lead into a customer.

We bring in high-quality electrician leads in real-time. And you only have to pay when you get the lead you need. we offer several services, including: 

Custom Landing Page

We’ll create a compelling landing page to generate as many leads for your business as possible. 

SEO Management For Electrician Leads

We’ll ensure you show up on the first page of search engines when someone searches for something related to your business. 

Content Writing

We’ll generate highly optimized and appealing content that generates leads and sales every time.

Focused on ROI

You’ll be able to track your Return on Investment (ROI) and make the best possible decision for your business. 

Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will manage your account and help you find opportunities to increase sales by developing custom campaigns for you.

Transparent Reporting

Our lead generation technology delivers a high level of transparency and lets you track every dollar.  

Only Pay for Results

We only charge you when you get the electrician lead you need. 


Will starting my own website help me in generating more Electrician Leads?

Yes, an SEO-optimized website can help you immensely in generating more electrician leads.

How much do Electrician contractors make in a year?

Electrician contractors make up to $81,462 annually on average.

How can I generate Electrician leads for free?

You can generate free electrician leads by:

  • Giving referral programs
  • By word of mouth
  • BY asking and friends and relatives if they are looking for this service

What is the difference between a lead and a prospect?

A lead is something that has not been converted to sales yet, while a prospect has been converted to sales.

Is cold emailing a good way to generate leads?

Yes, you can send monthly cold emails to keep your business in highlight, and there are good chances that someone looking for your service might get back to you.

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