Why Do We Need Energy Star Certified Products?

Energy Star is a program created in 1992 to designate high efficiency for products in more than 75 categories.

When you purchase an air purifier, you can come across the Energy Star logo, but what does it mean?

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind the light blue energy-star label and why you should prefer Energy-star labeled products.

Why Do We Need Energy Star Certified Products?

Key Takeaways

  • A product gets Energy Star Certified after passing a rigorous set of criteria.
  • Energy Star Certified products consume lesser energy and are sustainable products.
  • Energy star-certified products require maintenance.

Why Bother About Energy Star Certified Products?

In simple terms, the Energy Star Certification is a mark for energy efficiency.

The mark can be earned not only from products but also from plants and buildings. Most domestic appliances are Energy Star certified, and air purifiers are no exception. 

In order to be awarded this certification, an air purifier (just like any other product) needs to pass a rigorous set of criteria before it can receive this stamp of approval.

The US requires Energy Star products to be certified by approved certification groups and laboratories.

The United States EPA regularly revises Energy Star requirements so that companies need to continually develop their technologies to improve the energy efficiency of their product. 1

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What is the Role of Energy Efficiency Appliances?

Energy Efficiency

In this age, we can’t live without domestic appliances. However, this means that we are dependent on energy and source of power, and this is causing many problems.

First of all, some non-renewable energy sources are being depleted. Second, a lot of these energy sources are polluting or too demanding when compared to our planet’s resources.

We’ve all heard at least once about climate change. Our energy consumption is strictly related to it: because we need more and more energy, we are consuming our planet’s resources beyond its possibilities.

This is causing an increase in the atmosphere temperature with catastrophic consequences.

For these reasons, we need to improve the energy efficiency of the products we use: we need products that can be performant but require as fewer quantities of energy as possible. 2

Why Purchase An Energy Star-certified Air Purifier?

Energy Star-certified

You may or may not be sensible about the problems that are affecting our planet. However, even if you don’t worry about the Earth’s problems, you certainly worry about your products.

Energy efficiency means obtaining premium performance but requiring fewer quantities of energy. Therefore, energy-efficient products make you save a lot of money on your bills!

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by u/eyal8r in hvacadvice

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Do Energy-Star Certified Products Require Maintenance?

Just like any other appliance, energy star-certified products require maintenance.

The right care of your product not only lengthens its durability but it lets the product keep being energy efficient.

When it comes to maintenance, consumer service is highly important. So, when you purchase your air purifier, make sure to pick a device that comes from a manufacturer that can provide quick assistance.


When you check for the Energy Star logo on an air purifier, you make sure that:

  • you are being gentle on the planet
  • you can save tons of money on your bills
  • you are purchasing a premium air purifier that has undergone all tests to obtain certifications.

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What is the importance of Energy Star rating?

Appliances having the energy star rating are 10%-20% more efficient than products that does not have this rating.

Do Energy Star appliances have longer life?

Energy Star appliances use less energy, but the average life of an appliance is 10-20 years.

What appliances should I get an upgrade for?

The top appliance that are worth upgrading are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
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