Epic Trading Review—Forex Educational Platform In 2022

Are you somebody who is fascinated by Forex trading? Want to study the detailed mechanism of Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, you are at the right place. Epic Trading is a forex MLM company launched in September 2020.

It delivers features such as, forex education, live trading sessions, market forecasts, and a multi-level marketing referral program, etc.

It is a worldwide training platform explicitly focusing on foreign exchange trading. The company offers a set of educational content in video and text.

And it also provides the opportunity to master a skill at the comfort of your home and earn huge profits.


Trading Platform Epic Trading Review
Year of establishment 2020
Rating out of 5 4+
Minimum monthly cost $134.99
Navigation EaseEasy
WebsiteClick here

This article will review Epic Trading in detail, looking at its features, fees, programs, compensation plans, and many more.

Epic Trading
Epic Trading

What Is Epic Trading?

What is Epic Trading?
What is Epic Trading?

Epic is an abbreviation for “Exceptional People Incredible Compensation.” David McCovy launched Epic Trading LLC in 2020. Its headquarters are in Nevada, US. 

It’s founder and owner, McCovy, is a business tycoon. He has a diverse background that includes retail, hospitality, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

The Epic Trading platform is the world’s leading online financial training company.

And also, people can choose to join exclusively for educational purposes or the affiliate marketing program.

Epic Trading focuses on FOREX education. Learn to trade in FOREX, binary options, cryptocurrency, US30, and more!

What Is Forex?

Forex, also recognized as FX or Foreign Exchange, is the conversation of one currency into another.

Forex trading typically takes place to expedite commerce, trade, and tourism.

The forex market is a major international markets, with an average exchange volume of USD 5 trillion every day.

Forex trading is prevalent among investors internationally. Its extreme popularity contributes to its low barriers of entry, robust regulation, and opportunity for profit.


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Why choose Epic Trading?

Why choose Epic Trading
Why choose Epic Trading

Specific features provided by this platform are valuable for traders, whether new or seasoned.

Some of the reasons to choose it are:

  • Varied Payment Options – You can use several payment options for paying membership fees like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Members can pay using debit or credit card, or even bitcoins. PayQuicker login is also supported.
  • Multi-Language Support – Epic Trading wants to spread education globally and cater to worldwide audiences. Hence the website is available in different languages like Russian, Arabic, and Spanish.
  • Active On Social Media – The company has a widespread social media presence. They regularly share updates and interactive videos on Instagram, Twitter, and telegram also.
  • Customer Support – The customer support team has the experience and is also responsive and reliable.
  • Resources – It has a varied pool of resources where members can access information in a format that best suits them.
  • Referral Plan – This platform lets clients grow through the ranks by bringing in new clientele in return for added monetary rewards.

How To Use Epic Trading

How to use Epic Trading
How to use Epic Trading

It is very convenient to join this platform. For this, head to their official website, which has an interactive interface.

Select your subscription package because different packages are available with discount offerings. The registration process is reasonably straightforward.

You are asked about your personal and contact information. Confirm the password. You can pay via credit card or bitcoin also.

For any further assistance, contact their customer service team.

Fees Of Epic Trading

Fees of Epic Trading
Fees of Epic Trading

It charges a monthly membership fee. Above this basic package, there are two other add-ons available for enrollment. You can find complete detail below:

Epic University Scholar – This program provides access to Epic Trading services, such as Epic University, forex signals, analysis tools, live webinar sessions.

And also, sessions like trading tool reviews, forecasts, trade alerts, and member support. The membership’s monthly cost is $134.99 only.

Epic Independent Business Owner (IBO) – Epic IBO program enables members to participate in the Epic Referral Compensation Plan, real-time office data, and many more. This plan’s monthly cost is $14.95.

Epic PTOs – This plan gives access to premium services at the monthly price of $19.99.

A notable fact here is that Epic Scholars cannot earn bonuses and commissions from the Epic pay plan without joining as an IBO.

Features of Epic Trading

Features of Epic Trading
Features of Epic Trading

Influential, Easy-to-Use Features Include:

Shareable Content: You can share impactful and ready-to-use content with professionally-written messages with prospects via text message, email, or any other chat app.

View Content: You can use this app to view things such as, PDFs, videos, and other content. And also, you can use this app to show the contents to other prospects.  

Contact Management System: A comprehensive Contact Management System (CMS) permits you to follow the recruiting status of your prospects. 

Prospect History: You have complete access to prospect history. Including which content has been sent to each prospect, how much content they have viewed or not viewed. 

Email/Push Alerts: You get an automated email and push alerts when a website link is opened, a video you shared is viewed.

Automated Reminder System: An automatic and powerful reminder system lets you schedule push alerts and emails that prompt you to follow up with prospects. 

Types Of Trading Available at Epic Trading

Types of Trading Available at Epic Trading
Types of Trading Available at Epic Trading

It offers to trade in the following:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • US30
  • Binary options

What differentiates Epic Trading from others?

Here are the features that differentiate Epic Trading from others:

  • A global training compare where you learn life-long skills
  • You will get access to the latest communication and technology tools
  • A super friendly state-of-the-art interface
  • It comes with powerful and authentic content
  • You will find audios, videos, and PDFs files at Epic Trading

Our experience with Epic Trading

I thought that I might face problems using Epic Trading, but due to the multi-language support, this platform worked for me.

The support team was always available, and my overall experience of learning through Epic Trading is quite awesome. I would totally recommend this educational platform.  

Epic Trading Comparison

Epic Trading Comparison
Epic Trading Comparison

Let’s Epic Trading compare with other similar services:

Epic Trading vs. tradingview 

There are 12 customizable chart types available at tradingview.

You can compare symbols, get export chart data, and Intraday charts based on custom formulas here.

Here, you can share your ideas and get reviews on them. Epic Trading is more about learning only. You get to learn about different trading types here. 

TradingView – Explained!

Epic Trading vs. Forexfactory

Forexfactory comes with various innovative features that include filtering down a list of brokers you might want to consider trading with later.

You get a leaderboard for tracking your month’s returns. It is not a platform for learning but trading. At Epic Trading, you will learn about trading first. 

Epic Trading vs. livecharts

Live charts provide you with a report that consists of advanced charting capabilities that would show you about your development.

It would help you to track the overall progress on a specific project. Epic Trading will help you learn about charts and how you can make your project the best.

First, you learn about charts at Epic Trading then you can start using them at livecharts. 

Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service

This platform has an active support program. Also, support is available to all members across the globe.

They have active social media accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts for news, updates, and also other insights.

You can contact Epic Trading using email and phone calls from 08:00 to 19:00 UTC Monday to Friday.

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 800-893-8261

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Amelia Bucholz from Springfield, VA, says: “It is truly a life-altering opportunity.”

Amber Brown from Orlando, FL, has reviewed it as “Give it a try and see how your life will become Epic.”

Chelsea Tolentino from Ewa Beach, HI commented, “I love Epic a lot because of the educational platform and community.”

Dr. Mark Orso from the United States says, “Everybody needs Epic for the knowledge purpose and also for creating generational wealth.”


It has a wide variety of educational resources, providing approachable, easy to follow, and also the latest content.

The company has helpful and active customer support, although its membership is not cheap costing $137 per month.

This platform is relatively a new establishment, and also it is advised that newbie traders better find a cheaper and well-known substitute.

However, if you think you can gain profit from it’s multi-level affiliate marketing program, there is no harm in getting started through the company’s website.


Is Epic Trading Worth It?

Although it is a new venture, it provides valuable learning content globally. However, its monthly subscription is a bit expensive, and you have to pay extra fees for Referral Compensation Plan.

How Long Has Epic Trading Been in business?

Epic Trading has been operating since 2020, and it’s a brief period. David McCovy is the founder and current owner of the company. Prospects should remember that the first few years of most companies are uncertain and also tumultuous.

Is Epic Trading a pyramid scheme?

No, it offers a real and tangible product over its multi-level marketing system.

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