Eternals 2 Release Date

Even though Chloé Zhao’s Marvel Studios directorial debut, Eternals, had a low box office success and a polarizing reaction from fans, the picture sowed the seeds for cosmic ramifications on a scale previously unthinkable.

Sersi (Gemma Chan) and her colleagues disobey the Celestial gods by avoiding the Emergence, an event that would have destroyed Earth and killed everyone on it, at the end of the film.

Oh, and Eros was played by Harry Styles, who made his acting debut. Out of all this, one might wonder whether there will be Eternals 2.

We will see whether there is an Eternals 2 release date in this article.


Cast Of Eternals 2

Although the majority of the ensemble will likely return, the first film had several losses from the crew.

Deviants killed Salma Hayek’s Ajak, and the main Deviant Kro (voiced by Bill Skarsgard) was responsible for Don Lee’s Gilgamesh’s death.

At the climax of the film, Richard Madden’s Ikaris realizes his error and takes a flight towards the sun, presumably to his death.

However, none of the deaths rule out the potential of a reappearance in flashbacks, given their 7,000-year existence.

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Eternal 2 Overview

Upcoming Season2
GenreAction, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Adventures, and Superhero
Season 1 Rating6.4/10 On IMDB
Eternal Season 2 Release Date on November 8, 2024

Eternals 2 Release Date

Eternals 2 looks to be on pace to release on November 8, 2024.

After examining the wider picture possibilities and the endeavor to retain Marvel’s mix of grounded and cosmic storytelling.

Even though it is pretty far away from 2022, Marvel Studios will have a busy few years ahead with other movies coming in, so this date is probably the best date they could have.

Previous Eternals Review

In a nutshell, it’s a mess. It also runs for 2 hours and 37 minutes.

Despite this, “Eternals” feels hurried and disappointing due to the large, diverse cast and the extensive world-building that it demands.

The mythology is complicated and frequently ridiculous, and the film comes to a stand around the one-hour mark for a lengthy information dump.

You may still be unsure of what’s going on at the end, but you may not care.

Zhao, the latest Academy Award winner for Best Picture and Director for the sparse and intimate “Nomadland,” does, however, show off a lot of her trademark style.

Previous Eternals Rating on IMDB

Even though many people didn’t like Eternals, and it is fairly a bit of a different movie than the majority of the Marvel Studios movies in a bad way, on IMDB, it still has a fairly good rating.

With 297 thousand people voting on the movie, it has a 6.4-star rating out of 10. Considering our movies and their ratings, Eternals has an average star rating.

Where Can You Watch Eternals?

Since Eternals is a Marvel Studios movie and Marvel Studios is part of Disney+ with their shows and movies, Eternals is currently streaming on Disney+ exclusively and nowhere else.

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What Can Happen Next In Eternals?

While the first film’s influence was from Jack Kirby’s comics, it mostly created its own story, making it impossible to anticipate what would happen in the sequel based on the first.

Fortunately, we can focus solely on the original film’s cliffhanger finale.

The Eternals split after rejecting their commander Arishem and stopping Tiamat from killing Earth, assuming the conflict is over for the time being.

Arnhem kidnaps Sersi, Kingo, and Phaistos from Earth, proving their assumptions erroneous.

Arnhem reminds them that, like in the comics, he plans to analyze their memories to judge whether humankind is worthy of existence.

When To Expect A Teaser Of Eternals 2?

Since the movie didn’t even start shooting yet and we are far away from the confirmed release date, we do not know when to expect the first teaser, but it could come around in a year before the movie releases, so around late 2023.

The Verdict

The First Eternals movie was not a major success, with mixed reviews coming from the viewers, but the producers are aiming for a better sequel that viewers will like more than they did the first movie.

The cast might change or stay the same, but they are trying to write a script that everyone will love.

Frequently Asked Question

Can the Eternal two release date be earlier?

Since the movie didn’t start shooting and nothing is ready, we are unlikely to see an earlier release date.

Is it possible to see a delay in Eternals 2 release date?

This might be the case because even though there are several years before the release date, they didn’t even start shooting, so if something goes wrong, they might delay it.

Will there be several teasers of Eternals 2 before the Eternals 2 release date?

There can be, but nothing is sure as we didn’t hear anything about it from the producers.

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