Etrade Review: A Safe Investing! In 2022

Etrade was formed in 1982 in New York City and, like its closest competitors, was one of the earliest online brokerages in the United States.

In September 2016, Etrade paid $725 million for online broker OptionsHouse, opening the path for what is now known as the Power Etrade platform.

Morgan Stanley will purchase ETRADE in October 2020. (NYSE: MS).

Etrade has 5.8 million retail brokerage accounts and executed over 1,010,000 daily online trades every trading day as of the first half of 2020.



Trading Platform Etrade Review
Established in 1982
Regulated by The Securities and Exchange Commission is a member of FINRA and the NFA.
Trading Platforms Web, Mobile, Power Etrade
Assets Stocks, Options, ETFs, Mutual Bonds, Futures, Bonds and CDs
WebsiteClick Here


Minimum Deposit$0.00
Stock Trades$0.00
Penny Stock Fees (OTCCB)$6.9
ETF Trade Fee$0.00
Options (Base Fee)$0.00
Options (Per Contract)$0.65
Futures (Per Contract)$1.50
Mutual Fund Trade Fee$19.99
Broker Assisted Trade Fee$25.00


Following are the Etrade features:

  • You get news, charts, market details, and streaming quotes at Etrade
  • The risk analysis that would let you know about the loses and profits if you make an investment
  • You get to uncover potential opportunities

Platforms And Tools

Platforms and Tools at Etrade
Platforms and Tools at Etrade

Power Etrade is a web-based platform that innovates and provides traders with speed, convenience of use, and the tools needed to succeed.

Chart IQ, an exceptional third-party supplier of HTML 5 charts, powers Power ETRADE’s charting engine.

Panning and zooming are exceptionally fluid; integrated Trading Central (Recognia) technical analysis, 114 optional technical indicators, and 32 sketching tools.

Power ETRADE provides the ideal things such as convenience, superior tools (screening via StrategySEEK, scanning via LiveAction), and smooth position management for casual and active options traders (custom grouping, real-time streaming greeks, risk analysis, and more).

And, for newbie investors, there is no better place to learn how to trade options than Power ETRADE.

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Research Options

Research Options at Etrade
Research Options at Etrade

Everyday investors may use ETRADE to undertake in-depth market analysis on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and more.

However, when compared to category leaders, ETRADE lags in website design and in-house market commentary.

Trading Technology

Trading Technology
Trading Technology

Trade execution quality is critical in deciding where and how orders are routed.

Because an order might be sent directly to an exchange or to a broker who then routes the order to an exchange, the technique a broker chooses to route orders influences the price at which your order was filled.

ETRADE collaborates with numerous market centers to give end-to-end control over orders to provide the fastest and highest-quality trade executions.

To do this, the broker employs innovative smart order routing technologies to seek the best market execution.

It also employs smart order routers, which are equipped with characteristics that allow it to access adequate liquidity to complete customer orders while having the least amount of market effect.

This tactic employs sequential and spray techniques, but you may also route your own orders.

Education Offered

Education Offered at Etrade
Education Offered at Etrade

If you’re just starting started, E-Trade has you covered with a wealth of articles, videos, and workshops, as well as a finance library.

The Knowledge Center at ETRADE focuses on novice investors, long-term planning, tax preparation, and sophisticated topics like options and futures.

It has a complete calendar of events, including free live in-person events and online webinars.

It helps investors sharpen their abilities and feel more confident in their investment decisions.

The broker just created Virtual Learning Environments, full-day scheduled online events with a specific learning goal.

For example, in the fall of 2020, ETRADE provided an Options Bootcamp for new options traders.

Investors have complete access to the library, covering a wide range of financial issues and areas of interest.

You may also learn how to utilize the ETRADE tools and platforms by accessing a variety of platform demos.

The Knowledge Center is available to all site visitors, regardless of whether they have an ETRADE account or not.

Using ETRADE’s paper trading platform, you may also develop your abilities and test ideas without risking real money.

Our experience with Etrade

The Etrade was working quite fine, or should I say great for me. The interface is very welcoming and easy to understand.

But now I’m not happy with this trading platform because I recently deposited some amount, but it never showed in my account.

I tried their customer support, but they said can’t help me. So, this might happen to you as well without any reason so I won’t recommend it anymore.

What differentiates Etrade from others?

Here are the facts that differentiate Etrade from others:

  • A platform for both beginners and advanced level traders
  • You learn about the market here
  • You get to use tools for options and futures traders

Etrade Comparison

Etrade Comparison
Etrade Comparison

Let’s compare Etrade with other similar services:

Etrade vs. MProfit

You learn about investing basics at Etrade. You can plan a retirement plan and how you need to pay your taxes, plus you get to know more about the current market condition at Etrade.

Whereas MProfit is more about managing investments in F&O, stocks, Bonds, and other various assets.

You must have know-how about the trading market if you want to use MProfit.

Etrade vs. RetailGraph

Etrade is all about learning about trading and then doing the investment.

Whereas if we talk about RetailGraph, then it is a solution for your retail and distribution business.

It will automate the whole process, and it works for stores and store chains. 

Etrade vs. HyperStock

HyperStock will help you to track inventory, and you can reconcile your complete online business inventory.

It would be more like a solution to the problem you face when it comes to having a record of your products.

Etrade is about market values and is more of an educational platform for those who would like to learn about trading. 

Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service

Access to brokers, retirement specialists, financial consultants, and also product specialists is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One disadvantage is the current average wait time on hold for customer assistance, which is 11:05 minutes.

ETRADE consumers can chat with a live customer care agent 24 hours a day.

Or also can write an email, view FAQs, or utilize a language search engine to locate information on the website. The conversation is accessible via the internet as well as mobile apps.

As a qualifying customer, you can also speak with Financial Advisors at ETRADE retail branches or over the phone. ETRADE has over 30 physical locations in the United States.

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ETRADE’s security provides its customers top-notch security without the risk of data breach or information being stolen:

  • All ETRADE systems support two-factor authentication.
  • There have been no significant platform failures in 2020, and no data breaches have occurred in the last four years.
  • It provides fingerprint and faces scan log-in options when logging in with a mobile device.
  • Clients of ETRADE will be covered by the Morgan Stanley excess of SIPC supplementary insurance policy. This has a $1 billion aggregate maximum. This sum is in excess of SIPC’s necessary insurance.
  • According to it, there will be no major platform outages in 2020. However, the company did have some issues with its trading platform, as clients experienced issues with signing in and making orders. To be honest, various trading platforms have had technical difficulties due to the stock market frenzy around GameStop and other equities.
  • It similarly claims to have had no big data breaches.


Etrade rates well in numerous categories compared to the finest online stockbrokers in the US.

According to its most recent regulatory filing before being bought by Morgan Stanley in October 2020, Etrade was created in 1982 and had a substantial market share as a U.S. brokerage, handling about 6 million retail accounts and over 1 million trades daily.

It is a market leader in mobile, online, and options trading (due to Power Etrade) and continues to innovate year after year.

Overall, it offers a well-rounded product that will please most customers. Whatever your investment expertise or preference, it is a dependable, full-service broker that sets a high standard for its rivals.

Overall, It offers a well-rounded product that will please most customers.

It is a wonderful choice for both new investors and experienced traders, who typically have distinct wants and expectations because the broker performs an excellent job of appropriately servicing both markets.


When will the funds I deposited be available to invest?

Once you have initiated a transfer from an external funding account to your Etrade account, it might take three business days for funds to arrive at your Etrade account. Internal transfers are also available immediately.

How do I submit the necessary documents?

There are two ways to do so. One is to use the document upload tool of Etrade or send Etrade fax. For using the document upload tool, you can do so easily on the web platform. But for fax, you should look up the instructions on the application form to find the fax number and other details.

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