10 Best Family Tent In 2022

Camping plans are always fun to make with your families, and they become even better when you know that you are going to be convenient using your Family Tent.

However, this convenience comes at the cost of carrying all the equipment with you.


#1 Winner Of Best Family Tent

“Pacific Pass Easy Setup Dome Family Tent”

There are different types of things that one needs to carry along, including some heavy and some easy to carry lightweight things.

One very important part of your trip can be a tent, and interestingly tents have advanced a lot.

Now there are many features and benefits that make your camping trips a lot better.


What Is A Family Tent?

What is a Family Tent?
What is a Family Tent?

Tents for one person or two people are common. When you go camping with your family, spending time alone in different tents can make the experience less fun.

So, the family tents are the tents that make sure that the whole family can rest and enjoy the trip in one tent.

The purpose is not only that, but there are a lot of other amazing advantages of these tents.

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The 10 Best Family Tent Options For You

Looking for family tents can get a bit confusing for you, knowing that there are a lot of options available.

The list of unique features may help you in the selection process, but at the same time, longer lists from a lot of available options will confuse you.

So, instead of facing all the confusion, you can check the top 10 picks that we have shortlisted for you.

1. Pacific Pass Easy Setup Dome Family Tent – Best Amazon’s Choice Family Tent

Pacific Pass Easy Setup Dome Family Tent
Pacific Pass Easy Setup Dome Family Tent

Everyone wants to get a product that brings the best reliability for them.

When buying a family tent, reliability holds high value because if your product lacks reliability, the experience will be worse.

Buying this family tent might be the right choice for you if you have a family of 4 because the reliability you get here is unmatched both in terms of staying there as well as protecting from weather.


  • The removable rainfly enables you to stay protected in the rain and enjoy ventilation when needed
  • Packs into a small carrying bag that also comes along
  • Waterproof against 1500 mm rain
  • It comes with several built-in spaces for organizing things

Pros And Cons


  • Available in 3 different color options
  • Does not take more than 5 minutes to set up
  • It weighs only 8.05 pounds making it very easy to carry


  • Not the choice for families larger than 4 people

What makes it the best choice?

Most families do not have more than 4 people, which makes it the best choice for most of the families.

Additionally, the feature list of this tent, along with the Amazon’s Choice tag’s reliability, set things on the next level. On top of everything.

The pricing makes it easily affordable for any family, making it the best choice from all the family tent options discussed here.

Our Experience With The Product

I am not really happy about buying this family tent. A few days before, I bought this tent, and we did manage to set it up within no time.

The assembling procedure is quite simple. Well, we buy a tent so we can enjoy a safer space where the rainwater won’t be able to seep it.

We assembled this tent, and then the rain started. We were three people, and we went inside the tent.

Right after the rain started, water started to seep in from the seams. We got wet. Our stuff got wet. So I am not going to suggest this product to anyone now. 

2. Extremus Pop-Up Instant Family Tent – Best Pop-Up Family Tent

Extremus Pop-Up Instant Family Tent
Extremus Pop-Up Instant Family Tent

Pop-Up Tents are known for making your traveling and camping experience easier than ever because they are easy to carry and set up within seconds.

This is the best family tent that comes with pop-up functionality, meaning that you will not have to get the whole family struggling to set this tent up.

Along with the convenience of setting it up, this tent is also very convenient in terms of usage.


  • 190T polyester fabric protects against weather and stays durable
  • The fiberglass poles help in making it lightweight and long-lasting
  • Included tent stakes ensure that you will be setting up the most stable tent
  • Mesh windows help for better ventilation

Pros And Cons


  • Zippered doors allow easy opening and closing
  • It comes with a rainfly
  • Guideline ropes included for added stability


  • Checking dimensions when buying is better than looking for several people because of the size differences of this tent.

3. UNP Easy Up Family Tent -Best Partition Family Tent

UNP Easy Up Family Tent
UNP Easy Up Family Tent

Sometimes you want a tent in which the whole family can easily fit in and sleep.

However, privacy is also a major requirement for some people. In that case, you can get this tent because it comes with a partition in the middle.

So, in theory, it will still stay in one tent, but you can create 2 rooms inside it to meet all your privacy needs.

Well, the partition is not all that it brings as there are a lot of other features available in this tent as well.


  • Double Layer waterproof design
  • Perfect for 10 people
  • Large mesh windows for better ventilation
  • Rainfly to provide additional protection against rain

Pros And Cons


  • Available in 3 different options
  • It takes no longer 8 minutes and no more than 2 people to set it up
  • It comes with 1-year quality assurance


  • Not the product for you if you are planning to cook inside

4. Dome Tent Family Tent for Camping – Best 3-Room Family Tent

Dome Tent Family Tent for Camping
Dome Tent Family Tent for Camping

This tent takes things one step further in comparison to the option above.

This comes in a design that allows it to be divided into 3 rooms providing even better privacy.

Another better thing about this tent is that it is also rated for 10 people, meaning it will be even more comfortable to use.

It has a lot to offer in terms of features and benefits, and here are some of its amazing features.


  • It comes with organizing pockets inside for easy gadget management
  • It easily fits 3 queen-sized beds inside
  • Mesh walls and roofs provide ventilation like no other option
  • Comes with a port allowing to access power cord easily

Pros And Cons


  • You can hook your lights or things inside using hooks
  • Comes with a mud mat attached
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Might be overkill for some families and bring less convenience and more management work

5. Kazoo Double Layer Waterproof Family Tent – Best Waterproof Family Tent

Kazoo Double Layer Waterproof Family Tent
Kazoo Double Layer Waterproof Family Tent

When you are going camping, there are a few things that you must consider getting. Waterproofing in your tents is one of them.

This tent here brings the best waterproof experience for you. It means that you do not have to worry about rainwater getting inside the tent while camping.


  • Double-layer design with polyester fabric brings the best waterproofing
  • 2 doors and 2 windows bring excellent ventilation
  • SBS Dual-Zippers make getting in and out easy and reliable
  • It takes not more than 3 minutes to set up

Pros And Cons


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Available in 3 different color options
  • Highly reliable and stable


  • Not a choice for families of over 4 members

6. MOON LENCE Double Layer Anti-UV Camping Tent – Best Anti-UV Family Tent –

MOON LENCE Double Layer Anti-UV Camping Tent
MOON LENCE Double Layer Anti-UV Camping Tent

Going out in nature is not any bad as long as you stay protected.

In the areas where there is a lot of sunlight, you need to be sure that you are staying protected against UV.

Getting this Anti-UV tent might be the right choice for you if you are also among those who are concerned about UV.

Along with the best UV protection, this tent brings an amazing experience with its list of features.


  • It comes with a waterproof design
  • The materials make it very lightweight and durable
  • 190T durable polyester fabric
  • D shaped doors allow for easy getting in and out

Pros And Cons


  • Available in 2 different color options
  • Ground ventilation feature available
  • Iron pegs with ropes ensure the best stability


  • Takes around 15 minutes to set up, which is more than average

7. CAMPROS All Seasons Family Tent – Best All-Season Family Tent

CAMPROS All Seasons Family Tent
CAMPROS All Seasons Family Tent

An all-season camping tent can be your perfect choice if you are fond of camping all year round.

This tent will not only make your fishing trips better, but you can also enjoy going on hiking and camping trips to hilly areas.

It even brings features that make it better than other tents when it comes to camping on hot summer days and nights.


  • It comes with a curtain inside to separate the tent internally into 2 rooms
  • It comes with an easy to carry portable carrying bag
  • Large mesh windows allow for the necessary ventilation
  • Rainfly helps in keeping rainwater out

Pros And Cons


  • 185T polyester fabric makes it highly durable
  • Easy setup in 5 minutes by no more than 2 people
  • Comes with 1-year quality assurance


  • No warranties available

8. KTT 12 Person Best Waterproof Family Tent – Best Extra Large Family Tent

KTT 12 Person Best Waterproof Family Tent
KTT 12 Person Best Waterproof Family Tent

All of the camping tents come with a closed design, and this tent changes things.

So, if you want a tent that comes with closed space as well as open space for lounging and cooking, then this is the option you need to go for.

This camping tent comes in extra-large space with an internal section, the optional open section, then finally some space that is only covered from the top.


  • A rainfly covers the whole tent easily
  • Comes with mesh roof for best ventilation
  • Hooks and organization pockets help you to keep the interior organized and managed
  • 2 family cabins make it a perfect choice for up to 12 people

Pros And Cons


  • It is made of oxford polyester durable fabric
  • Highly stable on the ground
  • It brings the best options for cooking your favorite meals while staying covered


  • This tent takes time to set up because of its huge design.

9. Napier SUV Family Tent – Best SUV Family Tent

Napier SUV Family Tent
Napier SUV Family Tent

Some people love going camping in their SUVs, and if you are also one of them, you will be amazed to know that your SUV can be a part of your camp.

It means that you have even more space than before without needing a lot of setting things up.

Apart from that, it brings all the latest features, including the following:


  • Internal organization pockets and hooks
  • No-see mesh brings ventilation without disturbing your privacy
  • Fiberglass and steel frame makes it durable
  • The floor is designed in a bathtub design to bring the best waterproofing

Pros And Cons


  • Extending screen makes the option to get an open outdoor shelter
  • Available for different types of SUVs
  • The carrying bag allows for easy packing and storing


  • Only perfect for 3 seasons

10. Core Lounging Family Tent – Best Lounging Family Tent

Core Lounging Family Tent
Core Lounging Family Tent

The last option that we have here for you is a tent that doubles as a lounging space without dealing with any unwanted insects.

So, if you are a fan of natural views, then this will be your perfect choice. In terms of space, it is perfect for up to 11 people at once.


  • Easily fits 3 queen-sized mattresses
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • Organization pockets and hooks
  • Electric cord port for easy access to power

Pros And Cons


  • The internal height allows anyone to stand inside easily
  • Available in 2 different color options
  • Comes with stakes for adding stability to the tent


  • Only perfect for 3 seasons

Buying Guide – Factors You Need To Consider When Buying A Family Tent

When you are buying a family tent, keeping track of the following things can make things better for you.

Season Coverage

Seasonal coverage is important to check so that you do not get a tent that is not made for a season in which you are looking to use it.

Checking things like rain protection as well as UV protection adds more value


Ventilation is always an important feature to have. It is even necessary for the winter season.

Number Of People

You need to check for the number of people a tent can fit in before getting it. Sometimes checking the dimensions can be better.

Additional Features

Additional features always bring more value. Some of the additional features are:

  • Electric cord port
  • Organizing pockets
  • Partition curtains
  • Hooks for hanging stuff

Getting such features in your family tent can make the experience a lot better.


While buying a family tent can be tricky for you, setting your requirements straight can make things extremely easy and simple for you.

So, when you are buying a tent for your family trips, make sure to get one that meets your requirements in the best manner.

Also, look for the options in the buying guide for additional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook inside the family tent?

It depends on the product to provide. Better ventilation means that you can cook, but it is always recommended to cook outside when you are using fire.

Can you use heaters inside your family tent?

Winters are hard to spend outside without heaters. So, you can use one but make sure that the heat is not too close to the polyester of the tent.

Is it necessary to use the stakes or pegs with a family tent?

It is unnecessary, but if there is wind and you are looking to leave the tent empty, they will bring more stability.

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