Fast And Furious 10 Release Date

Fast and Furious movie series is a top-rated movie series of our time, with nine movies already aired on theatres and huge viewers and a massive fanbase for the series as a whole.

It indeed is a quality movie, they are about to wrap up the series with the two-part finale, one part being Fast and Furious 10.

Many fans are excited to see the final parts of the series. The fans are curious to know about the Fast and Furious 10 Release date.

We will talk about the release date and other details of Fast and Furious 10.


The Cast Of Fast And Furious 10

The Toretto family will be together for the tenth movie of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Obviously, Vin Diesel’s Dom is returning, along with a slew of other recognizable characters, especially since Fast & Furious 9 went down without anything to think about.

Sung Kang as Han, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Ludacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster as Mia, Charlize Theron as the baddie Cipher, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey will all return.

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Fast And Furious 10 Overview

Web SeriesFast And Furious
Upcoming Season10
GenreAction, Adventures, and Crime Film
Season 9 Rating5.2 / 10 On IMDB
Fast And Furious 10 Release Date19, May 2023

Fast And Furious 10 Release Date

Universal’s initial statement about the Fast & Furious 10 release date was April 7, 2023. (minding any delays, of course).

The film’s release date has been moved out to May 19, 2023. However, that might change as the date approaches.

According to reports, filming for the first section of the last installment began on April 20.

Tyrese Gibson earlier stated that the two films would be shot simultaneously.

Previous Fast And Furious 9 Review

F9 is full of all the over-the-top stunts, muscular emoting, and overall balls-to-the-wall insanity you expect from the Fast and Furious movie series and all of Hollywood in general, from the opening shot to the fan-pleasing post-credits sequence.

It’s become a cliche to marvel at how far these crazy action sequences have strayed from the previous film’s more realistic tone.

Fast and Furious Nine might be a genuine disaster with its large cast, typical soap opera twists, and constant computer-enhanced senseless violence.

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Previous Fast And Furious 9 Rating On IMDB

As the review of the movie puts it, Fast and Furious nine was definitely not the best of the whole series, with many critiques putting in bad words about the movie.

IMDB voters think the same way as most of the critics, as FF9 has a 5.2-star rating out of 10 with 123 thousand people voting.

Where Can You Watch Fast And Furious 9?

Fast and Furious 9 is currently available on a digital streaming service, and you can only watch it there.

The only streaming service streaming Fast and Furious 9 is HBOMax.

What Can Happen Next In Fast And Furious 10?

By the end of Fast & Furious 9, everything already had a solution, so we can’t tell what the two-part finale will be about.

There are a few unanswered questions, such as if Mr. Nobody is still alive and what Jakob will do next, but they feel more like side stories than a significant foreshadowing of what’s to come in the narrative.

The credits sequence, in which Han visits Shaw, who is appropriately astonished to see him, is a massive tease for the next film.

Will Shaw let bygones be bygones after unwittingly assisting Han in keeping Project Aries safe?

Could Han’s unexpected homecoming transform Shaw back into a villain?

When To Expect A Teaser Of Fast And Furious 10?

Vin Diesel is known for posting behind-the-scenes videos on his social media. So expect much of that when the film gets underway.

Otherwise, we could have to wait until the end of the year for more footage.

The first trailer for F9, which had a release date of June 2020, was published in January 2020.

Therefore a similar chronology would place the first Fast & Furious 10 trailer around November.

The Verdict

Fast and Furious is a massive movie series with a lot of fans around the world. The fans are eager to watch their new movies.

They are in for a treat because the finals are coming up, and the first part of the final movie’s release date is already here.

Frequently Asked Question

Can there be another delay to the Fast and Furious 10 release date?

Given that there was already one delay, there might be another one.

How long will it take to make sure there won't be any delay to the Fast and Furious 10 release date?

The more we are closer to the release date, the less likely there will be any more delays.

Will we see a teaser when we are closer to the Fast and Furious 10 release date?

Yes, we will most likely see a teaser several months before the release date.

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